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  1. I'm not able to sequence in PE because I cannot track the music to reference cells in my timing grid. When i play the song is show a bunch of blue bars that seem to lag behind the music and the red bar is non existent! About to give up on the display. This hobby is no longer fun, thanks RGB for taking the joy away from Christmas lights.
  2. Are you still sharing? If so I would love to get a copy. dave@comarcastle.com
  3. Are still sharing any of these? dave@comarcastle.com
  4. I would greatly appreciate a copy of both of them, but most importantly "That's Christmas to Me". I really like the lyrics, especially "The only gift i'll ever need is the joy of family" My email is dave@comarcastle.com
  5. Not exactly sure how to explain this. The pixels aren't lighting up where they are supposed to so my spiral and other effects dont line up properly. It's almost as if a few of the strings are out of order. Everything seems to be in the correct order vertically, but not horizontally. I triple checked my hardware setup on my F16V2 for the setup of the string ports and universe numbering and everything matches the setup in the PE prop and preview perfectly. I have attached a couple pictures of what happens when I make the number 8 on the tree. I also triple checked the setup of the prop to ensure it is set up as a 180 degree megatree with the correct number of strings and folds per string. I'm totally frustrated......
  6. How many channels is the sequence? I have some 64 channel sequences from my show last year I can trade. Email -- dave@comarcastle.com
  7. I can share this one as well. Just let me know if you still need it. dave@comarcastle.com
  8. PE seems to crash every time I put my computer into sleep mode.
  9. If your MT is fairly tall you may want to consider using 32 strings with two per channel of control. The key thing is how you work you fades from channel to channel. I personally like to always have one fading out into a full to make a smooth rotation. Send me your email address and I can send you a couple of sequences.
  10. I am setting up my entire display in the pixel editor visualizer (preview design) including 64 channels of ac LOR control. I would like to use some props from the old visualizer to draw my icicle lights, fire stick, and other items. Is there any way to do this or do I have to create a totally different set of props for PE?
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