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  1. I have strings of 50 pixel leds that have the 4-pin wire. I need another 4' of wire to extend them to the controllers. Besides cutting off the factory clip on the lights and soldering extension wire to the ends, does anyone have experience with a non-soldering solution? ...don't get me wrong, I've soldered hundreds of connections, but would love to skip that this year.
  2. Thank you, the Alt-S helps with most of them. The only other one I can think of right now are the playback shortcuts (play, stop,etc)
  3. S4 had a keyboard shortcut for almost every menu item. I use a programmable keyboard to make all of those shortcuts a single button for speedy sequencing. Any chance we can have those back in S5?
  4. I unplugged my usb head phones to play the sequence over the speakers. An error showed up. I tried to start a new one and this error appears. I plugged the head phones back in and it works. On a side note, when I unplug my head phones like this, it also causes a problem with my audio driver which has to be repaired by windows.
  5. Not sure what I was doing wrong, but it's now allowing me to save as DMX. Thank you all.
  6. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Does the beta allow setting up dmx strings in the preview?
  7. Most stores like Home Depot or Lowe's have these enclosures. Make sure to consider all of your controller locations before buying. These boxes get expensive if you need many of them. If you can group controllers together, you may want to use a larger container like a plastic tub or a wooden box. I have a mega tree that requires two controllers so I use a low profile plastic tub to contain all controllers and power supplies.
  8. I fully intend to purchase S5 when it's released. However I'm using my lightorama equipment in DMX mode. I have an s4 pro license now. Is is there any way to set up channels/previews in DMX or do I have to wait until the S4 release to start?
  9. Flip the cage upside down to look like a tree. Cut all but the bottom horizontal wires and squeeze the cage together until the tips of the vertical wires touch at the top. Then tape or solder all loose ends together. This will make sure you tree has a nice conical shape. I have pictures if needed.
  10. I ended up modifying the prop manually by rebuilding the tree with all bundles starting at the edge and manually flipping every other bundle. I would still appreciate any ideas you have in case others need to do this.
  11. To add to this post, it looks like I want Strings in a Wedge with Base BUT in DMX
  12. Hi All, I need your help. I'm trying to draw my new Meagtree that will have 40 bundles with 20 universes. Each Universe will connect at the edge, go up and come back down on two adjacent bundles. I tried to use the wizard and the DMX Pixel Edge to Center/ Cetner to Edge. That did exactly as it sounds. The first universe cam out correctly, then the 2nd one went from the top to the bottom and back up. Any ideas how to get 20 universes from bottom to top and back down again?
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