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  1. aidancar

    No Pixels When Exporting Playback File

    Yep that was it - Thanks!! Unfortunately two of my controllers I thought were gen 3 are actually gen 2 ? Ill just swap in my gen 3's that are in storage and order some more for Christmas. I will have to put two older controllers on my mega tree since that is the only prop that doesn't use the superstar effects.
  2. aidancar

    No Pixels When Exporting Playback File

    Oh boy, looks like I’ve got some upgrading to do. Thanks for the info, I had no idea.
  3. aidancar

    No Pixels When Exporting Playback File

    Yeah, your right on with the first problem. As for the second issue I am using three gen 3 boards in my Halloween display. (I only use the gen 1 in my larger Christmas show with 144 channels). So they should be able to read the intensity data if that’s what the superstar effects are exported as, right?
  4. aidancar

    No Pixels When Exporting Playback File

    I tried running this as a show on demand and to my surprise the pixels were controlled on the physical display. I did notice still however that the traditional strings are still not being controlled by superstar effects (eg I have a morph running across entire display- traditional strings go dark, pixels respond as they should.) They do appear correctly in the preview and motion effects play fine. Here is the requested information on the networks, also I have an older gen 1 controller that I don't think supports the enhanced network which is why I am not using that option currently. No errors in Comm Listener Thanks for your help!
  5. I just finished setting up my Halloween display and am putting the final touches on my last remaining sequence in terms of adding support for my new pixels. I went to test them out tonight with a sequence I had finished when I noticed a few things that weren't working right. 1. This happens in the sequencer with control lights (both LOR and DMX Networks) enabled . Whenever a superstar effect is playing that in the preview is controlling both my pixels and traditional strings, only the pixels respond on my physical display. This leaving all the traditional strings off. 2. When I export the playback file for the sequence and open it up to play it back, there is no control whatsoever of my pixels either in the preview or on the physical lights. It seems like it's just not exporting them for whatever reason. I have no idea what could be causing these issues and really need some help as I plan on starting my show on October 1st. Anybody have any ideas? I have tried this on 2 computers. Both in version 5.1.2 Pro Here is a link to a short clip I took walking through the problems: (Pixels are along rooflines and around windows)
  6. aidancar

    Morphing from On to Off

    Sorry for the confusion, but yes the preview seen at 0:22-0:28 is the same preview seen in 0:16-0:22 it’s just as you said from 0:22-0:28 the majority of the props are there but just not turning on as they should be. This same problem had happened to me about a week ago on another sequence but I had not thought to restart the sequencer and just skipped that section for the time being. I’ll have to double check that other sequence again to see if restarting the program solved that problem.
  7. aidancar

    Morphing from On to Off

    **Update: It seems the solution in this case is as simple as closing and reopening the sequencer. ** I believe I may have come across another issue. As you may be able to tell, I use a decent amount of morphs in my show haha. They all have been working great since the last update. In this particular case, I noticed that when running two morphs moving from the edges to the center of the display the pixels (rooflines+windows) were not being controlled by the effect in the sequencers playback, while all of the light strings were. To double check everything I opened up superstar and saw in its preview that the pixels were being controlled as expected. This can be seen in the first attached example. In the second example, I copy/pasted the effect to another group (From a group with multicolored bushes to one using warm white bushes), opened superstar to detect the new props in this group, saved the changes and got a very unexpected result where it was only controlling the props that had changed from the previous group. This again only seems to happen during playback in the sequencer. Example 1: Example 2:
  8. aidancar

    Morphing from On to Off

    Excellent! Thanks for your help with this, looking forward to the next release.
  9. aidancar

    Morphing from On to Off

    Hello again Brian, Last night I had downloaded the most recent release of S5 and noticed that all of the single-color props seem to be included in the transition from superstar to the sequencer but all of the multi colored props are left out. Is there something that I now need to modify to include the multi colored props or do you think that this is still an ongoing issue? Thanks!
  10. This issue is in Superstar using Windows 10 on LOR version 5.0.18 I took a break from sequencing for a bit hoping for the next update to be released, but decided to continue on today. I returned to find the certain pixels that I had already sequenced through the "insert superstar effect" were now not being controlled by that effect. I opened the animation in superstar and when trying to reselect the pixels (in this case a horizontal area on the upper roof line) and hitting modify, the same pixels revert to being deselected. In addition to the modify option, I tried deleting the effect entirely and re-adding it with the same results. This has also caused superstar to crash after a few attempts at it. Not sure as to it's repeatability as it seems to happen somewhat randomly throughout my sequence, however other instances allowed me to successfully modify it. Video attached: (I apologize for the quality)
  11. aidancar

    Morphing from On to Off

    Good to know, so if I begin sequencing will the effects playback correctly whenever the update is released? Thanks for the tip with the windows, I didn’t even know that you could morph around them using SS. Are there any comprehensive documents out there explaining the different effects that are possible and how to achieve them?
  12. aidancar

    Morphing from On to Off

    Wouldn't let me upload full screenshot due to file size
  13. aidancar

    Morphing from On to Off

    Thanks! Worked perfectly! I am using S5 currently and the preview in Superstar showed the effect perfectly. I then closed the superstar popup and clicked that I wanted to save the changes but then when I played it in the sequencer it seems to have removed many of the channels. Ill attach screenshots of the simulation in superstar vs after I insert it into the sequencer.
  14. I am new to using superstar and am trying to figure out how to do this: My sequence starts with all of the lights on in my display, I am looking to have a "Wave of black" move across from left to right to turn them all off. I've tried playing around with covering up the beginning of the morph with white but I seem to loose control over how fast that "wave of black" moves across my house. Any ideas?
  15. aidancar

    Superstar Visualization

    I used the preview as well with "High Res" option selected. I just switched it to "Low Res" and that solved the problem. I suppose i'll have to find the threshold between the two of them that gives the most detection lines without exceeding the limit. Thanks for the help, I had completely forgotten about that.