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  1. Hello All, Hoping to find the following sequences for the mother in law... Christmas (Baby please come home) - Mariah Carey Last Christmas - Wham It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Michael Buble Winter Wonderland - Johnny Mathis Let it Snow - Dean Martin You make me feel like Christmas - Gwen Stefani Mary did you know - Penatonix vtecnow@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  2. Looking for the Dean Martin version? Thanks in advance. vtecnow@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  3. I would love a copy as well please Thanks!! vtecnow@yahoo.com
  4. Hello, Would love a copy. beachmama23@yahoo.com Thanks
  5. Hello, I would love a copy if you are still sharing. beachmama23@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  6. Godman, I would love a copy if you are still sharing. beachmama23@yahoo.com Thank you!!
  7. Would love a copy of both. Thanks beachmama23@yahoo.com
  8. If you're still sharing the Jingle Bell Rick / Bibby Helm sequance may I please have a copy? Beachmama23@yahoo.com Thank so much for your sharing, it's most appreciated....Ross
  9. We'd be interested of both copies as well: beachmama23@yahoo.com And thank you for sharing, I appreciate it.
  10. I would love a copy. Beachmama23@yahoo.com Thanks
  11. If willing to share could you please e-mail the sequence for "Let It Go"? Thanks in advance! beachmama23@yahoo.com
  12. Hi James, could if you'd be willing to share your "Let It Go" sequence it'd be most appreciated, thank you beachmama23@yahoo.com
  13. Hello, if you don't mind sharing your sequance for this I'd love to have it for my show. We've been doing Xmas lights for years now but it's our 1st year using music & FM Transmitter. My e-mail is: vtecnow@yahoo.com Thanks in advance.
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