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  1. Could I please have a copy as well. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks.
  2. Let It Go - Singing Face

    Could I also get a copy of it too please. Thanks And Merry Christmas nsm34@hotmail.ca
  3. Sounds of Silence by Disturbed

    Could I have a copy too please nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks
  4. Singing Faces

    Sorry been having some computer problems, thanks old sarge, was really helpful. don can i please have of copy of yours. thanks again nsm34@hotmail.ca
  5. SNC 12 Days of Christmas

    I don't have the sequence for that one but was looking for it as well. but would really appreciate a copy of the faces please. Thanks nsm34@hotmail.ca
  6. Singing Faces

    Hi i'm adding singing faces this year (only 2) but was wondering if some one would have and would be willing to share the sequence for faces for drifters white christmas, and snoopy vs the red barron. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks
  7. looking for bodies from drowning pool

    I would like a copy please. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  8. My email is nsm34@hotmail.ca instead of .com because I'm in Canada.
  9. Could i please have a copy of all abut that bass, and do you want to build a snow man. Thanks for sharing. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  10. baby is cold outside

    Could I please have a copy. Thanks nsm34@hotmail.ca
  11. Mannheim Steamroller- Deck the Halls

    Can I please have a copy. Thanks. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  12. 2 sequences free

    I would like to get a copy please. Thank you. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  13. Eagles Please come Home For Christmas

    Could I please have a copy, Thanks. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  14. Frozen- Let it go sequence

    Could I please get a copy as well. Thanks I appreciate it. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  15. Hello

    Hi there, I am new to the LOR world. I've always liked to have lots, and lots of lights up at Christmas time, and the last couple of years I was using a Mr. Christmas controller. But, A friend has been trying to talk me into lor for a couple of years now, and got me the starter package. So now I have spent countless nights staying up to all hours, trying to sequence songs, and i modified a few of the ones from the free lists. Never thought trying to pick songs would be so difficult, you always seem to find that one more song that would be good. I now see why people consider this an addiction, not a hobby. To start with most of my lights are C9's with a few leds, but no more than a string and a half of C9's per channel. slowly replacing them with leds,( starts as replacing but ends up adding to the existing lights) And i know the neighbours will be happy not having to listen to the Mr. Christmas speaker anymore, i have an FM transmitter as well. Well enough about me i need to get back to sequencing, hoping to start setting up at the beginning of November, and still have lots to do