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  1. Yeah found that out when I went to there web site it was like 680 pixels or something like that so not a option . Thank you all for help
  2. He was using lor software only thing different was standevice just wondering if anyone knows how he set it up in software to get it to work?
  3. I was told that stand-alone won't work on e1.31 well I found a video on YouTube using lor stand-alone with a e681 standevise and elor he had smart pixels ccr so what gives ? Where do I get a elor ?
  4. Is there any new videos for lor pixcon 16 controller on how to set it up run ? And up dated how to use updated software ?
  5. Ok I understand it is 2 different software.now what controllers do I use with nutcracker if hc are not good to buy?
  6. Do you need lor to run nutcracker and can hook up sd card to run show ? And what controllers do I use if I want rgb if hc is bad to buy from?
  7. What is nutcracker and how does it work with lor?
  8. I was going to buy lor ccr but I found out I need a license for that also so my ? Is if brought holidaycoro ccr and controller do I still need to buy a license?
  9. Ok 16 pixel controller are basically the same price I go with lor is there any videos on how to set it up and also can hc ccr work on this controller?
  10. I am just starting out hc told me Showtime will not work . So is there any sequences that I can download and hardware do I need?
  11. I want to get the 16pixsel controller holidaycoro and 1 lor controller for this year just start with so what do I need to get this to work with each other?
  12. ok I think got this down thank you all for the help now next ? where do I find the ip address for pixlite 4 controller so the network can recognize it on my laptop or lor software ?
  13. darn I was afraid of that now I got to get a laptop that I can run show and lor so I don't tie this one up. ok I have another ? how does it run a show if you have 2 different networks running at the same time ?
  14. ok Im buying a leaping arch kit from holiday core kit includes 1= pixlite controller 4= ccr smart ribbons 1= 12v power supply the controller run off Ethernet from my router to a switch to the controller once all pluged in to laptop than do my sequencing when that is done cani download to sd card to my g3 mp3 director?
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