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  1. One more question. Does the lor Rob controller put off heat? I'm look at buying a enclosure and wondering if a plastic one can handle any heat that might be produced.
  2. Another question. Who knows where I can reach the people behind the "All About the Lights" parody. I think that song perfect.
  3. 1 How to share a sequence via email? 2 How to post a Youtube video on the forums? 3 Do y'all put the lor rgb controllers in a housing? 4 Thinking about buying one DMX prop do I need a DMX controller for a DMX fog machine? 5 Any other uses for Light o Rama controllers during "off" season? I am not to computer savvy so use small words. I got a few sequences last year from a few members, and want to be able to help newbies the way they helped me. As far as the rest of the stuff, I was just wondering. Thanks, Wes
  4. That's better than what I did last year. I just shoved red and blue 50 count light strands in my outside lights. Homemade Rgb lights. I ziptied each light to the wire to make them fit.
  5. Fog machine and some lights to make fake flames to add some pow to the show.
  6. I would also appreciate a copy. westheplumber1@yahoo.com
  7. Another newbie chiming in. The little white dmx controllers at Ray Wu and Holiday Coro. Do those work by themselfs or do they answer to a bigger dmx controller?
  8. A friend is asking about a static light display. He is putting 5 sets of incd lights on the front of his house and the little fuse inside the lights blows after 15-20 mins of being on . Any helpful advise would be great
  9. If yall are willing to share. My email. westheplumber1@yahoo.com I dont want to impose.
  10. I planned using next year. It is a little late to start sequencing lol.
  11. This is my first year and want to say a BIG THANKS for eveyone who help. Even if you answered a silly question to some other newbie. The info that is passed around here is priceless.
  12. I'm looking for a parody song. "Good Decoration" anyone know where to buy or an artist. BTW hope all is going good for yalls displays.
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