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  1. 6 hours ago, Jaynee said:

    My problem is that I'm so busy that I have no time to work on Christmas stuff!  Work is endless, and home life solidly booked every waking moment.  Then in a month I go on vacation for two weeks.  I need to clear off my November calendar because the three weeks before T'giving are the ONLY weeks I have to build a small spiral tree AND four trellis trees that I've already built into my LOR programming, so I have to have them!

    Me too! 

  2. On 4/24/2016 at 1:15 PM, Mega Arch said:

    Just my opinion, but since this is a dating song with some sirens laid over the top, not me... The younger crowd probably wouldn't notice we're trying to make a police tribute. They know it was nominated as Disney Radio "Best Crush Song". 

    The reason I have chosen "One Call Away" was as in our Christmas shows we add non-Christmas to please all ages. Plus I originally saw this video posted on a Pro Law-Enforcement Facebook page. I figured it would get the point across to some and entertain others that would not get the reference. 

  3. I was thinking of getting so t-shirts made and can't think of any ideas. So if you are willing to describe what yours looks like. Maybe ball caps too? Anyone use the online t-shirt companies or did you get it done locally?

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