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  1. Hello all. My computer has passed on to the great beyond. As such so did my LOR files. I am looking for any and all Halloween and Christmas 16-32 or 64Ch sequences. We do a charity drive each year and my LOR display is a big part of the show. In the past 5 years we have raised close to $100,000 in donations. We fund all of the cost so 100% of the donated funds go directly to the various charities we work with. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help Gig PS: I have invested in a cloud backup so in theory this should never happen again. Unless hackers somehow find LOR files more alluring than Nudes of celebrities. HAHA Happy Lighting to all.
  2. This is Halloween Sequence

    Hello I would love a copy of this gigalights@gmail.com Please and Thank you
  3. This is Halloween Intro singing face sequence

    Hello I would love a copy of this gigalights@gmail.com Please and Thank you
  4. 16 Channel Halloween Sequences

    Hello there- I would love to get a copy of these. TY gigalights@gmail.com
  5. Elf on a Shelf by Jelly of the Month

    Pretty PLZZZZZZ I would LOVE a copy TY gigalights@gmail.com
  6. Hello- has anyone ever done Elf On a Shelf by Jelly of the Month? If you have never heard it- here you go. SUCH a great song. If someone has done it and would be gracious enough to share- Santa will be a Happy Elf =-) If I can get it I have a special idea for my display and it will help put our charity drive over the top. TY
  7. Good advice- didn't think of asking for specific ones. And yes I agree 32 or even 64 will work as well. I did include my email gigalights@gmail.com. I am looking for anything Peanuts, Sponge Bob, Christmas Story, Rudolph, anything from Rank/Bass, Original Grinch or any type of bumpers. Thanks Very Much
  8. 16 or 32 channel Dominic the Donkey

    Hello I would love a 16ch copy. Please and TY gigalights@gmail.com
  9. Happy to share/trade my 32 ch sequences

    Hello I would LOVE a copy. Please and TY gigalights@gmail.com
  10. Hello all. May I get a copy? Please and Thank You. gigalights@gmail.com
  11. Hello all. I am looking to get some more 16Ch LOR Christmas sequences. We moved to Port Orange Florida and I want to add some songs to help boost our show and help our yearly charity drive. We run a charity drive each year. Out new home will have 10X the amount of people stopping over.. As such I wanna put on one heck of show for them Over the past 4 years we have raised over $10,000 in food and clothes. qWe have the potential to raise that amount in 1 year. %100 of the proceeds go to the charity. I am also looking for donations of any old unwanted lights and props. We are going to increase the show size next year. Thank you and God Bless. The greatest thing about doing the display is that my 3 youngest children help out. It teaches them about community, charity and they learn skills about building and the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you: Brian gigalights@gmail.com
  12. My Christmas List from 2014 For Sharing

    Hello I would love the following. Please and Thank You 20 Decorations The Beach Boys 47 Music Box Dancer Schwede 49 Nut Rocker TSO 59 Rudolf Drank the Moon Shine Blue Grass Christmas 65 Sleigh Ride The Ventures 66 So This is Christmas John Lennon 72 The Very First Christmas Spong Bob & Square Pants 77 You’re a Mean one Mr Grinch How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  13. Looking for Minions jingle bells

    Super cool- I would love a copy- please and TY gigalights@gmail.com
  14. Peanuts Mix

    Hello i would Love a Copy of this. TY gigalights@gmail.com
  15. Christmas Can Can Leaping Arches Sequence?

    Hello I would love a copy Thanks gigalights@gmail.com