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  1. Excited to hear that S5 may merge SE and PE...that would be terrific!!
  2. I think I'm sticking with S3 and SS software for this season. Thank you so much for the information regarding the intensity files that will be helpful! Melanie
  3. Hi, I've been using S3.1 sequencing software for awhile but looking to upgrade to S4...hoping some of the new upgrades are helpful. Are there any issues with the S4 software and LOR Controllers 16PC G3 versions 1.04 and 1.06? Does it require any firmware updates to the controllers? Thanks in advance, Melanie
  4. Waitress Landscaping/Nursery helper Cheerleading Camp Teacher NC Forest Service Forester/Intern Quality Manager Supply Chain Manager Whole house Renovation business owner
  5. Picked up a pair of ELL's and a few more CCP's ?
  6. Bob, Thank you...this is working great for the Left Arch 1 and Right Arch 3!! I have an issue with the middle arch...I've done the exact same settings for it but it's going in slow motion and it seems like only the first eight are being recognized...as if the resolution setting is not picked up? I deleted the device in the sequence editor and started from scratch to ensure I hadn't missed a step but round 2 is coming up with the same results. Arch 1 and Arch 3 are perfect but Arch 2 is not working. The middle arch is strand 2 of the first CCP controller...is this too much to ask of the CCP controller to do on both strands? Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, I'm trying to convert over an old song where I had 8 segment arches to CCP rgb arches. Each strand of the CCP (50 pixels per strand) is a new RGB arch. I used your converting videos and used 8 as the resolution setting but it is not working...I've tried a few other settings but not being able to get it quite right. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance
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