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  1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will get started building and testing the options and will try to come back and post the results.
  2. Thanks all. I am going to try the 50 ct LED M5 and see how it looks. I plan to do 8 blues and also 8 strings of reds. Was going to wrap each color in opposite directions, but also considered tying a string of each together and then wrap on the tree. I think I could use programming to still get the "criss-crossed" effect of the red and blues even if they are wrapped the same direction by lighting the red/blue string on opposite sides of the tree at the same time. I haven't drawn it up to be certain, but I am trying to make it as easy as possible. It would be half as many strings to deal with when we go to put them up and take them down. Am I right or is it not going to give me that look? Thanks again!
  3. I'm shopping for lights to make my first spiral tree. Having not seen one in person before, I am curious how full will the tree look with bulbs spaced 4" apart? Do most of people "double up" each string therefore making the spacing 2"? I have figured out how to make the tree, just not the best way to light it! lol Any advice appreciated.
  4. Thanks everyone. We are planning to add another controller next year and use it to control a spiral tree. Do most of you keep the same songs for the following year, do you switch songs, or add even more? Our set lasted right about 20 minutes as it was. I can't imagine people being interested in sitting through a longer show.
  5. This was a brand new adventure for my wife & I this year. We don't have a lot of house or yard to work with so we started with the very, very basics - only 16 channels, but we were pleased with the results and are already planning what to add next year. I am surprised the neighbors didn't complain, but maybe they were all too busy having seizures to make it over. Thanks to all of you on the forum for the examples and advice.
  6. Total new guy here. I also ordered early on Saturday with tryforfree and mine is supposed to arrive today (Friday). I'm excited to open it up and start playing!
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