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  1. one of the things to try to remember.. especially if you are running WIN10... Turn Off Windows updates, or make sure you are not connected to the net..
  2. Old Sarge


    Andy.. Maybe if you had asked for shared seq in the sharing section you would have had a lot sent to you instead of buying them to start with. Many of us freely share our stuff but you have to ask in the right section. I see you have already purchased a lot and that you havent asked if anyone is sharing things even here but just seem to be interested in buying them. That I cant help you with as I freely share things like many here do before telling you to just go but it somewhere.. be carefull if you are looking to buy the pre lite singing faces. Some arent worth the asking proce and depending on your set up you may not be able to use what you buy if they are in the wrong format IE CCR, rbg etc, dumb lights etc.. etc. if your controller is for regular incan lights.
  3. I ran mine straight horizontally in my trees and use them as simulated lightening flashes etc. I supplement them with flood strobes as Lightening flash's over my grave yard scene
  4. it will get easier.. Just dont be afraid to play with it.. You can make yourself a folder to save things in such as for testing or playing with a song.. remember to name things in a way you know what you are playing with and what you want to save.
  5. First thing I would recommend is for you to watch the tutorials. They are very good and will teach you the basics of what you are asking and build from there. http://www1.lightorama.com/tutorials/ LOR is a in depth program and really great but you need to do some actually learning to be really happy with it. Also if you go to the Seq Sharing forum you will get many things free sent tpo you as we like sharing there and also are more then willing to try to help you but you really should watch the tutorials first a nd do some learning there also as there is really a lot you can learn there. Dont let it seem overwhelming to you . There will be a time you will catch it and say.... WOW why didnt I catch onto this sooner. It will just take time and some work to learn it. Dont let it overwhelm you as it seems to for many first timer at the start. As a beginner you need to really learn the how to make a new musical sequence and how to copy paste. Learning that will make things much easier for you as I have a couple hundred things I share but you need to be able to just copy paste the sections or parts that you want to use with your 16 channels as I an running 80 channels. Also peoples displays will not always match yours so you can use things they share by copy paste the parts you like
  6. late post here but I made a flying ghost this year to. I will post pics when I can. Basically I went to the wrecking yard. picked up a couple Saturn windshield wiper motors for 10 bucks each. Mounted a garage door pulley to it, mounted it on a piece of corrugated metal, bolted two other pulleys together, one I ran a split vacuum cleaner belt to from the motor, I then Made another out of a old bicycle wheel I found on the side of the road and mounted it to a tree, used para cord to make a long loop.. be sure and tie a couple small knots in the cord about 6 to 8 inch apart to mount your ghost or whatever to as it needs to be able to spin on the long loop as it will twist as it runs. It is a little slower then I would like but I can remedy that by getting a slightly larger pully for the drive motor. to fast and it will not stay on.. It is my first one and I have it working well enough for this year but I have a who;le year now to work on it more and get it more tweeked in so it is better. I run it off a marine battery which I have connected to a HF solar charger... but I have a lot of sun here to in S. Cali. I will try to get a few pics to post of it.
  7. I am planning on adding is my small Flying Santa Sleigh with Reindeer. I am planning on modifying my Axworthy flying ghost to have a Santas Sleigh and run it as part of my Christmas display. It actually will run complete separate of my LOR and will be running off a 12 v marine battery with a trickle charger attached to charge it. I did run a test for halloween and it will run for approx 6 hrs off the battery alone between charging. I use a 12 v Saturn Windshield Wiper motor as the motor for it.
