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  1. hey Marine... you got mail from the Army.. you all got mail
  2. you got mail... just copy paste what you want to use form my channels to your 16 cannels
  3. like was said... you actually need to set up up more like a 80 channel for people to drive threw.. Trying to set up up as a single show would be kinda like a waste of channels but if you want to run it all as a single show you will just need to make it a 16 channel show and copy each show to each controller (example. copy everything channels 1-16 from controller 1 to controller 2 , controller 4 etc. or maybe copy to controller 3 and have a different show on and have it the same. you may even be able to have same song playing for all but different things in each section or different props etc. and just set up up with different programming for that controller.. Like running 5 different 16 channel shows at the same time from the same music.. you are gping to need a lot of extension cords if you connect elements from one section to elements in a different section.. You may be able to get by with using different props and colored lights in each different section to kinda make it look like a different show or even by running more extension cords from example section 1 to section 2 or 3 and add things also to make it look more like a different show by connecting to different things .. Running a show for that distance can be challenging but you really have to decide exactly what you want in each different section and how many channels would want to be different. It may be cheaper to get a couple other used computers put in each section and run your show in a couple different sections from a $50 computer from Good will or a thrift store.. Probably cheaper then buying a few miles of extension cords.
  4. check your mail some of you have it already if you look in the files that I have already sent to you..
  5. yes as long as both are plugged in. depending on how many lights etc, you are running you may also be able to plug into just 1 ext cord using a pigtail splitter as long as your not pulling to many amps...
  6. kinda confusing as to what you are looking for. Do you mean you are running 80 different channels or 16 channels on 5 controllers all doing the same thing or what. Also you need to add some info as to your distance, and use of wireless controllers etc. More info Is really needed for many of us here to understand exactly what you are wanting to do. Example, What is the distance of the run around the horse shoe, or across etc... 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile, etc... thats a lot of wire unless you are going wireless..
  7. thank you Mega, I kinda remember seeing those a long time ago but couldnt find the link to then, Thank You I will check them.. I may have over looked it. I did find a 1 channel there but that was all I could find.. Thank you
  8. Old Sarge


    I am so red.... is there a embarrass icon... Any way I am still learning to... but thanks for the flowers people.. and I just go by what I was taught growing up... If I can help someone out I was taught to help them out and hopefully they will pass it on like the movie.
  9. I had rather spend for extension cords then to spend for new controllers also doesn't take as long to replace them if someone (and we know it never happens) decides they want a controller or just wants to damage something. My controllers are all fastened to stands and those stands are fastened to my house of just inside my garage so they are nice and secure. I coat my plugs with a light coat of electrical grease plus of I think one plug may be a low place for puddles etc. I just raise it up to make sure it is out of standing water, again I have all my plugs coated with grease which also help keep them dry from water. Makes it easier to unplug them when taking down also.
  10. most but not all archs use 8 channels. Many use 7 channels so they can start something centered without having to start with 2 sections of the acrh to be in the center, especially like if you want to start in the center and then go out each direction or start on each end and end in the center or pass in the center as a effect. Best things is like was said earlier, make some using your trees instead of archs, run your visualizer and get a idea how it looks to you. What someone else likes may not be what you like. Do something and play with it to make something you like. asfor as somehting looking choppy... that kinda depends on how yo fade it off and how long you have the effect to last as to if it looks kinda choppy or not.. fading on and off etc. you can get the basic idea from smooth archs and modify and change it by fading on and off and get entirely different effects from basically the same timing.
  11. I have the 8 channel pumpkins, trees and a lot of other things but now looking for the three channel Santa, and any others I can get for my collection. I am trying to help a new LOR fan with some things and he has the 3 channel Santa etc. and I am trying to help him make his Visualizer file. I need props, fixtures etc. for INCAN lights. I dont need for rgb, ccr etc.. just the simple stuff.... LOL... Thanks to all who send me something. Thanks retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  12. you got mail and just so you know none is ccr, or grb or anything like that. ALL my stuff is INCAN..
  13. e mail me your addy and I will send you a couple files I have. will be 32 and 8 channels stuff but you can copy paste the sections you want to use in your show. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  14. http://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result?q=extension+cord http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=spt-1+wire&_pgn=2&_skc=50&rt=nc https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_5_3?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=spt-1+wire&sprefix=spt%2Caps%2C190&crid=2OY0YULGP61MI a few other places you can check out
  15. I see you are new.. go down to the sharing forum section and ask there. You will have much better luck if you as in the right place. I will send you what I have. I hope it helps you out. I recommend asking for shared things before just jumping out and buying it somewhere as many of share things here. especially on E BAY.... most you find there are things that has been shared by someone else and them they start selling them. Many have stopped sharing just for that reason, why share because someone is going to get it for free and then turn around and sale it. So many have stopped sharing but many of us still do share when we are asked. if it isnt in one of the files I sent to you ask again in the sharing section of the forums and I will resend it to you You Got Mail
  16. I am thinking of getting go Pro cam to record my display with. Is It Worth it? I keep seeing where people are having problems with it and do not want to go get one if it is that hard to use or doesn't do a good job. The only way I can record a actual show right now is to take one of my computers out, connect my cam to it and on a tripod or on the car. I can put my computer on.and record it that way. I do not have a stand alone camera, just one that connects to my computer .
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