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  1. e mail me and i will send you what I have for Christmas and Halloween both. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  2. Right on Paul.. To many forget to post the exact music they use and then expect someone to spend hours or days trying to find the right music to match the sequence. And there are many who forget that music is paid for a licensed for use by the purchaser and that its not suppose to be sold by them unless they have a license to resale it. That is one problem about making a sharing page or site which people can post things for others to freely or by donation download from.. Someone is usually going to have their hand out saying wheres my money if they can think of a way to do it. Its much easier and better to just say.. If I have something you may like send me a e mail and I will send it to you then it is to post and then get like 500 people trying to download it all at the same time like just a month before the Holiday then it is to freely share all year long. Actually a few years back I actually posted and put mine on a site to share.. it was hit so much and so fast it crashed like three or four time a day for a couple weeks until I took it down.
  3. Old Sarge


    e mail me and I will send you some for Christmas and Halloween both retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  4. I didnt list them all but I have found most of the 9 or so programs i got from NCH very user friendly and esay to use. Just takes a little playing with a few of them like the video capture program to record straight off my monitor to the sound recorder, movie editor, sound file converter,video converter etc. as well as some others for making DJ mixes, adding like a Regea beat or Techno beat etc. and I found that their Express Zip works very well is is extremily easy to use. I actually discovered NCH software when Ia friend in Australia recommended them to me.
  5. I use a program I got from NCH Software. It works very well and I also use some other of their programs for sound capture, video editing, sound file converter, sound streaming recorder, etc. I have had no problems with any of them. I got them from http://www.nchsoftware.com/software/index.html
  6. e mail me and I will send what I have.. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  7. Yep.. there is a guy from Canada which will be coming here on or about 13 or 14 of march says he will take it. He had some business he was taking care of in Phoenix and its not hard for him to swing by here sense he is driving back up to Canada from here through Las Vegas.. I know he will come by as he ordered some stuff from a couple companies and it was shipped to me instead of the outrageous shipping to Canada
  8. Just the thought... the thought.... I am going blind... my eyes are already bleeding...
  9. I hope yo got the better list of stuff that I sent to your e mail..
  10. OK... e mail me at retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com I will get a time to talk to you then.. as I said some of what I have is.. FM Radio Transmitter 5 controllers, 4 singing tree faces (they can be disassembled for shipping/ mailing) right now they are in 24 frame to protect the lights. 4 faces for Halloween (Monster Faces) 8 small mini trees... about 2 ft high. I really have no idea how many strings of lights I have... enough to go completely around the house of Kens . red, white, blue, green... about 100 ft each of red, green, blue, and red rope lights 8 wire frame deer with lights on them.. Extension cords to connect all the lights USB Cables etc.. and I am not really sure what all else..
  11. I can do that but only if you are planning on coming to s. cali. and picking he stuff up. As I said in my post... it is to much for me to try to ship and is available for pickup only. I do not want to spend either of our times if shipping is what you have in mind. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  12. thanks to all.. I do not plan on completely disappearing as I have made a lot of friends here and will still be making some seq. at times and like always they will just be for regular mini lights or led... still no ccr rgb, etc.
  13. cool.... I am not in a great rush to sale it because I will be here for a while longer so no problem if they need a while to save up but it will all go to the first good offer at least 1500.00 for everything which is about 800 or so less then what it cost me over the last couple years. I forgot to post that in my original posting.. I also will include the over 200 seq that I have to go with it. I will still probably make some more seq but I just will not have a show running.
