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  1. jml255

    My House by FloRida Sequence

    If you still have I would love a copy jml255@gmail.com
  2. jml255

    Looking for This in my house by flo rida

    I would like a copy if you are still sharing jml255@gmail.com
  3. If you are still sharing could I have a copy as well? Thank you jml255@gmail.com
  4. jml255


    if anyone has I would like to see a copy jml255@gmail.com
  5. Can I have a copy? jml255@gmail.com
  6. jml255

    First Snow By TSO

    Can i have a look too? jml255@gmail.com
  7. jml255

    Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars

    Can I have a copy too jml255@gmail.com
  8. Can I have a copy Please? jml255@gmail.com
  9. jml255

    Wizards in Winter and Uptown Funk

    can I have uptown funk jml255@gmail.com
  10. jml255

    Rob Zombie Dragula

    I have the sequence done, all but my dancing skeleton. I am having a hard time deciding what to do with him during the song. Anyone have a sequence with dancing skeleton for dragula that I can look at?
  11. They sent the music with it. I ran it through audacity as well.
  12. I purchased "This is Halloween" from holidaycoro to use with my singing monsters. I can not get the words to match the faces. Sometimes there are guys singing and not words playing in the song. I looked at their video and it doesn't seem to match up either. Any one else have this experience???
  13. jml255

    Ghost Town

    would like it as well please. jml255@gmail.com
  14. jml255

    Drum and Guitar playing Skeleton

    No problem, I am working on monster mash right now.
  15. jml255

    Drum and Guitar playing Skeleton

    could you share jml255@gmail.com