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  1. Hi, Anybody can share Halloween sequences for 9 DMX Flood Lights? this year i am gonna use them like this: http://vimeo.com/22643187
  2. This file missing can anybody send it me? gerencia@cajacontrol.net "Application file does not exist: C:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama\AudioConv.ocx" Thanks
  3. Hi my Friends, I purchase a Dmx rgb flood light , one HolidayCoro Active dongle and I connect mi PC to dongle and dongle to rj45 floodlight port My Flood light has a ID=38 some one toldme that is channel 112®, 113(G) and 114( G ) I tested in Xlights and works OK Some one can tellme a table of equivalences Id numbers and channels? Example ID 38 = 112,113,114 ID 39 = ??? ID 40 = ??? ... Thanks Ing. Adolfo Barbosa
  4. http://vimeo.com/34650189
  5. Hi , felas i have some idea I need one Electrical expert if i can do this can I connect 8 neutral lines in one neutral point chaneel? and the other 8 positives lines in every positive 8 channels like image? I need that because i have ony electrical cable UTP 9 Lines into Thank.
  6. Wonderful behtlehem star. do you have some video in action? Thanks so much for your help
  7. I think this its too prety but the price its too hight . every ribbon up 250 US if you use 12? wow
  8. No, just a white led strip 8 pieces in one arche
  9. Some one has before use a 8 channel led arche? i think color ribbond its hight cost price. maybe using a led strip and cutting a short pieces and build a 8 channel in one arche...
  10. Ok i undestand. 1R color 1 channel 1G color 2 channel 1B color 3 channel white color 1+2+3 channel on at the same time. and i can make effects Thanks I need too a 12V 15Amp power supply, thanks for fast replies
  11. Excelent for one White color LED super bright , but if i need control 12 V RGB super bright chaing led? what hardware need to use? i have 4 lor 16 chanels 30 amps , 1 dmx LOR and 2 wireless links Thanks
  12. Wow super. thanks for fast reply
  13. Hi my Friends thanks for your videos. I have lightorama hardware and s2 software, i am thinking build a holdman bettlehem star this year but i think use SUPER BRIGHT LED strip. this led strip work in 12 dc volties and lor work in 120V. i need make all differents effects dimming and blink ect. can you guide me , what kind of adaptor i need to buy to conect lor 120v hardware to 12dc strip led and make all efects in lor s2 software? Thanks Ing Adolfo Barbosa
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