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  1. Nope. It’s that some of the brands have the plastic molding just cut too tight. After several years, you’ll get so good at separating with a screwdriver - you’ll forget what a pain it is. 😎
  2. Mega Arch

    MP3 director

    Glad JR could get your eyes opened!
  3. Yep. George confirmed cancelled. So backup plan, use Storms self-teaching site. https://sites.google.com/site/listentoourlights/sequencing
  4. I learned a lot from Master George. His on-line SequenceU classes are inexpensive and very entertaining. http://www.clearwaterlights.org/2019_SU_gen_info.html
  5. I’m with Tom. Only gfci popping issues from using vampires and spt are when the connection is setting in a puddle, not once from snow. Worst part about vampires is that with some brands the plastic pieces are cut a hair too tight. So during take down I need a flathead screwdriver to separate the male and females. BE SURE POWER IS OFF!
  6. Don't really believe in luck/bad luck - it's more of just "life". But yes - you did not need to start the year off pushing it.... Happy New Year!
  7. JR, You’re not having issues. His focus of late is on supporting Indie artists even more than he used to do. He’s even got a radio station going in CA. He does check PM’s periodically. And you still have 358 days ‘till Christmas. Contacting him on Twitter would be faster. He is @scottzilla.
  8. Have you contacted Mike & the people at Wowlights? I’ve dealt with them for years too and they are pretty customer service minded as well. They may have had a bad batch. Might not. But they will be honest about it.
  9. Mega Arch


    I lean towards trusting the other lighters. Some really good friendships have been made by sharing addresses. We learn techniques & ideas by seeing each other’s displays in person. And we help each other out in many ways. Before I was smart enough to keep a backup controller, Santas Helper graciously loaned me an extra one of his. My show went on that year! We also helped a lighter move his entire display from one house to another house —— in one day. Including his Rohn Tower Mega Tree. Was a priceless experience.
  10. Mega Arch


    Hahaha jokes on you. I moved in August!
  11. Mega Arch


    Don’t think they could get yours either. I’ve seen the logging-chain padlocking your controllers to the 24” diameter tree trunk.
  12. Mega Arch


    Yep. Sucks. I buy 10” screw-in ground anchors and cable padlocks. I screw all controllers and 50watt floods to the ground. It keeps punks from stealing - but a pro thief could get them. I always assume a pro wouldn’t care to take anyway - because they have zero idea what they are and are worth. Someone did try to grab my floods during 4th of July show. His/her puny cutters wouldn’t cut through my cable locks. I know this because the scumbag lowlife dropped the cheap cutters right next to the floods. I just had to straighten my mounts a little. Didn’t even brake the cat5 cables. #fail
  13. I moved this year. Just trying to setup props that were designed for a different house proved interesting. So what was the best new? I too have two answers. 1. Loved the new mini strobes. Ordered more after Halloween and more again during CLE’s Black Friday sell. 2. New neighborhood meant new audience. Had a great time at my old house. Was really concerned new neighbors might be turdheads. Got lucky. They are great as well!
  14. In the old days maybe. But if you use LED lights, almost no way you can max out a 15 amp. Now I would add 5 or so separate circuits so you can spread your show out. Keeps down on GFCI tripping. And speaking of GFCIs, spend the extra $1 and tell contractor you want outdoor rated receptacles. They still need to be in weatherproof-when-in-use covers. But they will hold up longer as they are built with moisture resistant internal hardware, etc.
  15. Merry Christmas to you too. (Breather - heck fire - trying to figure out New Years' show while working up next year's Christmas config files - stressing out...)
  16. There's a bigger problem here. Blue should be the third color. RWB-G was thoroughly explained to me by Santas Helper (Tom) years ago...….
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