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  1. To provide an update on this topic: to my surprise the city I live in wrapped a large tree downtown with tiny RGB lights to help raise spirits in these trying times. Upon close inspection, I found they are identical to the ones shown above at Disney. Unlike Disney, they thankfully did not care about hiding the manufacture. The lights are made by a company called “Twinkly Pro”. I can’t find any specifications as to whether these would work with a standard pixel controller, but are likely limited to the company’s own controllers. Interesting lights though, it looks like all the mapping is done automatically via a mobile app offering customizable patterns to control them with. https://assetcloud01.roccommerce.net/files/_reinders/4/5/7/twinklypro-brochure.pdf
  2. I am currently on vacation at Walt Disney World and I saw they have some new type of smart pixel strings installed this year that I have never seen before. They look just like traditional LED light strings, only each bulb had a unique ID printed on one side and the letters ML on the other. They have them in both green and black wire color and run some pretty cool looking patterns on them. The one set of pictures shows the black ones wrapped around a dinosaur skeleton (Power supply and some controllers shown) and the other shows the green ones in nearby bushes. The strange thing is they only look to have 2 wires going in just like any normal light string yet are definitely some type of smart pixel. All of the connectors are hidden out of sight but I would assume it is not a traditional power plug Has anyone seen this type of string before? They look really nice which got me wondering who makes them and how much they are. Images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-8WeS3AEUSrv0H6R0whmCFLvRY43vkn4
  3. Thanks for the ideas. Moving it where Caniac suggested may be the best bet for me. I do know those neighbors well and I’m sure they would be fine with putting the tree between the driveways but I hope to one year put a pixel canopy over the driveway which would then obstruct the tree once again.
  4. My bad, I attached the link to only one of the photos. Here is the folder with aerial shots that I meant to attach. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13SlOnKqi3lcg-io1fnydo_LhhSU4ZzNF As much as I would love to take out the huge tree, I’m not quite ready to go that far, yet... haha. Wrapping it’s branches always tripped the GFCI in rain and all the lights got very sticky from woodpeckers causing sap to leak. Gave up and just loaded it with old LED strings this year. Moving the mega tree to the right may actually work out nicely. I hadn’t considered that before due to the large tree. I will have to see if it will fit in between the large tree and the sidewalk. It may just make it. The mega tree has a 10ft diameter base.
  5. So I have had a 20 foot mega tree for the past two seasons just off center in front of my house. It is currently fairly difficult to see what the mega tree is doing because the lights on my house behind it. I am going to be more than doubling the amount of lights on the tree next year and as the tree becomes more dense, I fear that it will become harder to see the lights behind it on the house. This coupled with the fact that it is already tough to see the trees patterns has me thinking of relocating it. The problem is on the right side of my yard is a 50-60 foot tree with branches that reach out about 20 feet at the base. And on the left is a smaller 12-14 foot tree close to the street. Any ideas on where I would be able to position the tree to that It would not block the house? Do you think you would still be able to see the mega tree alright if I were to put it behind the 12-14 foot tree? Or do you think the branches would be too obstructing? Thanks! Open to all ideas! Drive link to pictures and viewing locations: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tXHEzgqvh9nGmmV_zYUiXimsnaEgILu9
  6. Oh wow, sorry for the late response, I forgot to check for notifications to this. Here is a quick drawing that will work provided you know which channels are causing the issue each time. The variation I made is slightly different as my "indoor switch" is actually an Alcorn McBride show controller that detects a ground fault and automatically kills those problem channels before automatically resetting the GFCI. If it happens a second time they stay off and broadcast an inclement weather voice line until the rain stops and I reset it. So I have a 5th relay zip tied on which connects to the Alcorn Controller through that barrel connector. All you would need would be a rocker switch as shown but run its wires inside. Let me know if that makes sense https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iMbQb0cWr2o5GI5a9KZBCPcB-_nMTbE5?usp=sharing
  7. For my display, In the past I wrapped my trees in incandescent lights and they were always the culprit due to the water getting into the bulbs and following theater on tree down to ground. I had installed a relay on the hot of each tree channel. If the outlet tripped I would flip a switch inside to quickly disconnect the trees and continue the show. I have since switched to mounded LEDs in the trees and haven’t had a trip yet.
  8. Now that you mention that, unit 4 on my roof (main problem controller) has its data cable zip tied into a bundle of power cables running off the roof to my porch. But I’m not sure if that is what was causing it since it doesn’t seem to happen anymore with the slower network speed. Also the controllers that are connected ‘downstream’ of that one haven’t had any issues to date.
  9. It’s running off a new computer I got specifically for LOR.
  10. It seems downgrading to the 115k enhanced network speed fixed the issue at least for now. Still would like to be running the 500k enhanced but I'll just have to ride it out until this is resolved.
  11. All of my controllers are running version 1.09.
  12. Just to clarify I am having this issue on generaion 3 CTB16’s. I do have a pixcon in my display but that is working fine. Not sure if this is the same problem others are having on the pixie controllers or something different.
  13. I put a help desk ticket in around two weeks ago. So far I have only gotten one response saying to keep an eye on it and record what channels it happens on that it’s hard to tell what is going on. Haven’t heard back since so I would assume that they are still overwhelmed. Major distraction for the visitors each night. Really wish they could find a fix.
