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  1. Just started on the faces for it... Dont know how long it will take me... I will let you know and probably post it here when I finish it.
  2. Cool... I Like it... I will see about doing the singing faces for it to go with 4 trees...
  3. halfmoon... sent cool... I have no idea what would really be the most fav of the ones I have.... Only people that see mine is my next door neighbor and my family... there is no public access to my house as i do not live in town or on a public access road.. My property is gated and my drive way is about 1/8 mi. long. People ask why I do it if not many can see it.... for my family and next door neighbors family..
  4. back up... back up.... back up.... and backup again.. dont depend on being able to find that one and only CD/dvd you made for a back up.... use more then one place to back up to.... maybe have a friend keep a back up for you to om their computer or in a drop box... make a back up and keep it updated..
  5. crash you got lots of mail... dont lose it this time... make backups and not just on cd but get drop box etc..
  6. you got mail Jethro... no prob Jerry... when you get to it... Its been cold and windy here and some showers off and on but not to bad....I prob will not make actiual video this year.... my cam isnt that good plus I had problems trying to get the sound to add on to it.. It Was SOOOOOOOOO Bad..
  7. Start Planning NOW for Next Year... Use this year as more of a learn from your mistakes and try to not repeat them next year. Set You Clock for early morning for the day after Christmas to run to wally world etc. and get lights etc. for next year while they are on 50% to 57% off and try to get there before all the other LOR users to get the ones you plan on using first.. Save the Christmas Money you hopefully got to buy more lights and controllers with when they go on sale for the spring and or summer sales.. Take pics of where you have things placed and if possible measurements of you
  8. good deal Jerry... can I check it out if you want this I will send it to you. with the edit chaos... you got mail Chaos... you dont have mail... I tried to send it to you but got this back <chaospuptemp-lor@pacbell.net>: Remote host said: 550 5.2.1 <chaospuptemp-lor@pacbell.net>... Addressee unknown, relay=[] [RCPT_TO] --- Below this line is a copy of the message.
  9. Here is a new one. Just finished.. 80 channel with singing trees If you want it let me know retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
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