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  1. TY mega, I will try to work on the faces for it over the weekend and see if I can get it done.
  2. If I am not to late can I also have copies of what ever rock you want to share with me.. Most of what I have is all traditional and want to expand my library.. Thanks retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  3. I would like to see what you have for that if you want to share it.. I will try to work on the faces for it.. Just kinda busy right now though. Oh as a reminder... my stuff is reg Ican Lights... no Pixels, ccr, rgb, etc.. Thanks.. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  4. Here you go. I hope it is ok. Just finished the basics of it. Timing is a little off here because I am still learning to use the video making program that I have and have to add the music after making the video.
  5. I will have it for you later this afternoon. I got side tracked and had to do some of the chores on my Honey Do List from the wife... lol
  6. yw. I am working on another for you that I saw you were looking for. Christmas is starting now.. I will try to get it finished today.. was going to do it last night but got side tracked..
  7. I will do it tonight for you ... 80 channel with archs and faces..
  8. Grab some holly and mistletoe'Cause we're gonna go out tonight.We're gonna bask in the electric glowOf a billion little colored lights.We've got a lot to do, before the dawnSo with a minimum of introspection,I think you've better put your mittens onShake your jingle bell in my directionSometimes I feel like a big snowmanThat's fallen under a plow.But tonight I'm on top of the worldWe're gonna bring it around somehow.Christmas is starting now!Oh yeah!Christmas is starting now.That's right, Christmas is starting now.Oh yeah. Christmas is starting now. Right now.
  9. would love to have it. Thank You retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  10. hey James can I have it to. Thank You retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  11. hey Don. Can I check out your snoopy to. I was working on the faces for Snoopy vs, the red Christmas but have a lot to go in it thanks retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  12. boston.. it is in the file I sent you a long time ago..
  13. I will try ... haven't attached much so not sure if it will work. but here goes.. 4 coro trees Con 04 and 05.lee
  14. ty Earl. I tried again and just cant seem to get it.. I did attach the file I tried to make above here so you can see what happened... Thank You Earl
  15. this is the way most people have it set. I hope it helps you.
  16. I have the three channel version but am not happy with the looks of it at all... It does not look good when used with the three channel Santa face... I am looking for the 8 channel version if anyone has it.. Thanks retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  17. most of my display s wire frames with the exception of mt megs tree ( PVC Frame) and eve lights etc. on the house... 8 mini trees are all wire frame tomato cages, and I have 8 deer, a Santa and sleigh all wire frame,,, exceptions in my yard are my 40 ft or so of (Walmart) candy canes. But I do not have to worry about a lot of snow on the bottoms covering them for a foot or so either.. and here in the High Desert of S. Cali I really do not have to worry much about rain flooding them out. Average rain for the year on a good wet year here is about 10 to 12 inchs for the year..
  18. Thank you for you answer earl but, I cannot find anything that says fixture properties or export fixture files anywhere. This is what I did, I opened the visualizer, then open the santa face picture as background image, traced it for the face outline, cheeks, mustache, lip etc. i ended up with I guess you call it 7 different elements, some I put as channel 1 that go together and others as channel 2 and bottom mouth as channel 3.. It does open in my visualizer but everything is listed separate. Fixture properties is grayed out so I cannot click on it.. I am trying to figure out how to make a three channel Santa face, or a 4 channel Santa face .. I do not see anywhere where it says export as a fixture or anything like that, just import or open files and select something to load.. The problem I think is... I Have No Idea How or what I need to open to make a fixture.. so I have no idea how to export it as a fixture.. Do I make it in the visualizer etc?? I cannot find in the tutorials how to do it or maybe I just haven't found the right terminology to find how to do it. I am using reg incan lights, If anyone has a three channel or 4 channel Talking Santa face I would love to have it if you are willing to share it. I have searched and Planet Christmas does not have it on their sharing list.. Thank You retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com Santa Face 3 channel.lee
  19. How do I make a .lff or a .lpf file. to use in Visualizer. I have drawn the item. added the channels as I drew it but it is just showing as a .lee file type. I am trying to make a 3 channel Santa face with one channel for the mouth open. one for eyes and the other for outline but I cannot get it to work as a Fixture or a prop so I can use it better. Maybe I was wrong but what i did was open my visualizer, open the picture as a background, traced over the picture with light string and added channels to it as I drew it. I am wanting something I can put in the props as example and then be able to use it in different visualizer files... not just as a visualizer .lee file the way it is now.. Any help is greatly appreciated as i am trying to get it to work with the 3 channel Santa HC seq.Mr Santa Thank you for any help in advance..
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