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  1. I made a simple 2X2 PVC "A" frame. mounted solid Plastic on both sides. printed out a slide from Power Point Poster size 2X2 and taped the pages together, Put those into clear sheet protectors and mounted those to my A frame sign holder... I am sure you have seen the A Frame PVC signs many realtors use for their open houses Same thing just advertise my Listen to lights radio station on it.. I have one small light on it so it does not interfere with my show display or glare out to much. total cost, a little printer ink, 4 pieces of printer paper, clear plastic protectors, about $5 if that. Can also use a old Flat Screen TV and just cover it with clear PVC to protect it from the weather rain etc. connect it to my computer and run a loop a (Christmas) power point on it with information and warnings to keep kids out of display for safety, be considerate of the neighbors etc. You can run that in a loop..
  2. Old Sarge

    SPT wire

    what is the link for the Home depot vampire plugs? I have checked in the past and they tell me they are no longer available and have not been for a couple years..
  3. My Cat ate my dog who ate my wires that go to the lap top and my bird crapped on my lap top... But Im not worried because I have a Thumb Drive Back up.... Just waiting for my dog to have a BM so I can get it back..
  4. mine are almost all Wally world mini incan lights and I have had no problems with them. I remember reading though when I first was getting into LOR to AVOID Martha Stewart Lights..
  5. sounds cheaper to take a vacation, drive across your southern Canadian border, get a post office box and pick it up there... get the one you need to assemble, and take it back across in a couple parts, board one trip, plugs the next... we can even take stuff back and forth across the USA southern border into Mexico as long as the value is $600.00 or less per person in the vehicle. oh its 1,947 miles from you to me... Take a vacation to S. California for Christmas
  6. just send the thing to me and forget about it.. Let it become my problem and order yourself a new one.
  7. a e mail would help... also learn to copy paste and dont limit yourself to 64 channels because you will have to change things to fit your show... also helps if you have a idea as to what songs you are looking for.
  8. How many channels and what are you running,,, regular incan lights, rgb, ccr, pixels etc... a little more info will help yoo find more things. Do you know how to copy paste things from shared files into your display?
  9. I to have been trying to find the 3/4 channel Santa and Mrs. Clause prop. If y find it can you please send to me to. Thanks retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  10. I would love to listen to some but the link doesn't work.
  11. sent backk I am getting old I guess... I prob still have it somewhere if I sent it to you last year... I just have no idea where I may have put it.... I guess I need to get a sexeytary to help me keep my files straight.. lol
  12. hey Bill... how about me... Can I have it to.. Thank you retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  13. Hey Don... How about me... Can I have a copy of it... Thank You retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  14. made a mistake,,, ,the title I have is not that I have the meaning of Christmas..
  15. I know what you mean... I just downsized my house to a smaller one the last part of Sept... There isnt a lot of difference between the way you seq a reg tree and a spiral tree... Just got to wrap more lights... I go around my mega about 2 1/2 times. less then that looks a little tame and more makes it look to crowded.. Mine is only about 12 ft tall counting the 2 channel star. it uses 16 channels alternate with multi color and blue..
  16. bump?????? dhager.. You Got Mail
  17. I think I sent it to you all... If I missed anyone e mail me and ask for it. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  18. you all check your mail... .some is on the way... and for it depends on how you have your tree lights set up and what parts you use from others on how it will look. You may need to play with them to get it to not look choppy etc.. Just depends on what yo do with it.. Do not expect anyone to have things that will look really perfect to you in your display as everyone does things different unless you are running a generic display set exactly for the seq you are trying to use.
  19. not RGB but I have it in my file with the faces.. sent in case you lost them..
  20. If possible I would like it to when you get it done.. Thanks retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
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