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  1. Markonium1994


    I sold everything today. Thanks everyone.
  2. Markonium1994


    Send me an email to markclements@mac.com and I will reply with a photo.
  3. Markonium1994


    Hey Folks, I am selling my gear. It's really been a blast doing this the past 7 years but I have too many 'irons' in the fire right now to continue. Maybe in another decade I can pick this back up. Here is a list of what I have to sell. 8 Wreaths – Smart RGB’s (7 Medium – 50 Nodes, 1 Large – 100 Nodes) – Selling for $250 - Paid $550 4 Smart RGB Arches - Selling for $100 - Paid $300 4 Smart RGB Candy Canes – Holiday Coro –Selling for $150 - Paid $325 4 Smart RGB Snow Flakes (100 Nodes each) – Holiday Coro - Selling for $150 - Paid $300 4 100 Smart RGB Roofline Lights with Controllers– These are Light-O-Rama - Selling for $300 - Paid $920 12 Luminaries –Each one has it’s own controller – Holiday Coro – Selling for $100 - Paid $275 20 - 50 Smart RGB Strip Lights (5 meters in length each)– with light diffusers – Holiday Coro – Selling for $400 - Paid $1000 2 – 16 Channel Pixlite Controllers with Weatherproof case, power supply and quick connect cables. Selling for $300 - Paid $625 3 – 4 channel Pixlite Controllers with weatherproof case, power supply and quick connect pig tails. Selling for $250 - Paid $500 2 –LOR 16 Channel Controller – Selling for $275 - Paid $615 20 strands of 100 Red LED lights, 20 strands of 100 Green LED lights, 20 strands of 100 Blue LED lights. Selling for $200 - Paid $425 Sequences purchased from Wow Lights & Holiday Coro – Selling for $200 - Paid $700 My email address is markclements@mac.com If you want all of it, shoot me an offer and we'll go from there. Mark
  4. Markonium1994

    Selling Everything

    I have several LOR controllers plus several controllers from Holiday Coro. Many different props including a mega tree. Watch this video of my show to see what I have. My cell is 417-437-8860. I really prefer to sell everything to one buyer but would listen to all offers.
  5. I created a visualization of my show and labeled everything correctly. When I put it in SS editor it does not control all of my fixtures. Probably 98% of my lights are working but I noticed that only half of my RGB floods are working. I can turn them on when I click on the corresponding green box. But when I run the auto sequence those fixtures never light up. I appreciate any help on this issue.