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  1. I am very perplexed. I have a basic residential unit 16 channel. When I use the control panel, my lights test ok. When I play a sequence, the lights do not work. I have never had this problem in the past 5 years. Same sequences as past years
  2. https://onedrive.liv...7B36B96F0D6!106 Burl Ives is in here. Tom
  3. From a prior post of mine. n the spirit of paying it forward, I have taken sequences from other users and modified for my 32 channel system. Some are good, some are ok in my opinion. I am just learning how to do this. But since so many offered me help to get started, here are my 32 channel sequences to share https://onedrive.liv...7B36B96F0D6!106 Tom
  4. Has anyone shared this sequence or seen it for sale? I have searched and searched. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Don, everythign you said is right on. Thank you for clarifying.
  6. I live in So Cal and we had a lot of rain, and my lights, controllers and inflatables all stayed on during the multi day storm. I assumed somethign would go wrong and nothing did. You need to inspect your cords.
  7. I think that I figured this out but I will see tonight. The order in which you delete files is very important. So I deleted the simple show file, then set the schedule.
  8. Here is my problem. I started out using simple show builder to start and shows. For a variety of reasons, I dediced to switch to Scheduler to run the shows. I deleted the simple show scheduler file. However, when it went to start shows, it tried to find the simple show file. The scheduler file is saved and present in the correct directory. The status shows that it cannot find the simple show file which is correct since I deleted it. It would be nice that you when you enable shows that it gives you the option of using simple or scheduler, but it does not. What else do you need to do to point it in the direction of the Scheduler. Thank you
  9. I have about 8 large inflatables that are part of my show. In thinking through my show, I am going to have about 45 minutes of songs. During the shows, I was going to have my inflatables go off during the show. Then, while on intermission, all lights and all inflatables will be on. I was going to reserve 4 channels to spread out the inflatables but I need the channels for the show. So I am trying to think of an economical way to turn a light outlet on and off at scheduled time with no light o rama equpment. I was thinking of using two Belkin Wemo light switches for $50 each and have them scheduled to go off at show times. Then plug all inflatables into the two outlets which should have enough amp capacity. $100 is ok of a price, but I was wondering if anyone knows of better ways to do this. Thanks everyone.
  10. Somewhere in researching this topic, I remember seeing someone say that whatever you think you need in zip cord, double it. YEP, he was right. I bought 500' and needed 1000'
  11. This is my second hip replacement (did my right and now my left), and I am doing earlier than later since the pain I endured last time was incredible. If all goes well, I can sit and work on this. Thanks for confirmation of what I thought.
  12. The title of this thread is exactly what I am experiencing. I "thought" that I would buy my two units so I had 32 channels, use some free sequences for 32 channels, and everything would be good. Then next year, I could spend more time on customizing the sequences for my display. Then, I find that I have to have my hip replaced on 11/10th so all my lights need to be up by then and plugged in. Crap now what am I going to do. With my sons help, I can get all the lights up by next weekend, but then I have to work on the shows. Pain meds and shows do not seem to mix very well...or maybe they will. I guess I will find out. My point being is that just finding a sequence that says 32 channels is not always true nor does it work well with my light display. Everything needs tweaking to some degree from what I can see. Am I mistaken?
  13. What do you think of this type of cord? I can live with brown but is the same kind as zip cord?? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0022NH4CU/ref=asc_df_B0022NH4CU3369746?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&tag=pg-895-01-20&linkCode=df0&creative=395097&creativeASIN=B0022NH4CU
  14. Just wondering if anyone has found any really good specials on zip cord lately. THank you
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