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  1. 5 songs in 15 minutes. Much more than that and I was afraid they'd all start to LOOK the same!
  2. I'm liking that spiral tree, Mateo! That's going to be next year's goal for me.
  3. I reattached the controllers today and everything worked just fine. I really have no idea what went wrong, but glad things are working now!
  4. I got lucky, removed the antenna, reattached it, and now it works just fine. Go figure!
  5. Hey Mateo, I thought you might like to see how things turned out! Going through your sequence in detail helped me see how LOR sequences were put together. (It's also my first attempt at making a video of my lights, too.) http://youtu.be/mn0tQkRqdF4
  6. I'm pretty sure it's the antenna. I was getting hum, even with nothing plugged in. But after a whole bunch of fiddling with the antenna, I think I was able to get rid of most of the noise. If my display dries out by tomorrow, I'll get to test the whole thing and hopefully get back to normal. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  7. No rabbits here to chew on the wires that I know of, but I have seen two scorpions!
  8. I know, right? I can already tell I'm going to miss the longer multi-day rainstorms. But that's what I get for moving to the desert. I like the trash bag idea. (Tempted to make a snarky comment about the bag color. heh) And those are some great troubleshooting tips for going through the system one-at-a-time. (I guess this means I get to haul the laptop outside and finally learn the Hardware Utility once and for all...or make really tedious custom animation sequences!) I started putting those baby safety plug covers in any open outlet (like on my 3-way splitters). Those are taken care of, but now I'm realizing that every string of lights has a female port on BOTH ends to make them string-along for a traditional Christmas display. My package of 36 covers ran out WAY too fast -- and that was just on my arches. GRRR I guess I'm headed back to the store. // The water is a bit discouraging, and yes, I know things will be up and running once the storms pass; but, at the moment, it's frustrating. I wish I could put the whole house in a transparent termite tent and keep EVERYTHING dry!
  9. We had RAIN in Las Vegas! A whole 0.3". Not a big deal to me -- I just moved here from Georgia, but the whole community has been freaking out. When I got home from work, the G3-MP3 player was OFF and all my lights were dark. I unplugged the cords feeding power to my two units and let the storm pass on through last night. Given the fact that the system somehow shut itself off last night, I'm curious what all of you do to get things up and running after a storm. I don't want to damage any equipment any more than it may have already been, but would like to get things back up and running for the next dry day we have.
  10. LORisAwesome: Did you take any photos of your conduit install? It sounds like a great idea, but I'm having a hard time visualizing in my head how I could apply it to my place. Thanks!
  11. I've got background noise on my FM transmitter and I'm uncertain how to troubleshoot it. I'm using a CZE-05B transmitter from Amazon, with the included antenna. I made sure to plug things in the correct order so I wouldn't blow it up. The transmitter is not placed near other electrical cords.Sound quality was clear yesterday, but today it's not. (Sure, we had rain today, but the transmitter is indoors and so is the radio I'm using for testing purposes.)I've set the unit to an empty frequency that has otherwise been working fine for over a week now.To my knowledge, the transmitter has not been dropped.I checked and the transmitter is set to transmit on "H" - the higher power settingThe only way I've been able to completely get rid of the static is place my hand on the back where the antenna connects to the unit. (Obviously, I can't do this all night, every night. ha!) What other troubleshooting steps might I be missing? Thanks in advance.
  12. Bruce, I haven't done this yet, so I'm just taking the info from what I've read in the manuals and seen on Youtube videos. It sounds like the blink-off you want to at the beginning and the end is what LOR calls an Animation Sequence. You can create it by clicking File > New > New Animation Sequence. From there, you just go about turning your lights on and off, but you don't have to worry about matching them up to music. This Youtube video shows how to create a Chase animation. I'm sure you could take the general concepts and modify them for your blink off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtwJltwRysM Once I saved an animation, it was available for me to put in the show with the "Simple Show Builder". Of course, you can make your show even more complex and use the full-on Show editor. There are a whole series of videos on that tool. As an example, this video shows detailed info on Start Up and Shut down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hase385FAqQ Matt
  13. Thanks for the responses. I like how each of you has your own approach and there's not so much an air of "this is how it's ALWAYS been done" in the lighting community. 35 songs? And hour and a half show? Wow! I've got some work to do.
  14. How long do you consider a good Christmas light show to be? (I suppose you could measure it in number of songs or minutes.) I have 5 solid songs. It's so easy to want to program more and more, but I'm thinking there's a point where it would get old/boring for the viewer.
  15. Aw nuts! (But yesterday I'd kinda come to terms with the fact that I was out of luck.) Thanks, all!
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