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  1. Hi, I have seen a few requests for the holiday coro singing christmas trees. Can anyone share their props file or the .lee file with me so I can use in my visualizer? I really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Hi Bill, this is one of my wife's favorite songs. I'm looking for the Christmas Vacation sequence too. Can I possibly get a copy? the.laxtons@cox.net ‚Äč Thanks in advance!
  3. James could i get a copy too? Trying to work on this one for Christmas the.laxtons@cox.net Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi Dave, I'm working on this one too. Can I get a copy? the.laxtons@cox.net Much appreciated!
  5. Check it out if you like. 2nd year doing Light-o-Rama but first year using RGB. I tried editing the videos, never done it before so any pointers I'd appreciate. I used a Canon Vixia HF R400 and Movavi as the video editor. More videos will be posted when I get a chance to work on them. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxD4JzLrxtI7SgBZ7v4IxIA/videos
  6. Ah no rush on my part. I have 6 videos that I intend on making and can supply the audio tracks for the editing. I will reach back out to you when I get the videos finished. Should be one evening this week.
  7. Hello. I saw this post and most of it was after the normal seasons for most I think having their lights up. I have just about finished my Halloween display (my first year) and was wondering if you are still doing the video editing?
  8. Can I see what you've done? Just beginning to do this. craiglaxton@gmail.com
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