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  1. Nymos

    Wrong Side Of Heaven Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    I would like a copy please nsm34@hotmail.ca
  2. Nymos

    The Curly Shuffle Faces Pixel Matrix

    I would love a copy of that please. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks
  3. Nymos

    Uptown Funk Faces Pixel Matrix

    Can I have a copy please. Just starting to get my matrix up and running. Thanks nsm34@hotmail.ca
  4. Nymos

    Turn Up The Radio By Autograph Faces

    Could I please get a copy. Thanks. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  5. Nymos

    Singing faces.

    Would anyone have and be willing to share the singing faces for Snoopy vs. the red Baron and Beach boys little st. Nick. I would appreciate it greatly. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks.
  6. Nymos

    Pixel matrix

    Would anyone be willing to share some pixel matix sequences. I just assembled a 60 x 20 matrix. And just figuring out how to sequence it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nathan nsm34@hotmail.ca
  7. Could I please have a copy. I just added to my singing faces. Much appreciated. nsm34@hotmail.ca
  8. Nymos

    Santa and I Know It Faces

    Could I get a copy too please. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks
  9. Could I please have a copy as well. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks.
  10. Nymos

    Let It Go - Singing Face

    Could I also get a copy of it too please. Thanks And Merry Christmas nsm34@hotmail.ca
  11. Nymos

    Sounds of Silence by Disturbed

    Could I have a copy too please nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks
  12. Nymos

    Singing Faces

    Sorry been having some computer problems, thanks old sarge, was really helpful. don can i please have of copy of yours. thanks again nsm34@hotmail.ca
  13. Nymos

    SNC 12 Days of Christmas

    I don't have the sequence for that one but was looking for it as well. but would really appreciate a copy of the faces please. Thanks nsm34@hotmail.ca
  14. Nymos

    Singing Faces

    Hi i'm adding singing faces this year (only 2) but was wondering if some one would have and would be willing to share the sequence for faces for drifters white christmas, and snoopy vs the red barron. nsm34@hotmail.ca Thanks
  15. Nymos

    looking for bodies from drowning pool

    I would like a copy please. nsm34@hotmail.ca