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  1. I got it. Thanks... I was here before checking my mail,,,
  2. David.. e mail me retired_old_sarge but mine does have my radio station freq on it to so you may need to change it just a little.. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  3. If any of you have the files from me it is in one of them to... PLease... share whatever I have sent to you. It's fine with me... I share everything and do not mind if you pass it forward.. Christmas is really suppose to be all about giving.... Wishing Everyone and Families have a very Happy Merry Christmas and a Great SOBER NO DRUNK DRIVING NEW YEAR...
  4. watching my mail for it to. I have not got the mp3 yet for the one you sent to me to check out But I will GET EERR DONEE.. Thank You Jr Chuck
  5. Maybe its time to put a small bug zapper next to your camera or maybe make a mount threw a bug zapper and mount your camera so the little critter cant get to it so easy.. A bug Zapper with the light turned off but still electrofrying the little critter on contact..
  6. Right on Jr. I have motion activated security lights and cameras that cover my yard area and out into the edge of the street. I also have 2 lighted signs saying smile your on camera. My immediate neighbors do not mind as they have the added security of my cameras covering the front of their yard also when they are activated. as far as the people who come from down the street or drive by... they see the security lights come on and see the signs at the same time telling them they are being filmed has actually had the impact of causing the possible trouble maker cross the street and avoid my side as soon as they have found out they activate lights and cameras. And yes... I Live in S. Cali and there are gangs in my neighborhood as most neighbor hoods here.. I have had nothing happen to my display and I have even had many of the (known) because of their tattoos etc. Gang members tell me they actually like my display... But I also play a mixture type of music... such as a couple Christmas RAP type songs, some country some rock etc. I do not just try to play one type of traditional songs so I try to keep everyone interested in a variety of things. One of the first things I did when I moved into this area was to ask some of the younger people I saw walking/skateboarding by if they had a favorite Christmas song etc. and From what they said tried to add that to my show even if just in a small way. hense my show has Rap, Soul, Country, Classical, Traditional, Big Band, and even Rock Christmas songs in it. The sound is also low enough on my outside speakers to just barely be heard to the center of the street. I do have signs saying to tune to channel for more sound/music.
  7. I wonder how he knows the one he bought 2nd hand was actually never used... Maybe he personally knew the seller of it so new it was never used... If it came from Craigs etc... who is to say if it was used or not or was turned on/ powered up with the antenna not attached to it. Many people do not read instructions before they just plug something in and turn it on.. The first one I got would not change freq from high back to low... I called the comp[any about it and got immediate response from them and they sent me a new one even without asking for the old one back first. When I received the new one it included return label to send the old on back to them.
  8. I tried that... it loaded them into the LOR seq file But when I open it show editor to make the show they were not there... I opened the seq folder and they were.. The music is and was in the LOR music folder..I can go onto the Seq editor to like I am going to make a new Seq and when I click on to open it the seq is showing in the existing file. Like I said in my post.... I have had NO PROBLEMS in the past. I know how it should be working but it is not working right. I have never had problems in the past on using the simple show builder... But for some unknown reason to me it is not working the same even as it was for my Halloween show... which I had no problems at all using the simple show builder then clicking on Show on Demand for it to start... The problem is... again like I said... It Is Not starting for some reason
  9. looks like it is rigged from the start... and with so many being able to vote more then once.. like you said... one going from number 4 at 12% to first at 27% in 2 hours so why vote at all in a rigged election.
  10. For the past years I have been using the simple show builder and starting it just by clicking on show on demand. For some reason it is not working that way now. I have not changed any setting or anything.. I did manage it get it to start by clicking to enable schedule... and playing with it but Have no idea exactly what made it finally start. I have never used the show editor or the Schedule editor. I have watched the tutorials on them but am still at a loss as to exactly where do I put the seq and the music for a show.. I have tried putting them into a folder naming as example Christmas show 2016 faces.. and have that in the LOR folder for sequences added the music etc... I am running out of things to try to get it to run right. When I open the LOR show editor no matter where i click in it I cannot find the seq or the music for the shows so I cannot schedule it to run. I actually have always used the simple show builder and have had no problems with it until this year... for some reason it will not start the show after I make it there and then click on show on demand nothing happens.. Can someone maybe tell me what need to do.. I almost forgot.. I am using the 4.0.38 version and have advanced license. Thanks retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  11. accidentally posted 2 times
  12. please remove 2 postings... accidentally posted because computer hecupped
  13. GHOSTS OF Christmas Past Maybe..
  14. CZE-05b or CZH-05b , use the rubber ducky antenna. be careful and remember DO NOT POWER IT UP with the antenna not connected.. Turn the gain( Left Knob) to about the 11 o'clock position and I think you woill be happy.. Use low power so you do not broadcast out to far... You dont want the FCC come knocking.. If you have problems with sound going high and low etc... use MP3 Gain to even out the volume on your music/ sound files. It is a free download.. also I would recommend get Audacity to work with sound file. Both are free downloads. Many here will tell you the same.. http://www.audacityteam.org/download/windows/ http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/download.php
  15. I made this if you want it. e mail me and I will send it.. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  16. If the show was with and for regular people it may be worth watching... But sense it is for the people who spend thousands and thousands of dollars on it,more then most of us make in a year I dont stop to watch it... I had rather drive around town and see things that real people have done and not spent more then Most of us make in a year doing it. Besides... Its who they know that gets them into the contest anyway.... not everyone can enter it.
  17. I have had a lot say they like this simple old song... I am going to possibly work on the tree face for it, Just havent decided yet..
  18. you got mail... Now for anyone reading this it is a old thread now... things are updated so please do not expect more from here... If you want to e mail me I will send whatever I have bit I will not be picking out certain songs but you will be getting the complete file.. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  19. try as I may... I Just Cannot seem to find you e mail address anywhere.... Makes it hard to share things without knowing whee to send it..... My Psychic abilities just arent working..
  20. e mail me and I will attach and send them back... as for as numbers go... I send the complete ZIPPED file... Its to much time trying to send individual ones especially this time of the year when everyone wants it now instead of doing things during the year. Retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com.
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