  14. Due to moving/downsizing and selling my house renting now getting ready to move a long distance in a couple years (Guam) having a going out of business sale. A few things I have are 4, 48 inch HC singing trees. all complete with incan lights, 4, 24 inch HC monster faces.. with Incan Lights, FM Transmitter, 12 ft. PVC frame for mega tree, Multi color lights for it and blue lights for it, about 32 strands total just for the mega tree, 8 wire frame tomato cage mini tree, includes incan lights.. multicolored, 8 wire frame deer, buck and doe with white incan lights, another probably 50 or so strands of incan lights, multi color, red, blue and green, I really have no idea exactly how many I have as the weather is to bad for me to go out and open crates and count them all.. I will do that later when the weather permits. I also have 5 gen 3 controllers oldest is 4 seasons old newest is used for 2 seasons. I only ran my shows for a couple hrs for about 3 weeks...Hopefully I can find someone who wants the complete package and is in s. Cali as I have no idea how much it would cost to ship things etc. across country and it all can be easily picked up. I am approximately 50 miles NE of Los Angeles. If you want it you will need a pickup to carry it all in as there is to much to fit into a car or suv unless it is a big one. sorry for you across the states but I do not have or use a pay pal account e bay, etc.. so I know that narrows things down a lot.. But if there is someone local enough who wants to start out with a complete set up with 5 controllers, all needed cables, a few thousand ft of ext cord I will make you a really good deal on everything.. I know... but I do not really feel like breaking things down and trying to sale all separately. Email me if you are serious and close enough for more information. As for as dont do it and separate it to sale as different pieces easier... I really dont care about those comments. I Will Not Sale Things separately. I dont care if I have to wait and hold it for a while there will be someone at some time who can or will save for the whole package deal to make a really good deal for everything. not all but most things can be seen on my you tube channels at. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6rQS92LcPWUXsSF1WR3hkw/videos?sort=dd&shelf_id=0&view=0 I do have a lot more lights then is in the videos. retired_old_sarge at yahoo.com
  15. again... to all newbies... Backup, Backup, Backup and Back up again... seems like this is happening almost Daily... MAKE YOUR BACKUPS..
  16. Don e mail me and I will send you some. 4 channel arch is not going to actually look that good... the norm is 7 or 8 depending on if you want a effect starting or ending in the center of your arch. I use 2 archs seq but I connect them to another acrch so it is actually 4 archs, 1 and 3 are connected and 2 & 4 are connected. You can see in my .LEE file so please remind me to send that to you also. retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com I will also include my You Tube channel so you can get a idea from things done in the past. I stopped trying to make videos of my show to post... It was just to much trouble.
  17. Thank you all. I did get my flue shot but I think I got the strand that wasn't covered this year with it. Again Thank You All for your thoughts and prayers.
  18. you coulkd cheat on getting a taller my 24 ft ladder... Buy one from Wally World, they have a good return policy... us it then take it back and say it just doesnt fit your needs... It will be put on sale as used and returned especially if there is a little dirt, plaster or paint spots you can point out on it.. have a buddy go there and offer the manager like 80 bucks for the 130 dollar ladder and buy it back... Really.. Just Kidding.. I would never never ever do that..
  19. Due to 2 deaths in the family and coming down with the flue I have not even started my take down yet. Debbie Reynolds was my dads cousin.
  20. be careful about going to higher power... If the FCC gets a complaint the will check it out and possibly label it as a Pirate Radio Station.. All it may take is one person to complain to them if they are bored to start a investigation.
  21. Finally and I was about to say go knock on their door and ask them..
  22. just use a projector. project onto what you want to make it on, Make it anysize you want to that way and then just go around trace the lines and mark where you want to place the lights. Drill your own holes.... Whats the problem of it being the wrong size that way?
  23. I still use nothing but INCANS and most of my wire-frames are all Home Made... wrapped with Incan Lights bought from the Walmart after Christmas sales over the last 20 years.. Not even 1 led, ccr , dmx or anything else is in my display. Average cost of my 4 ft tall wire frame mini trees.... $1.00 which includes the tomato cage bought in NOV for about .50 centsand the lights... about .50 cents or so Cost for 8 mini trees... about 8 dollars and 4 hrs twisting the lights around the frames and using maybe 10 very small zip ties on them. Mega Tree... about $20.00 of PVC bought from a plumbing contractor at a large construction site as SCRAP, most for free... and 16 strings of again Walmart .50 cent lights.... 32 of them ( because I twisted 2 together as a double string).. I also got many strands of light for FREE... all I did was put in Craigs list that I will help remove your lights for free if you are planning on moving or giving them away... I actually was given about 50 strands (ALL GREEN) during the summer by someone moving and just didnt want to carry them with them.
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