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  1. Advertising In The Show?

    I probably wouldn't do it for two reasons 1. Someone will notice it and try to figure out a way to get their hands into your pockets. 2. I wouldn't want to bring an ad into my personal display for a holiday that's being overrun with commercialism ( I'd be afraid of turning people off) Let them back you and then they can boast about it in their ads.
  2. Matrix size?

    Yes I'm aware that you're there that's why I mentioned it. I read your recent posts is was going to respond but it looked like somebody else started to help you.
  3. Matrix size?

    I wish I could tell you that for sure. I would hope that S5 would have more capabilities and can do this but Lor has been struggling to keep up with technology, and with a conversation I had with a higher up in LOR I got the impression that they were focused on people mainly doing AC lights. But that conversation was a while ago. You can also reach out to me in the X lights and falcon forums I'm using the same name. There's no way that sequence editor could handle that amount of data without bringing it to a screeching halt.
  4. Matrix size?

    I wish I could tell you how to do it in LOR but I honestly don't know. I'm sure you would need to set it up in pixel editor the same way you would and xlights. It should have the same capabilities because it was copied from xlights and they brought Matt Brown over. I did a quick test pushing to P10 panels with E1.31 and you can see even when I was pushing complex data to run video it didn't bog down at all. I thought I would add, in the video you can see my rolled-up pixel Matt sitting on the floor unused ( what a waste).
  5. Matrix size?

    I was doing a 2-inch spaced Matrix in my window and most anything but text didn't show very well. So I ended up making a couple of P10 Matrix panels to use in the show and the pixel Matrix net that I made up is now a complete waste that's never going to see the show. If you wanted to use Lor to control P10 panels you would have to set your fpp in bridge mode and drive it with E1.31. My original Matrix was about 4 foot by 5 foot.
  6. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    They "were" a good controller and still a good work horse but they haven't kept up with the times to take advantage of the faster refresh rates that the 2811 can handle. Plus I find their setup page a little clumsy and difficult. But they're still a good Workhorse controller once you figure out the way they do things and I would take one over a holiday Coro controller everyday of the week but it's not what I would prefer.
  7. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    You will hear the Falcon controller come up several times and there's a reason for that. The F-16 V3 and the F-4 V3 is where the smart money is at because they give the best value for the dollar with excellent support and features that no one else has even thought of yet. Holiday Coro has support if you pay extra for it and chances are you will need it with their controllers. I bought a holiday Coro controller once and I was quite surprised when I found out that I paid for the privilege of being a beta tester ( I never recall volunteering for that position).
  8. Love LOR - Trying Raspberry PI B + w/ Falcon Pi Cap

    Setup your Raspberry Pi with the cap and pixels testing from the pie first to confirm that your pixels are working. Then go in and Define you're DMX universes and channels and set up the pi in bridge mode. You'll have to go into LOR and set up you're DMX and e1.31 to match what you set up in the pi. I'm not sure what your license level is but you will need to be using e1.31 to communicate with the pi. I strongly suggest using the pi in unicast mode versus multicast. Join us over in the Falcon Christmas forum to better help you with this project.
  9. solenoid to start projector

    I was watching the video on my phone and I didn't catch the actuator moving. He used the word solenoid which had me looking for something completely different.
  10. solenoid to start projector

    When you say solenoid are you talking about a car starter solenoid? I just want to make you aware that a car starter solenoid is not rated for continuous use ( it will overheat). They do have continuous use solenoids available at most decent Auto Parts places.
  11. Has anyone sequenced Barney - I love You

    Damn, Batney is gone a little anorexic there. (Hey kids can you say eating disorder)
  12. Has anyone sequenced Barney - I love You

  13. Pixcon16 some pixels remain on

    Lower your voltage to the pixels. Some bullet pixels work best at 11.8 volts. If that's not it start checking for loose cables. In the pixel world they wait for a command then hold that command until they're told to do otherwise so if no new data comes through they will stay on until they're told to turn off.
  14. Within the controller the dimming curves can be changed to accommodate LEDs they can also be changed to be just on off channels which was likely the cause of your problem and was corrected by a reset. I'm just pointing it out so you have a better understanding what might have happened. Moving forward if you have a mix of incandescent lights and LEDs you may want to adjust the dimming curves so that they fade roughly the same.
  15. CMB24

    Get out the butter and jam, because that thing is toast.