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  1. One Half of CCR Ribbon Stuck

    It's still good idea to have a spare or too if you can afford to. Nothing more irritating than have one go down when the show must go on.
  2. Super Stat, 6 point star

    2 years ago purchased the star and used it with me 12 CCR tree, work fine. Last year no work tried everything that I could think of plus called Brian B. for help and he could not get it to work as it should. Any ideas out there! I am not the greatest computer guy but can follow instructions. I will be setting this up next month or so indoor to try and make sure no bugs this year. Thanks for any help.
  3. Debug/Repair single pixel on CCR

    Checking to see if they arrived
  4. For sale

    Maybe the right person can do UPS or FEDX with a call tag. All you need to do is have it ready for pickup and that's what they will do. For the saw maybe a pawn shop.
  5. 10w 8-pack RGB floods

    Maybe you could go to Guitar Center or go online and look at some of the par 56 or 64 fixtures which are also use DMX protocol. You can try some different ones that are more a beam effect or narrow or flood. How ever make sure they are outdoor rated. Some other sites are Stage Ape or Used stage lighting. I have been using some lights like these along with moving heads.
  6. Debug/Repair single pixel on CCR

    Send me your address <> normk@securityalarm.biz
  7. Debug/Repair single pixel on CCR

    Well I may be able to help. I think I still have some bad ones and should be able to go through my inventory to see if I can find one. How long of a section will you need?
  8. TSO - Paul O'Neil has passed

    Very true, he was always a joy to see and hear his talent. We have gone and see TSO for the last 5 years. My granddaughter had the opportunity to meet him 2 years ago and had started taking lessons and the following year she again got to talk to him and even got to play for him. He was a great encouragement to her to keep practicing. This will be a blow to her. Best of wishes to the TSO family.
  9. Can CCP's be used for circles or arches? And if so how well do they look? Or what other use's can they be used for. Thanks
  10. Consulting gig

    I suggest he should just leave it alone. My impression is he is not qualified. Maybe he should sub-contract it out. If he is in the St. Louis area Try reaching out to a company called Upstaging Lighting & Trucking. They are one of the biggest if not the biggest trucking and all types of stage lighting in the music entertainment industry along with doing lighting for the likes from American Idol to The Voice along with many Holiday lighting for many cities. Heck I know of these fellows and talent seeing for 30 years I was lighting Director for the music group Journey.
  11. Mega tree pixel mounting strips

    I have been trying the last 2 weeks to login to Boscoyo website and it appears to be shut down. Does anyone know what is going on there.
  12. HDPE white tubing supplier?

    You might want to cut to size and if you can heat up sand to fill it do so with the ends up and the heat will help straighten it out by then end laying down from the heat. You will need to cap off the ends so keeps sand and heat inside.
  13. What glue to glue CCR to PVC?

    There is one more suggestion. In the automotive / body shop they use a double sided tape from 3M that has a red backing to it on adhering such parts as molding. I use it for attaching our yard signs to their stakes and it holds very well and were in the mid-west with the weather we have again it holds up. Not sure how easy to get ribbon of if need to repair. I will try it before the end of our weather season and post my findings.
  14. What glue to glue CCR to PVC?

    I guess I got to rambling I forgot to mention the stakes we use for our yard signs LOL
  15. What glue to glue CCR to PVC?

    I have been looking into using aluminum u-channel stock. I own an alarm company and the stakes we use I placed the CCR into one and they fit snug, I think they will be easier to mount up on the tree pole one at an time plus storing away. The only thing I have not came up with is a easy answer is someway to keep them secured in the channel. One thought was drilling in from the sides to place some type of cotter pin to secure from blown or falling out, Well that's my thoughts Have a Merry Christmas Folks, you deserved it for lighting up our neighborhoods and bring so joy to those who were able to see it and enjoy it.