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  1. Ed thank you for explaining the differences from your experience. I am struggling with getting started on PE and I think it's because I've only been using the standard S4 Sequence Editor for 6 years and can't seem to get the hang of PE. I am really used to the pixel level of control, I did all my CCR arches within SE. One question I've had that maybe you can answer - there are megatree sequences I see out there (and one I have bought) that have images scrolling across the tree, like say a Santa on a sleigh, is that something that PE can do, or is that a SS job?
  2. I would love a copy please and thanks! holidaylightfun@gmail.com
  3. I would love any available copies as well. I have rgb arches and a rgb megatree so hoping to find some help with those. holidaylightfun@gmail.com
  4. I'd love a copy as well, especially the megatree portion! holidaylightfun@gmail.com
  5. I have really struggled with figuring out pixel editor. I think I've got 6 years of the normal Sequence Editor ingrained in my brain that it's making it seem harder than it probably is.
  6. I've tried searching the forums and am not finding answers that are helpful. I purchased a 16 ribbon AlphaPix megatree this year to replace my old LED strands. I'm struggling with the process of sequencing the cool effects I see on other sequences (faces, scrolling text, etc). I've purchased one premade sequence to try and learn from it, but it's just feeling like a mountain I can't climb. Is it really impossible to do this without SuperStar or switching to S5 (or other software)? Any help or advice is appreciated! Or any other sequences I could try to learn from would be a big help too. I have 15ish songs to update. -Jon
  7. I am struggling with Pixel Editor and I think it is because of how I have gotten used to dealing with my CCR's for the past 5 years. I only have 4, and so I simply used the sequence editor to handle them all and I have gotten used to controlling every pixel individually. I've added a 16 strand CCR tree this year, I'm not picking up xLights fast enough and Pixel Editor isn't making much sense either. It sounds like I need to bite the bullet and get the SuperStar upgrade. Has it worked out for you Orville like you had hoped?
  8. I was afraid of that. It wouldn't be as bad if I had been better and kept all of my channels and channel groups setup exactly the same between sequences. Problem is that things have morphed over the years, adding new stuff, new songs, learning new ways to organize etc. Lessons learned, just the hard way :). Guess I'd better get to work!
  9. I recently got a megatree kit from HolidayCoro so I have a new 16 channel AlphaPix device to incorporate into my existing sequences. Is there any easy way to import 16 new DMX devices into sequences without overwriting all the channel config that is already existing? When I use the Import Channel Configuration feature it wipes out anything that was already part of the sequence. I've used that in the past but only when I'm initially setting up a sequence.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Is splitting onto a separate network as simple as changing network from "Regular" on the channel settings to any of the "Aux" options within the sequence editor? How are you increasing network speed?
  11. Sadly I never got this issue fully resolved last year. Hoping people might have some more advice on how to resolve or troubleshoot. I think I've pinned down when the issue started, which is in 2015 I added another 16 channel LOR controller to my setup. But I don't know why that would have thrown off the timing on SOME songs and not all of them. All of my songs had the new channels incorporated into them.
  12. So the more I look at this the more weird it gets... One of the songs in particular, it starts of just fine. The about 27 seconds into the song it gets out of sync and the further into the song it gets, the more out of sync it gets. Again, in Visualizer it looks perfect the entire way. Any other thoughts?
  13. I'm having an issue with some (about 8 out of 14) of my songs not syncing up correctly. The difficulty I'm having is that they appear to be synced up perfectly in LOR Visualizer. The lights seem to be firing off about 1-2 seconds too early compared to the music. I've gone through my mp3 files and verified they are at 128Kpbs and at a constant bit rate. It's confusing because almost 1/2 the songs run perfect, and I can't tell what is different about them compared to the ones that aren't working. Any advice you can give is appreciated! My setup: 1 CTB16PCg3 Controller 4 LOR1602Wg3 Controllers 4 LOR CCR's 1 LOR CCB with controller 8 dumb RBG ribbons with CMB24D controller 1 ShowTime Central with miniDirector & FM Transmitter
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