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  1. This issue is in Superstar using Windows 10 on LOR version 5.0.18 I took a break from sequencing for a bit hoping for the next update to be released, but decided to continue on today. I returned to find the certain pixels that I had already sequenced through the "insert superstar effect" were now not being controlled by that effect. I opened the animation in superstar and when trying to reselect the pixels (in this case a horizontal area on the upper roof line) and hitting modify, the same pixels revert to being deselected. In addition to the modify option, I tried deleting the effect entirely and re-adding it with the same results. This has also caused superstar to crash after a few attempts at it. Not sure as to it's repeatability as it seems to happen somewhat randomly throughout my sequence, however other instances allowed me to successfully modify it. Video attached: (I apologize for the quality)
  2. Morphing from On to Off

    Good to know, so if I begin sequencing will the effects playback correctly whenever the update is released? Thanks for the tip with the windows, I didn’t even know that you could morph around them using SS. Are there any comprehensive documents out there explaining the different effects that are possible and how to achieve them?
  3. Morphing from On to Off

    Wouldn't let me upload full screenshot due to file size
  4. Morphing from On to Off

    Thanks! Worked perfectly! I am using S5 currently and the preview in Superstar showed the effect perfectly. I then closed the superstar popup and clicked that I wanted to save the changes but then when I played it in the sequencer it seems to have removed many of the channels. Ill attach screenshots of the simulation in superstar vs after I insert it into the sequencer.
  5. Morphing from On to Off

    I am new to using superstar and am trying to figure out how to do this: My sequence starts with all of the lights on in my display, I am looking to have a "Wave of black" move across from left to right to turn them all off. I've tried playing around with covering up the beginning of the morph with white but I seem to loose control over how fast that "wave of black" moves across my house. Any ideas?
  6. Superstar Visualization

    I used the preview as well with "High Res" option selected. I just switched it to "Low Res" and that solved the problem. I suppose i'll have to find the threshold between the two of them that gives the most detection lines without exceeding the limit. Thanks for the help, I had completely forgotten about that.
  7. Superstar Visualization

    Thanks, just got that to work! Now it's displaying an error about the width of my visualization? I didn't remember seeing any dimensional settings when creating the preview.
  8. I just downloaded S5 yesterday to begin to get a feel for it- one thing that I cannot seem to figure out deals with the new previews. I just made a brand new preview for my whole display using the sequencer. I now want to get that preview into superstar to put a morph across all the elements of my display (pixels and non-pixels). It appears I can only import my old visualizer files into superstar though. I tried right clicking on a pixel row in the grid to import a superstar effect but that only seems to work for one element at a time (such as my upper roof line) and it only works for RGB elements. I also tried creating a group with everything in it but I don't get the option to import a superstar effect. Anybody know what I am doing wrong? I just want to get my new preview to show up in superstar.
  9. FM Transmitter Reception

    Ill double check all of the power settings in the transmitter later and if that doesn’t fix it I’ll try moving it closer to the road
  10. FM Transmitter Reception

    That was it, thanks! Completely forget I had one in my center console, hadn’t used it in a bit. However now when sitting out front every few seconds the audio fades to static then comes right back. Any ideas on that? Didn’t happen in the other car
  11. Hello all, over the summer I had built a Ramsey FM25B transmitter and am just now setting it up for my halloween display. When testing it today in my car without a whip antenna I got no reception at all anywhere in my cul-de-sac and some static when pulling up my driveway. I then tried it in the family minivan with a whip antenna and got reception throughout my entire cul de sac. Have any of you ever ran into this issue where only certain cars seem to pick up audio? The Transmitter is less than 100 feet from the road and is inside my house, i was thinking I may have to put it in some type of weatherproof enclosure closer to the road but before purchasing all the necessary (and lengthy) cables I'd like to hear some other opinions, thanks!
  12. Frozen compilation

    Could I get a copy as well please? linglestownlights@gmail.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. False Inputs Being Detected

    Update: Thanks for the tip! I made an inline box with three relays and with a little rewiring it works great now! Not a single false input, Thanks again
  14. False Inputs Being Detected

    The relays are a great idea! I have 3 buttons down there which is why I'm using the cat 5 (Plus LED Power) i'll have to look into buying 3 of them if I cant find any other way to fix it. Thanks! I love the input pups! I built a 16 channel input box that sits in the "control room" next to me with 2 of them in it, makes it much easier to test songs, turn on off lights, skip songs, and of course pick the best song when I see a car pulling up haha.
  15. Yesterday I spent my day constructing a nice wooden enclosure and wiring three buttons into it along with two LEDS to allow people driving by in cars to interact with my show. Last night however I saw in the show log when I got back from dinner that the buttons had been pressed a surprising amount of times. Being a bit skeptical, I reviewed my camera footage to find that they had only actually been pressed two times when the log showed at least 10. I immediately brought in the box and took it apart to triple check that there were no bad connections or anything of the sorts, and there were not. I then put it back out by the curb but disconnected the 3.3v from the LOR header thinking maybe the leds sharing a common ground with the buttons were screwing it up, but that did not fix it I then disconnected the buttons from the cat 5 cable to bring to bring them in to look at the next day and with them unplugged from the cat 5 it registered a button being pressed. Frustrated I disconnected the cat 5 cable from the LOR controller and that finally stopped it. Today I replaced the cheap 100ft cat5 cable I got from amazon with a few quality cables attached end to end and I took apart all of the female to female cat5 couplers in use and rewired them. Tonight the amount of false presses had definitely decreased, but they are still happening. The show had been running for an hour so far and it had 2 false presses. I was thinking it may be the length or the run (from 50-75 ft) but I can't shorten that. Any ideas? BTW: Using a Gen 3 CTB16PC