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  1. all of you who got my files have it already its in the file with the singing faces. Many of you will save yourself a lot of time and extra saved folders from people if you would maybe check to see what you have before you keep asking for it just because someone else has asked for it. Maybe start making yourself a Word List or a Excel list so you can keep up with what you have and who it is by. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  2. e mail me and I will send more to you. My Main advice to a new LOR user... Backup, Backup, Backup... and especially learn to copy paste sections sent to you that you like... Copy Paste is a new users best friend next to the tutorials... Most of us who have a lot of things to share run more then 16 or 32 channels... Most have grown after the first year... And... Like I say.. Back up.... Back up..... Back up... Learn to copy paste.... Make and use a visualizer It Can be one of your best friends when you are doing your own shows or previewing things. E Mail me and I will send you a bunch of them just learn to copy and paste.. Ask or remind me to send my VIZ file .lee file so you can have a idea how they look.. Go Over The Tutorials... They will answer most and more questions then you can think of before you ask it or think of it. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  3. Or you can just disconnect it from the internet when your show is running.. Thats what I started doing ... I dont have to worry about the AUTO UPDATE in the free/cheap version of Windows 10 from running that way... or upgrade your windows and then you can control it on/off etc, and not just when to check and run them... Or maybe try setting it to update at say 4 in the morning..
  4. hey Rover... please do not forget me... Thank You retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  5. e mail me... you will have to copy paste the part y want to use. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  6. if you know how to copy paste e mail me and i can send you a couple files. all mine are more then 16 channels so like other tell you ... you need to know how to copy paste things you need or want to use form it. Be sure and save things for later and for when your display grows.. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  7. e mail me and I can send to you. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  8. e mail me ... retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com and I can send them to you easier..
  9. its also in the folder I sent to you a long time ago.. look there and you will find it.
  10. I havent read everything above but if you have your computer output turned up to much that can also cause a hum... or back feed from a near by speaker, or even your computer if it is setting to close to it or some other electrical device. also try moving your reciever a little farther away from your transmitter if you are monitoring it threw one. Cell phone charger, batteries chargers and any near by electrical devices can cause interference or even if you happen to have say a magnet in the area... can also cause noise problems. If you have street lights... maybe the city changed the bulb and that is what is causing the noise..
  11. Having a lot of problems with my e mail... I love Yahoo.... lol
  12. e mail is needed... cant send audio on LOR site
  13. its hard to send something to a no e mail listed request..
  14. I must be going blind... I could see no e mail address on the request..
  15. hey Bill... Please dont forget me... Thanks... I have some I am sending back at you .. Hope you like em.. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  16. I made 2X4 a frame for mine. Screwed them to it. and set them out of site hidden behind bushes etc. I also set them so they are about 2 ft up off the ground to help prevent Critters.... Bugs from finding a warm place to sleep... Shorts things out I found out my first year.. The controller I use for my 16 channel Mega tree is set inside the tree frame before I put lights on.. ext cords going to the outside of the tree frame from it so I can easily plug my lights in without moving a lot of other electrical wires and lights to get to it. I Just have it close enough to the side that If need be I can reach in between strings of lights to open it etc... I would be agains laying it on the ground or even placing it very near ground level to help discourage bugs from crawling into it. I also coat the wires from the ground level up to it with Tabasco as it helps keep critters from climbing up the wires... They for some reason dont like Tabasco... Also keeps dogs etc, from chewing on the cords.
  17. I like mine to be dim enough and not have so many lights as to draw attention from my display. Its for information... not part of my show and it is also right out next to the side walk and street so it is the first things usually seen when someone is driving up the street.. . If I want or need that much attention to it ( "The Sign" ) I can always add a rotating Police/ ambulance/ firetruck style flash light bar to it and run it off a car battery...lol
  18. I connect my cords together by approx length ie 10 ft to 10 ft, 12 ft to 12 ft etc. as much as possible so I have approx 150 ft in length. I then roll the connected cord onto a real... the type with the roller handle on it cost about 5 to 10 dollars depending on where you get them I label reel with the size/length of the cords on it and store those in plastic totes;. I can then just look at the reels and know the approx length of the cords that is on it... easy to unroll as I just pull the free end of the cord and if I need more of the same length just pull the next one... Like I said though the reels hold about 150 ft so depending on your show yo may need a lot of them... I think for my show which is small compared to many (6) controllers I have 20 reels with different length cords on them. 8 ft cords which I have 32 cords for my tree faces are on 2 reels as I have extras also but have approx 150 ft on each reel. 15 ft cords are like 10 on each reel.. http://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/Bayco-Cord-Storage-Reel/0000000008683?utm_source=googleps&utm_medium=shopping%2Bsearch&utm_campaign=google%2Bproduct search&gslfah&gclid=CP3qiu3WtNACFVJtfgodSIUKBQ That also makes it easy if I need a certain length for something else during the off season to find it easy.. My long main supply cords I have on reels also or I dont know what it is called but they are kina weaved together so I can just get one end and pull it and it will un wrap itself... I will have to find what is it called... Kinda like making a chain out of it.
  19. I found one of the best ways to do spirals is to start with just 1 spiral.. I worked it around my tree about 2 1/2 times. played with it to get it looking good then added the next string. took my time and eyeballed it to get it looking pretty close to same as the first... then went next etc. Mine is a 16 channel and you can get a idea how it looks on my you tube videos of it. also my tree is about 10 ft tall not counting the start on top. I use 2 colors and alternate them so actually I have 8 blue and 8 multi color strings on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN9UrXFS5Lc this will give you kinda a idea how it looks.
  20. 16,32,or 48... That leaves me out... the one I have is 14 controllers... you read right... controllers not channels... I have never shortened it down for my 80 channel show... lol
  21. I have not used animator sense Bob helped me set up my visualizer and basics on how to use it.. It make things so much easier and faster then when I was trying to draw things in the Animator.. I have not even thought about stopping use of it or using the Animator again.
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