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  1. Does anyone know if the Minions put this out on CD or only on Youtube, looking for more of the verses of Minion Jingle Bells, at 30 seconds I want a bit more Thanks again for the share, it was first in the rotation with minion graphics scrolling over the megatree
  2. Knock on wood and sorry to hear your story. Came out on Sunday to get the paper and here is our pumpkin arch strewn across the lawn. Of course you think someone came along and ripped it off the house (it was tied up with 80# fishing line). Went to the NVR and of course I had brain deaded the recording option for SUNDAY only so I only had the aftermath (record on motion and that was out of the motion trigger space). But in the end it was wind, and the neighbor family came over to help get it back up and I tied it off with Paracord. But will be adding some more cameras eventually when the budget allows. Which 500watt motion detector did you put up? I need a little more light out there and a PIR with some real light would be nice..
  3. Hope you fellows the best of luck, I could not imagine 100mph, 120mph, 140mph, winds. 70 mph gusts took down my "mega tree" last November just as I had all the lights working again. It damaged the house pretty bad, but we were able to stay in the house while it was repaired in the spring and early summer and get some new enhancements from out of pocket cash.
  4. Thank you Bill, got the file yesterday. Now I am off to find the audio file, Amazon or iTunes...
  5. I would enjoy a copy as well please arwomack01@webbyhome.com Thank you!
  6. Although I do like the song and may buy it just to put it into the collection of general music, the connection to Halloween eludes me on this one. Is there a backstory I am unaware of? Alan
  7. Found that from a friend a while back and was planning to have it in the show last year until the "mega tree" hit the house and messed up the season. I cut my version before that second temp/verse/ change where Straight to Hell was. I faded it out just before that and stopped there. Did not think that belonged in a family oriented show. Perhaps after 10 at night or something for the adult show. Zwiller did an awesome job with it in Light Show Pro, he's over on Vimeo under Schmenk I think it is.
  8. If you are sharing that one gsmith, would enjoy a copy. Working with 16 channels to bring into LSP is a bit easier than some of the 90 ones when you are trying to figure out what piece does what in the song. Thank you arwomack01@webbyhome.com
  9. I used the LOR extensions too, prefer nice cables to home made if they are not just stupid more expensive. The pigtail to the board is an easy place to add an extension onto if you go that route. I used the KO meanwells on mine, work fine, Also have some real Meanwells, and picked up some Costel ones off ebay that are really big at full 50 amps cheap a bit ago.
  10. would enjoy a copy as well, anyone convert over to xlights with it yet? arwomack01@webbyhome.com
  11. Bugger the wife knowing the budget, make her order the stuff! If I was starting from scratch for pixels.. oh wait I did that 4 years ago and ran 2 shows and got the wind knocked out of last years.. Falcon V2 hands down, spend the extra and be glad you did. More flexible long term. How is your soldering skills? That makes a big deal on getting pixels and such up and going and whether you buy pre-made extensions or save some money and make your own (and you have to decide WHO's you are going to use because they don't swap between vendors). Since you have an AC show you know cords are a BIG part of the budget.
  12. the new video post still works! do like some of the effects you have in there, nice to see not every effect a plop of a nutcracker stock one glaring back.
  13. Looks like the video got pulled, you tube says not available now to check it out.
  14. Thank you for sharing, I find that a very powerful and impact full song and will use the download for the timing as I move it to Lightshow pro.
  15. Looked for a couple of years as well, have not found different colors, one might be able to dye white if you found it to other colors. Even looked on aliexpress but never found a seller for the sheets like we get on our characters at Christmas. Emailed a bunch of places but no one ever emailed back.
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