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  1. I created a SuperStar sequence for some pixels that wrap around one of my tree trunks. There are 5 CCP's with 2 50 pixel strings each that are hung on the tree in a W pattern starting top left. The visualizer file for the SuperStar sequence is set up with the W pattern and the prop in S5 is set as a Custom Light Placement, basically 3 folds starting top left. When I insert the sequence from SuperStar it only previews on the first two and half CCP's or first 10 columns, leaving the rest blank I have read everything I can find and tried to adjust everything on every end to make it work but cannot get it to work. The only thing I can find that might be an issue is after watching the "tutorial-for-creating-a-s5-sequencer-preview-for-inserting-superstar-effects" video by user default is that he mentions that the SS sequencing grid has to match the prop layout and that it must go bottom to top and left to right. My SS grid, that I created years ago when SS first came out, unfortunately does not match my W shaped - Custom Light Placement with 3 folds starting top left and starts top to bottom then left to right. The grid was set up with each 50 pixel string straight up and down in a 10x50 grid. I arranged the pixels in the preview to match the W pattern, 3 folds starting top left, layout that matches the pixels on the tree. When I right click to insert the SS sequence and it opens SS the layout of the SS grid matches my prop with a 13x40 grid. The original SS file has a 50x10 grid. Best I can figure is that is the problem with importing it correctly into S5. Am I correct in that conclusion? Is there anything I can do to make it work? If not, can I get it to play as a subsequence like in S4? If so I can't figure out how to assign it to a prop. Thanks for any help. Below are images of my setup (sorry for the small size and multiple postings to show them all. Only allowed to upload 500k! ). Thanks Tony
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