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  1. zman wrote: Controllers are powered all the time. I have not noticed any channels triggered after the show, it stays dark. I did reset the controllers last night when I re-configured the power supply to the controllers and the stuttering fades and channel flashing continued... I think I am running the 1602Ws also (purchased 4 years ago from Planet Christmas) but my comms are all hard wired Cat 5 via USB converter.
  2. jeffl wrote: Nope, the incans are stuttering on the fades as well...
  3. DSolmes wrote: Did you mean the power to the controllers? I have two circuits driving 3 boxes. 1 driving one box and 1 driving two boxes through a tee. How would I seperate them?
  4. DSolmes wrote: Yes to the LEDs (mixed with incan's on the one channel) On this channel you could almost call it 'stuttering' fade-up/downs One channel running the tee plug
  5. I have not sent any sequences to Bob since I haven't been able to analyze the timing of the errors to let him know where to look for issues inside the code. My skepticism of the problems being related to errors in the code stem from my testing the current light setup with an older version of LOR software and a 3 year old sequence that had no issues then, but does now...
  6. I tried shutting off the FM transmitter thinking RF interference may be the cause and... of course...issues still there. I swapped physical channels (unit 3,9 with 3,10) and made appropriate changes to the channel property grid to see if it was channel specific (triac issue) but the flickering fades followed to the new channel. So far, I have isolated: Computer - Still happens with new computer Software? - Still happens with older revision of LOR software and 3 year old sequence that used to work perfectly. Controller? - Problems follow lights, not channel. Lights? - No problems with lights when testing with a dedicated sequence. Also, issues only occur in certain places of certain sequences. What's left?
  7. Disregard my last post!!! It's still there and seems more prevalent! The fade downs on my all white 18 tree channel are stuttering as the intensity decreases. I even tried a new laptop with clean OS and older LOR software and nothing has changed! My cat 5 cable is 24"+ from power cables. One difference from my other house is that the FM transmitter antenna is directly behind my controller mounting board with three controllers on it. Are LOR controllers susceptible to RF radiation (25mw)??? I guess I'll try that next... AARRRGGGHHHH!!!!
  8. Update to anyone interested...Whil videoing the errors last night I noticed that the music (I have speakers outside) was distorting and actually slowing down in certain areas. Checking at the PC I could hear the music distorting and pausing during playback. Re-booted the computer (Windows 7) and the fade glitches appear to be gone (only checked one song) The other channel glitches still happen. I will check closer tonight after I replace the desktop PC with the clean laptop I used two years ago...
  9. Just a note to all, according to Hobbytron, the FM25B does not have a PLL circuit... I too had the same problem with the same indications and also found the sweet spot on the computer volume at approximately 25%. Any less and the 60Hz hum would be pronounced and more would distort the input circuits.
  10. I would probably go with one 8 segment arch and one 7 segment firestick with star on top for each side... Or a 6 segment arch with two 5 segment firesticks at each end of the arch
  11. Does it have a lock hasp? Very well done, especially the power architecture. Gonna get ugly with 160 ext cords plugged in though...
  12. thevikester wrote: Sorry, missed this one. Both the LEDs and incondescants are glitching on the fade downs. The glitches are extreme enough that even the filaments of the incondescants are able to react to the problem.
  13. hankp123 wrote: I, too, thought this may be an issue until I went through the tips and tricks page and found the use of the chase button (this would have saved me many hours of sequencing had I known about it...) It will create an evenly spaced chase over a selected time period regardless of timing marks.
  14. jeffl wrote: That channel has some incandescants (9 tiny little trees), the rest are LED. I even tried unplugging the incandescants from the channel and it still flickers on fade downs. I have another channel on another controller that does the same thing. Baffled
  15. I did exactly the same thing and there were no events (even an old fade not completely erased) Here is whats new; I ran an old sequence that ran perfectly 3 years ago and the channel I have the most problems with is even worse. This channel is a common white with 18 trees and a large star so it is very prevalent. When fade-downs occur, it flashes on the way down like a noisy fade. I created a fade-down sequence with just that channel with 1/2 second, 1 second and 1 1/2 second fades looping. These fades all work perfectly. Bob, is there a firmware update for the controllers I should be concerned about? I am using the same controllers (mounted on a board) and the same software revision I used last year without issues. I'll see if I can get some video tonight to send you (along with the sequences)
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