  14. Just happened again to me 20 minutes ago. Worse case yet, channels 8-16 on Unit 4 affected, Multiple lights channels on unit 2 affected, and Unit 1 channel 1 affected. Here is a video of the issue tonight showing me walking out and resetting all the controllers, temporarily fixing the issue. https://youtu.be/6XQcvs2HMaE
  15. That’s interesting, I wonder if mine would do the same if I left them on during the day? Were they on steady or shimmering?
  16. It seems to happen randomly and when it happens it continues on the same channels reguardless of what sequence is playing until power cycled. I thought the same thing when I first saw it. Also k6ccc, the musical sequence is the only one that is playing. A part of me wants to think it’s something involving a firmware issue but I’m not sure.
  17. About two weeks ago I left for vacation the same day my show began. Shortly after arriving at my destination a neighbor reached out to me telling me some of the lights in my display were behaving erratically. I pulled up my camera feeds to find that channels 4.1, 4.3, 4.5, and 4.7 which control green led lights on my second floor siding looked as though they were shimmering. Luckily I have it setup that I could unplug all of the controllers remotely and reset them. After I had done this the problem would go away. It seemed to keep coming back roughly every other night and still continues doing this. I typically see it on unit 4’s odd channels. I have also seen it recently on 2.1 (snowman video attached) as well as some of the bush channels I have in unit 2. Im sure there were some other channels that have done this that I am unaware of. When I saw the snowman doing this(being back from vacation) I disconnected both Cat 5 cables from unit 2 and reconnected them. The issue continued. After power cycling the unit the issue stopped. I have the latest firmware on the controllers which are all CTB16 gen 3. I am running 5.2.2 software with a 500k enhanced network through the high speed USB adapter. Any ideas what could be the issue here? This becomes very distracting throughout the show. Unit 4.9 4.11 4.13 4.15 with the issue: https://youtu.be/nvwbHoga0TI Unit 2.1 with the issue: https://youtu.be/dCGOh3mOMeE
  18. Yep that was it - Thanks!! Unfortunately two of my controllers I thought were gen 3 are actually gen 2 ? Ill just swap in my gen 3's that are in storage and order some more for Christmas. I will have to put two older controllers on my mega tree since that is the only prop that doesn't use the superstar effects.
  19. Oh boy, looks like I’ve got some upgrading to do. Thanks for the info, I had no idea.
  20. Yeah, your right on with the first problem. As for the second issue I am using three gen 3 boards in my Halloween display. (I only use the gen 1 in my larger Christmas show with 144 channels). So they should be able to read the intensity data if that’s what the superstar effects are exported as, right?
  21. I tried running this as a show on demand and to my surprise the pixels were controlled on the physical display. I did notice still however that the traditional strings are still not being controlled by superstar effects (eg I have a morph running across entire display- traditional strings go dark, pixels respond as they should.) They do appear correctly in the preview and motion effects play fine. Here is the requested information on the networks, also I have an older gen 1 controller that I don't think supports the enhanced network which is why I am not using that option currently. No errors in Comm Listener Thanks for your help!
  22. I just finished setting up my Halloween display and am putting the final touches on my last remaining sequence in terms of adding support for my new pixels. I went to test them out tonight with a sequence I had finished when I noticed a few things that weren't working right. 1. This happens in the sequencer with control lights (both LOR and DMX Networks) enabled . Whenever a superstar effect is playing that in the preview is controlling both my pixels and traditional strings, only the pixels respond on my physical display. This leaving all the traditional strings off. 2. When I export the playback file for the sequence and open it up to play it back, there is no control whatsoever of my pixels either in the preview or on the physical lights. It seems like it's just not exporting them for whatever reason. I have no idea what could be causing these issues and really need some help as I plan on starting my show on October 1st. Anybody have any ideas? I have tried this on 2 computers. Both in version 5.1.2 Pro Here is a link to a short clip I took walking through the problems: (Pixels are along rooflines and around windows)
  23. Sorry for the confusion, but yes the preview seen at 0:22-0:28 is the same preview seen in 0:16-0:22 it’s just as you said from 0:22-0:28 the majority of the props are there but just not turning on as they should be. This same problem had happened to me about a week ago on another sequence but I had not thought to restart the sequencer and just skipped that section for the time being. I’ll have to double check that other sequence again to see if restarting the program solved that problem.
  24. **Update: It seems the solution in this case is as simple as closing and reopening the sequencer. ** I believe I may have come across another issue. As you may be able to tell, I use a decent amount of morphs in my show haha. They all have been working great since the last update. In this particular case, I noticed that when running two morphs moving from the edges to the center of the display the pixels (rooflines+windows) were not being controlled by the effect in the sequencers playback, while all of the light strings were. To double check everything I opened up superstar and saw in its preview that the pixels were being controlled as expected. This can be seen in the first attached example. In the second example, I copy/pasted the effect to another group (From a group with multicolored bushes to one using warm white bushes), opened superstar to detect the new props in this group, saved the changes and got a very unexpected result where it was only controlling the props that had changed from the previous group. This again only seems to happen during playback in the sequencer. Example 1: Example 2:
  25. Excellent! Thanks for your help with this, looking forward to the next release.
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