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  1. what I'd like to do is: Computer-->Cat5-->controller #1--->phone cord (4wire)--->Controller #2--->Cat5--->Controller 3 through 9 with controller 9 being the damaged one as a terminator. Is this possible?
  2. Thanks, I'll not try the Ethernet switch. Although it did sound like a good idea. I'd really like to figure out the telephone wire thing though. I figure that I can do with one down, but not both. (I can use one as a terminator.) As a precaution I ordered an new board with rush delivery from LOR. Then I'll send one of them in for repair when I get the board.
  3. One of my children tripped over the Cat5 cable as I was setting up. The result was a loosening in the Cat5 Cable receptacle on the LOR boards (both of them) Those receptacles no longer work. I can make one of them the last controller in the chain but it still leaves me a controller short for my show this year. I tried switching to the telephone cable but to be honest, I don't know how to do this exactly. And when I plug the Telco cable into the controller the red light goes from blinking to off and the hardware utility does not recognize it. The Telco cable is 4 wire, so that is not the problem. Here's my set-up. 1 LOR 1600 series controller (it has a damaged receptacle) 8 CTB16PC controllers (only one of which is damaged) They are all already numbered from 1-9 in the hardware utility. There was some mention in the help files of a selector being set for telephone cable but I cannot find a selector nor do I know where it is.
  4. Just set up my show computer. I've always used this computer with mp3 and wav files w/o a problem. Today I am using only .wmv files. I finished the configurations. And built a show. Then initialized LOR. It played the first piece without a hitch, then errored on all the rest. Each plays just fine in the sequencer but when I build a show with the they balk. Any suggestions?
  5. This is killing me!!!! I need one more controller this year. It's getting real late for me to re-figure everything!
  6. Wow! They look great! I gotta hide that from my wife otherwise she'll have be build some of those! She saw your arches last year and BOOM! arches in my front yard.
  7. Boy that's a great price! I'll have to look them up. I bought from Christmaslightshow.com Steve
  8. Whew! My show went up on Dec 5th this year (opening night for Christmas tree lane in my city) I took most of the week off to set up. I thought that 3 days would be more than enough. Then my father-in-law and Step-dad volunteered their time to help set up. I was thinking that I'd be done in nothing flat and have plenty of time to film my display before Christmas tree lane opened. I was WRONG! 1. Last year I had 80 channels. This year I'm running 112 channels. I didn't think that the change would cause me much more work. I had purchased 750 feet of spt2 cable for 2008 and had all of that to work with as well as the 500 feet of store bought extension cord that I already had. This year I bought a 1000 foot spool of spt2 thinking that I would have more than enough to add the 32 more channels to my display. I barely made it. I also thought that I had bought more than enough vampire plugs. I really could have used more of those as well. I can't believe that I have over 2000 feet of extension cord in my front yard! Next year I'm really stocking up on this stuff! 2. This past year I bought only the boards from Light-o-Rama. I didn't buy any of the cords or enclosures. I figured I may do it cheaper. WRONG. I spent probably double what I would have spent buying the LOR products. AND I really don't have as good a product now. 3. Once I was setting up my display, it became appearent to me that the channel configuration that I had made in my sequences was not optimal to my set-up. The way I had done things would require me to run even more extension cord than I had thought. I worried about how hard it would be to change around the channel configurations in all of my sequences. I found out it was easy. I simply made the changes in one sequence, then exported the configuration and imported it into each of my sequences. 4. I used Tracks for the first time this year. I found it really helped me keep things in order. 5. I like the LED's that I used this year. I was using cheap half wave lights from wal-mart for my disney characters and worried about that. But they look really good. Interestingly the more expensive full wave LEDS that I bought are the ones I'm having problems with. My C9 white string and one of my C6 Red strings have a loose connection in them causing intermittant outages in them. sometimes jiggling them will improve the connection. Really not happy about that but I found out a bit late to send them back. 6. I used white plastic duct over my arches to protect them from vandals that like to pull out bulbs. The duct looks great, it diffuses light very well and adds a kind of organic look to the arches. I used one inch sched 40 pvc for the arches and wrapped 100 lamps to a section on the smaller arches and 140 lamps per section on the larger arches. The 4 inch duct barely stretched over the arches and I tore it a few times on the bulbs. Next time I'll probably use 6" duct.
  9. Wow! that's a rough night! My show computer was getting a bit long in the tooth this year too. (still running Windows ME!) I upgraded my wife's computer and decided to put her old Dell out there. So far working very well. Last year I was thinking that my speakers may need to be replaced the sound was a bit distorted at the higher volumes. But with the new computer all is well.
  10. I want my arches to be on a separate timing than other elements in my display. I understand that this is done with tracks. But I'm really not grasping how to do this. Is there are tutorial anywhere that could help me?
  11. I loeve that Halloween forum site. LOTS of great stuff there. Thanks for posting the link. I'm skipping Halloween this year due to vacation, but next year this site is gonna be my best friend!
  12. Your's had a lot more on the shelves than mine. I'll have to check back frequently!
  13. At work right now, I'll have to experiment when I get home. 35/line does work out though.
  14. Just went to Big Lot's on a Lark, and what did I find? Christmas Lights! White or Multicolored 140ct incandescents for only $3.60. I worked it out and it roughly the same price bulb for bulb as what I paid at Wal-Mart last season. I picked up a case of 'em. If you have a Big Lot's nearby and want to get an early start jump on these!
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