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  1. My Halloween show starts small midway thru Oct. I keep my carved singing pumpkins on the porch until Halloween day, then I move everything to the edge of the front yard. At the end of the night me and the family pick up all Halloween props and bring inside. I don't get many viewers during the month but our neighborhood is super popular for trick or treating. We will have 3 or 4 families watching for 5-10 mins at a time. Plus I use Halloween to test new equipment for Christmas ( new controllers, new RGB lights, and anything else I can sneak out)
  2. It's that show. You know the one with that guy, the famous guy who also did that thing one time. And that movie with that lady did the other movie that was a big hit, you know which one right? Awesome mix I'm still trying to figure out some of them.
  3. What kinda of RGB floods are you using ? Your house looks awesome.
  4. I think it was a ABC light fight contestant. I was scanning the videos on YouTube. Hope this helps.
  5. Not listening to the wife. She comes up some ideas that sound like they are out in left field. But come Christmas time we see them in the stores or someone has made it themselves. So listen to Her ideas no matter what.
  6. Last year was my first year. I live in a city with about 150k people. I averaged 10-15 the first couple weeks and 100 cars on Christmas eve. We put out a tub for food donations and got 15 lbs of canned food. Traffic wasn't a big problem. Cars would stay for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Thanks to everyone. I made two 8 foot poles with 1400 lights on each one.
  8. Here's mine. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1552850894931105
  9. Does anyone use Atmosfx projection? Can it be triggered by Light o Rama? The website says there is a remote trigger. Thanks to everyone for all help past and present. I have learn so much in the last year and a half. I wouldn't be anywhere close to being where I am at without reading the topics and the advice yall have giving to all newbies.
  10. I have 30 100ct mini LED bright White lights. I am stumped. I have five "mega" trees. And a few tomato cage trees. Any ideas would be helpful. No matter how silly. The catch is I only one channel to control it but I'm looking to add another next year. So a multiple channel ideas are good.
  11. I got a signing elf face for 2016. The holes fit 12mm RGB bullet nodes. Is there a way to either make mini lights fit or a way to keep RGB lights on all the time without take up channels?
  12. [quote name="DevMike" post="335674" timestam Edit: 6:45 PM - I saw your name at the bottom of the screen as one of the people who were reading this thread, so I know you have seen my comment. I await your reply. I stayed logged in on my phone. I keep this forum website on my background browser.
  13. I'm so Sorry to the lor team. I didn't want to start a whole mess and don't want to get anyone in trouble. I was just a little frustrated the last few days. Sunday my light o rama sequences editor keep kinda freezing on me but I think I figured it out. I shouldn't have taken out on y'all online. I was at the booth for quite some time on Saturday before someone came and helped me. Maybe I miss read the person who was helping me. They just gave short answers to my broad questions. I 'll take the blame for that one. I hope yall can forgive me.
  14. Old Sarge I read a quote today. " I don't plan anything for my day, because that word 'premeditated ' starts popping up in courtrooms. "
  15. I went but was disappointed how the guys at light o rama treated me. I know I'm younger but they took forever to talk to me and treated me like I had no reason to be there.
  16. Should I go to the expo. I have never been. Is it worth the 3+ hours drive? Just for exhibition hall.
  17. A bobcat riding a dead horse riding the neighbors cat
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