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  1. Same issue here, and I have MalwareBytes....(have since before LOR)... anyway, did the steps outlined by DevMike resolve your issue?
  2. I managed to get it in last minute... thanks!! Bad angle and vid but wanted to give props to OP snilex for the work - I know how hard sequencing is!! http://youtu.be/H2wYV6sQcaY
  3. If it's sainsonic brand, the way to toggle to (H) high output is hold power button as you plug in power supply.... display will be L, use arrow so switch to H, then hit power button again...
  4. would love to try it thx!! tmcmillin2001@yahoo.com
  5. Ya, I've spent the last few hours smoothing things a little...
  6. Unveiled show to Mrs yesterday and... "Too much flashing" she said!! "Someone's gonna get seizures" she said!! UH YA!!! She said she wanted Griswold and I did pretty good with the 16 channel starter kit and nearly flawless build/implementation - sequenced 2 songs and got 2 more off interwebs... Almost Single Pearland, TX
  7. Yesterday I received an LOR order which included the RS485B adapter.... so now 6 months after purchasing the 16 ch starter kit I had forgotten it came with an RS485 adapter... now I have 2..... Tempted to keep the RS485B cuz of the "Voltage Booster" .... but have no idea... any thoughts? should I return it and get the ~$40 bucks back? Thomas 1st Year
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