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  1. I have used the G3-MP3 director to play two networks in the past. I have three 16ch LOR controllers on my REG LOR network and a 12 CCR tree on Aux A LOR network but when I set up the show using the hardware utility and set it up for both networks it only plays the Aux A network (CCR Tree) and does not play the main lights on the Reg network. I have tried different SD cards and neither will play both networks. What am I missing. I did not have this problem in the past.
  2. randyclegg

    Frozen compilation

    Hi James, Could I get a copy please. randyclegg@comcast.net Thanks, Randy
  3. randyclegg

    I'm sharing a 16 ccr tree sequence

    Could I please have a copy also. I am new and trying to understand better ways to program sequences. randyclegg@comcast.net Thanks
  4. randyclegg

    2014 Talley Spiral Tree Sequences

    Hi Earle, I love your spiral trees. Did you have instructions to make them or is there a website with instructions. I am hoping to add them to my display next year. Your display was outstanding. Thanks for sharing, Randy