  8. I really like the idea.. I am also thinking of downloading edit and working on it. I may have it done in time to add to my Halloween display as I always include the military in all my shows, Halloween, Christmas, New years, Independence day etc. I would love to see your seq for it. I am thinking of having Red/White and Blue lights on my Flag and Flag pole as it plays. I do fly my Flags, USA and POW lite 24 hrs a day. I have never heard that before and being in a military minded city I think it will fit be well accepted here as we are the home of many of the military planes and the Space Shuttle etc. here in Lancaster/Palmdale Ca. home of Air Force Plant 42. and others. The Spoken Words which are in Italian in it translates to Amor te ne vai E tanto triste e tu lo sai Che giorni inutili Vivrò pensando a te. Darei la vita per averti Sempre qui vicino a me Come una voce Che ormai conosco già, Questo silenzio Di te mi parlerà, Nulla potrebbe cambiar Anche se devo aspettar. Come una voce che ormai conosco già, Questo silenzio di te mi parlerà. Amor te ne vai, ma tornerai ancor Buona notte amore Ti vedro nei miei sogni Buona notte a te che sei lontano Translation in English : My love you go away it's so sad and you know that What useless days I will live by thinking of you I'll give my life to have you always close to me Like a voice that by now I know already, this silence will speak to you of me nothing could change even if I must wait Like a voice that by now I know alrteady this silence will speak to you of me My love, you go away , but you'll return again Good night my love I'll see you in my dreams Good night to you who are distant
  9. Basically how I made my archs was to cut 3/4 PVC into approx 12 inch long pieces, Wrap them with my multi-color lights 100 count which I folded in 1/2 to make the wrapping faster and easier. secured the light strings with zip ties on each end. I then used sch 40 1/2 inch PVC. I slide * sections onto the 1/2 inch, use re bar in the ground and slide the ends of my PVC over it to make the arch. Be sure and use some kind of protector over the ends of your re bar when hammering it into the ground before you put your arch on and also after you take it off to help prevent injury if you or someone trips and falls on it. They are also available right where most re bar is sold at Lowes, Home-Depot etc. I can use them as archs or set upright as fire poles etc. I am using them this year run horizontally to sim lightening flashes in my Halloween set up. I almost forgot.. My display is all mini lights no ccr, rgb etc.
  10. I had it but accidentally messed it up / deleted it while working it with my kitty cat playing on my desk at the same time.. Basically I just need the voice for the main face... the rest of the channels I can do pretty quick if I can get it.I have been working on a few others that I will try to make available as soon as I finish them.. Thanks a million retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  11. good deal... I had a boo boo and messed up one of my seq before making sure i had it backed up.. I will be looking for the HC monster faces now for Monster Mash.. I had it but somehow I messed it up and lost it.. I think the dog ate it.. I cant find it so will blame the dog.. I did get the RGB to reg lor working but the seq. I was sent whoever sent it I guess likes playing games... The channels are not matching what the seq controller and channel line up says it is... makes it really hard to try to get the 8 channel face working right when a mouth movement actually is eyes closed, another that says a mouth part is for the outline etc. and the names for the different mouth positions are not named right.. or in the same order as the HC set up is. so people.... when you get something for free dont be surprised if they actually mess it up before sharing it just so it will be alot more work for you especially when they do not include their vis file with it. Took me like three days to get my version of the Axworthy Ghost working right. I do need to put a little larger pulley on it for the drive gear as I need it to actually go a little faster then it does but it is working and looks good.
  12. ok, thanks Ebuechner.. I haven't checked it out yet haven't had time as still unpacking putting things away etc. I moved to a different house so will be redoing most of my display and seq for Halloween and Christmas both. Removing some things and adding some others, but most will still be usable that I have used from last year with just some minor changes. also I added my version of a Axeworthy flying ghost to my display this year and have spent a lot of hours getting it fine tuned etc. so it stays on the pulleys for longer then just a couple minutes. my Halloween scene is a grave yard, 16 tombstones each a diff channel, the 4 monster faces, some spot lights, pumpkins, skeleton heads etc. all lite individually and I use my archs from Christmas more like fire poles set horizontally threw a tree for my simulated lightening etc. so am using 80 channels for Halloween.. and some of my stuff I need to change.
  13. thanks.. I will check out Bobs converter and also the other way to of opening and copy paste the color.. Thanks
  14. Before you yell at me I have searched and cannot find the answer. I was sent a shared seq that is made for RGB. I use just regular lights. Is there a way to change the part I would like to use so I can copy paste it in my seq. I do not use RGB, CCR etc. I just use regular lights. I have searched for the answer but may not be wording it right. Can anyone help me out?? Thanks.. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com added... I did find info about how to convert to RGB in the help index but nothing on how to convert from RGB back to regular lights.. Thanks for any help I can get.
  15. My life will never be the same.. I made it to the 1 min timing mark....
  16. if you have the Win 10 good luck in turning off the auto updates. It is much easier to just not have it connected to the internet. turn off your router etc. so it doesn't connect.
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