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  1. All, thanks for the feedback. I turned the RGB channel to On and it's now a white bar which is the standard floor light on. I turned on channel 5 so it was a solid on function but the flood light is not strobbing. Do I need to make any special changes to channels 4 and 5 to get this to work? Also does another color other than white need to be painted in the RGB for strobe to work?
  2. Hey All, I'm trying to figure out the strobe on and strobe off channels for 50w floods. I've filld in the strobe on flood channel with a simple on command but nothing happens. Do I need to have an RGB color picked and then use the strobe on channel? The manual from LOR does not provide much guidance on this. I just need to simple know how to make my flood lights strobe! Thanks!
  3. Awesome, thanks you guys. Have one coming in on Wednesday.
  4. Anyone know where I could pickup RJ 45 Couplers, similar to the ones provided with the 50w CCF? My couplers have water damage and the RJ 45 ports are corroded.
  5. Thank you guys so much you've been awesome. Here's my update and next questions. ​ ​Took a while but I plugged all 7 units in one by one via USB485 connector (3 -16 channel panels and 4 flood lights). Everything was recognized except one flood light showed up as unknown. However, I was still able to set that flood ID and it worked out perfectly. ​ ​All the unit ID's are holding. The floods tested well in Channels 1-3 for RGB but I couldn't get anything for strobe for 4-5 (probably not doing something right). ​ ​OK so here is my next question, now that I have added 5 channels (is this correct?) for each flood and set the ID's up in channel config, I should be set fort sequencing. ​ ​In sequencing, how do I make custom colors other than RGB in the sequence editor? And how do I use the strobe effect? Will it only strobe in the color I set or can I have it strobe in regular strobe color? After that I should be all set. Thank you so much for the help so far you're a life saver.
  6. Hello yes I am talking about the 50 Watt RGB Floods. Do I need to start at light controller 1, then plug in controller 2, controller 3, then start plugging in the 4 floods? Not sure how to set them up in HWU. Next question is once this is set how do I get the floods to show up in sequence editor??
  7. I could use some serious help with 4 new cosmic color floods I just bought and installed. I've always had three 16 channel controllers on COMM 3. They have always been Unit 1,2,3. Today I connected the four floods and when I go to search for them in the hardware utility, it finds maybe two controllers, one unidentified device. Or another time, it finds two controllers and one flood. (missing the first controller and three other floods) Additionally, I can't find the floods in the sequence editor to turn them off. They currently turn on during the first three channels of my first controller box. Please help, I'm seriously overwhelmed here...
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone, the lights I stocked up on at Home Depot 5 years ago are starting to go and I need a better alternative.
  9. Hello, Anyone have some tips on where to purchase LED lights? I typically wait until they are stocked in Target, Home Depot, Walmart etc. but there has to be a cheaper alternative. The two online sites I know of are 1000 bulbs and Christmas lights etc. Any other good sites to check out? Looking to stock up and go big this year.
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