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  1. I will post it in a few days. 1st. I need to learn (HAHA) how to post pics on this then I will. Next year I hopefully will place a bigger star, plus also adding 4 more CCR's.
  2. Well this year I found and excellent way to put up my tree. Course common pole, but then I took and used u-channel aluminum stock and then I used some items made by a company call Meg-Daddy they make a item Bridal Rings with earth magnets. I drill the u-channels drilled one hole at the top and attached the magnet to it and at the top off the tree I put a steel plate below the star and now I can put the tree together with no help. As we all know we always don't have someone to help with putting it up so I came up with this and it works very nice and easy to do.i
  3. TO: K6ccc, how are you supporting your's up with out a pole behind it?
  4. When erecting my tree, my questions is from the base of the pole how far out should I go and how far apart should I have a the strings apart. I am using a star on top. Also has anyone found anything else besides conduit or rope to attach there lights to? h
  5. I currently have 1 LOR1602W g3 and working with 12 CCR along with a stat for Brian/Superstars. For some reason after putting this up this year the star failed yet the CCR's and music work. Brian gave attention to this issue this morning but could not figure it out. Can anyone assist with making this work? I believe its just a matter of a few settings. On the LCD Display it reads L-01 then flashes to 2.15. and would increase all the way to 2.245. it would also go back from 01 to 02
  6. interested in some items, confussed about your description on the 11 new sets of the CCR's, be a player on 1 FM & 16 CCR tree w/ pixel controller normkeinz@gmail.com
  7. Does anyone out there have any sequences for Holiday Coro that are just patterns? I don't want to put to music but want to make it colorful. I have a 16 strand 50 pixel tree and controller with smart nodes. This would really help wit my project. Time is running out. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks to The Duck, that was a very good way of doing so before putting up.
  9. What is the best way to test CCR's before putting up? Yes its getting late but been in hospital for awhile and playing catchup. Thanks for your in put
  10. This year I composed a couple of my own sequences on Superstar and now want to import them to the rest of my LOR show. I am not a computer savvy guy so if some one could help me I would grateful. The type of I wrote for was 4 circles using CCP and to the music of ELO Mr. Blue Sky.
  11. It's still good idea to have a spare or too if you can afford to. Nothing more irritating than have one go down when the show must go on.
  12. 2 years ago purchased the star and used it with me 12 CCR tree, work fine. Last year no work tried everything that I could think of plus called Brian B. for help and he could not get it to work as it should. Any ideas out there! I am not the greatest computer guy but can follow instructions. I will be setting this up next month or so indoor to try and make sure no bugs this year. Thanks for any help.
  13. Maybe the right person can do UPS or FEDX with a call tag. All you need to do is have it ready for pickup and that's what they will do. For the saw maybe a pawn shop.
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