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  1. Here's one I really like and can share my work. Sorry - no RGB's as I'm old school.... JR did sequence singing faces for it. He said that can be shared with my sequence as well - Thanks JR!
  2. Also several individuals have tried to share insight over the years. Like John Storms: https://sites.google.com/site/listentoourlights/home/how-to
  3. Doubt anyone took it that way. We’re just trying to give you additional ideas/reasons not to make the same under-engineering mistakes others have made.
  4. First off - planning for future is advisable. First year for me was only 16 strands. Then went rwb-g for 64 strands. Now I’m at 128 light strands, 3 star strands, 4 strobe strands. In Oklahoma for example, we fight high winds. The light strands act like a sail pulling the mast to one side - not enough center strength &/or guys - snapola. We also have many ice storms. 1/2” of ice can drastically increase the weight numbers used in determining original specs needed. So for a few bucks more, over engineering in the beginning is preferred to much crying later.
  5. yeah - but your static blows most displays away - trains, ferris wheels, bamm. But when you sequence - it's spot on amazing magic!
  6. I sent to you on 11/17/18 7:14 pm and it wasn't returned ---- check your junk/spam folder &/ or your in box.... oops - just re-read thread title - I sent Greatest Show - I do not have This is Me Sorry....
  7. as talented as your sequencing always is - of course I'll play her song - proudly. would be a nice addition to my show.
  8. or if you are diy - make a special cat5 cable for controller #2 just using pins 4 & 5. If not diy, contact LOR and get one from them.
  9. NEVER! We've all been there. It's a learning curve on everything.
  10. With the lights being LED, I wouldn’t think you would have a voltage drop issue. If the LEDs aren’t full wave, sometimes the controller doesn’t see enough load from them. That coupled with your distance may be getting you. Do you have a snubber, a glade plugin or an incandescent light that you could add to the end? Just to be sure.
  11. Well flickering is what a few of my channels were doing before the triacs failed. I’m just confused as you’ve tried other controller channels. Unless multiple channels going out, doesn’t compute for me.
  12. do they flicker when you run an extension cord straight to them? not through a controller.. you said always on - so why waste a channel anyway? (I'm saying that when I have mine on a channel as well...)
  13. What kind of spot light? - specifics... Incandescent, led lamp, led fixture, cheapo - full wave - tell us... Can't imagine it's the software doing it....
  14. yes I bought these C9's and use 10 individual channels. the C7's should be just fine as well https://www.allthingschristmasandmore.com/LED-Christmas-Retrofits_c_122.html
  15. Sounds like it's using it's standalone mode while you are trying to send additional commands.
  16. I used (2) 10-ft sections of 1-1/4” galvanized rigid pipe and a $1 can of flat black spray paint. MUST cut the threads to get the weak link out of the structure. If they will cut off for free, let them. But just where you join the pipes. You may want to screw a hook head or something at the top. It cuts fairly easy with a sawsall or even a hand-hacksaw if you do it yourself.
  17. not needed in my opinion - but if you want to overkill - they have a longer one. The entire idea is removing the threaded part where the metal has been reduced. Then fill that area with a solid chunk of steel - it won't break here. if your tree fails - it's not due to the pole pin failing... https://christmaslightshow.com/products/pole-pin-12-for-mega-tree
  18. I haven't had this song in my show for the last few years. But so many keep asking for a share, I updated it and it's playing again in my yard. It still has the op's base sequence - just updated a little. Thanks again to Mateo for the original work. So here's what it looks like this year...
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