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  1. Needing a Christmas Miracle!

    Wow, it's a good thing you didn't have any problems
  2. Make sure you're running the latest version.
  3. That's what the render all button is for just to the right of the save as button.
  4. Blow Mold Problem

    Have you confirmed that the light is good? Personally I would put in a new socket cord and plug with an LED bulb if not for anything else just to know that I can rely on it. The nice thing about LED as you don't have a filament that will go out if it gets bumped or shaken by the wind.
  5. Connecting a fan to the Pixcon16

    All the fans are backwards compatible. A pwm fan without a pwm signal will run at full speed like 2 wire fan. It's kind of a waste to use a pwm fan in a 2 wire configuration.
  6. Connecting a fan to the Pixcon16

    I'd strongly suggest you read the manual. I own a Pixlite16 which is almost identical. The fan voltage must be selected by the voltage that you're supplying to the board. If you're supplying the board with 12 volts and use a 5 volt fan it may come on at full speed and burn the fan out. How much differential in speed may also depend on the fan and how much load it puts on the circuit. No you don't need a pwm fan( pulse-width modulation) if your fan comes on at full speed you may have a problem so I would suggest you do a little Diagnostics on it before letting it go too far. Education. There are three flavors of fans out there what usually come with different voltage requirements. 1. Regular utility case fan ( two wires) 2. Case fan with RPM feedback ( three wires) 3. Pwm fan ( four wires) positive, negative, RPM feedback, pulse-width modulation, The fourth wire in this case is used by sending a signal to the fan so the fan will control its RPM internally.
  7. Connecting a fan to the Pixcon16

    95 degrees is a target temperature. Coming on at a slow speed at 80 degrees eliminates any heat spikes in the components.
  8. Being original.

    Hey, wait a minute what's wrong with cheeseburgers? I like cheeseburgers! Damn, now I'm hungry. This post brought to you by the NCBA.
  9. Being original.

    Some people do puzzles to relax. I do sequences. I have my computer setup in the basement with dual monitors good speakers and a set of noise cancelling headphones. I sit back put my feet up relax and poke at it until it's done. I often jump back and forth between sequences so I don't get hyper focused on any one sequence. I find if you try to complete a sequence from beginning to end without any breaks you'll end up with a forehead shaped dent in front of your keyboard.
  10. Being original.

    Seriously, I've never known you to butt heads with anyone.
  11. Being original.

    You sound as though you've given up before you've even tried. You're going to have to listen to the song at least a thousand times pick out what you can of the different instruments and Tempo changes and any other variation that you can take advantage of with the lights. Now close your eyes while you're listening to the song and picking out these different items and decide what part of your display that may sound like. Like a hi-hat cymbal crash equaling twinkling on a bunch of stars. And make the lights look like how you interpret the music.
  12. Being original.

    This is why I'm not on this forum much anymore. And the last time I mentioned that I finished a new sequence I started getting a bunch of request and PM's from parasites. I tried to politely tell them if I was offering it I would have made my comment in sequence sharing. I find some of the sequences out there that are being shared are pretty bad. And I've seen peoples displays who use nothing but shared sequences and they're cut and spliced in so badly you can't even tell if it's going with the music. Come on people, take some pride do the work and make a sequence that fits your display. Using shared sequences to get started is okay but by the time you hit the third year you should be standing on your own two feet. And here's a hint, not all the lights have to be flashing all the time to every song, one of the most powerful things that you may have at your disposal is periods of Darkness. Just like a well-written speech can use a dramatic pause, to draw the audience in.
  13. Dying Pixels??

    Make them fit by any means possible. I can think of a few radical Solutions. Wood chipper, blender, heavy duty paper shredder, 10 ton press. By sending a small box he set the goal.
  14. LED lights won't fade!!!!

    As long as we're all stabbing in the dark because of lack of information. It's possible that he has two things trying to talk to the dongle at the same time corrupting the data output. Assuming this is something on a dongle and not E1.31!
  15. LED lights won't fade!!!!

    It's helpful if you include what type of controller, possibly the make of the lights that you're using. You put this in general Lor questions so you could even be talking about a pixel controller.