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  1. scvlights

    Lights on Koji - 2017

    Hello all and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here is a look at two parts of our show last season. Feel free to share your thoughts! Who's already getting started for this year?
  2. scvlights

    2015 Display - Star Wars Segment

    @LightsWithSoul Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I've been trying to be more precise and clean up my programming. Having both conventional and LED lights are tricky at times and could be quite a challenge to figure out scenes. Hopefully this year I can head towards a lot more pixels. Though I can't get over the look of traditional conventional lights!
  3. Hello Everyone! I wanted to share a small portion of our display from last season. I'm getting ready to plan this year's show and looking to change things up a bit. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this display! Thank you!