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  1. KSlush

    4x4 decorating?

    kinda figured. thanks
  2. KSlush

    4x4 decorating?

    How critical is it to follow the 4x4 decorating model? I dont have an easy way to break up the front of the house to 4 sections, but i can do 3.
  3. I would love to get any you want to send my way. I just want to see a few sequences done so i can see how it should look. just getting into some dumb rgb with audio this year. Kenneth.slusher@gmail.com
  4. So i have had to start small for this "hobby/obsession", I picked up a CMB24 with a few(6) dumb RGB strips and a power supply to show the wife what could be possible. I was looking for a "basic" sequence or two to give her a visual to see/experience with her own eyes. If i get her excited about this..... the purse opens up to buy more!! Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Kenneth.Slusher@gmail.com
  5. If your gonna look at making them your self i recommend the "cat5 EZ" crimpers and ends. Makes the whole thing 100x times easier. Go for it....I do it all day long. Super simple
  6. is there another board that would allow a different controller to control the outputs. like a power injection board that had 1 control input, power injection input, and 6-8 outputs? then i could use a generic RGB controller to run all 6-8 strips.
  7. I was just gonna do some christmas songs. nothing in particular. something to get started, but it sounds like this will be put off till next year as i just dont have the time.
  8. So i want to use "Dumb RGB" to start my decorating with. How does a "normal" purchased 16 channel sequence work with a CMB24, if at all? Or is it a full custom programming? Im so new to this and starting kinda late i think for this year..but gotta start somewhere.
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