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  1. Awesome song, everyone's videos look great. Thanks for sharing. If you happen to be sharing the singing faces could I please get a copy. Thanks. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  2. Could I get a copy too? Please. Thanks nsm34@hotmail.ca
  3. Could I please get a copy too. Thanks nsm34@hotmail.ca
  4. I would like a copy please nsm34@hotmail.ca
  5. I would love a copy of that please. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks
  6. Can I have a copy please. Just starting to get my matrix up and running. Thanks nsm34@hotmail.ca
  7. Could I please get a copy. Thanks. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  8. Would anyone have and be willing to share the singing faces for Snoopy vs. the red Baron and Beach boys little st. Nick. I would appreciate it greatly. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks.
  9. Would anyone be willing to share some pixel matix sequences. I just assembled a 60 x 20 matrix. And just figuring out how to sequence it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nathan nsm34@hotmail.ca
  10. Could I please have a copy. I just added to my singing faces. Much appreciated. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  11. Could I get a copy too please. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks
  12. Could I please have a copy as well. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks.
  13. Could I also get a copy of it too please. Thanks And Merry Christmas nsm34@hotmail.ca
  14. Could I have a copy too please nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks
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