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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Any tricks to help dry it out faster?
  2. Hey everyone! Just seeing if there is anyway to salvage a smart LED strip that likely has water in the strip. I had to splice the strip where a part initially failed. I tried my best in enclosing the patch but it appears water likely entered. The strip has portions of the strips on even when there is no sequence playing. At this point should I just replace?
  3. Interestingly enough I changed power cords and everything is back up and running.
  4. I was able to access the board and saw where you can make the changes. However no matter what I changed the strand to, it always fired in the RGB order. Last year sequences are now incorrect as the RGB light strand is not matching the colors or effects. I even tried changing the order in Pixel editor with no effect. Any last thoughts before I replace the strand?
  5. Thanks for the advice. I guess I should have looked at the manual first.
  6. I accidentally bought and hung an RGB smart Pixel strand but all my other strands are BRG. Therefore the light strand is triggering at different color than the others. Is there anyway to configure the Pixcon 16 for the one channel to work with the rest the lights or do I just need to buy a new strand?
  7. Great seller! Highly recommend if any one is in the market.
  8. Interested and just sent an email. Thanks for posting!
  9. Sorry for the duplicate post. Please delete
  10. If anyone has an extra CTB16 PC controller they are looking to sell, I am in need of one more. Please feel free to message me. Thanks!
  11. If anyone has an extra CTB16 PC controller they are looking to sell, I am in need of one more. Please feel free to message me. Thanks!
  12. Matt you are a savior! Thanks so much it worked!
  13. I have lengthened one strand above my garage to 63 nodes. When I go into Pixel Editor preview to modify the strand I receive the following error. I will show you the set up I have and error in the photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Last year I was able to get it to work on lengthened string but cannot remember how I did it.
  14. Also are there any associated files that need to be in the same folder with the .lpe file for pixel editor to pull the data.
  15. Hey ladies and gentlemen, I have an issue. My pixel editor .lpe file is blank. I cannot locate the files from last year. However I do have the .lms file with the intensity. So I can reuse the song but I have made some modifications and was hoping to make some changes in the Pixel editor. Is there anyway to extract the effects from the intensity file?
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