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  1. Hey Alan, That's great. Small world. That's why I changed my location in case you knew where BI is. I have been using LOR since v2 and have used SS in the past but last year used mostly PE and S4, so S5 was a pretty straight forward jump in my mind. That's why I was curious about some of the specific features that were not present in S4, or maybe just have a different name or usage. I like to dive into the features if I think it will help my workflow. My show is not that big, or complex but love the software partof the process. Completely understand the beta process and why keeping the manual updated would be time best spent elsewhere. At this point, I plan to use S5 to run my show as well and will ask about anything as needed. Hope this rainy period gets past us and we get a dryer xmas season. Makes things much easier up here, right? Jeff
  2. Those were slightly helpful, but really they are bullet points about what was talked about, not the actual description or explanation of the features. Hopefully LOR will have an updated help file early next year.
  3. I'm sorry to ask, if this has already been talked about. I did search the forums though. Anyway, is there a help file for S5. I tried in the application and I opened the files in the LOR programs folder but they all seem to be for v4. I'm a little late to the beta but I am programming in S5 none the less and there are some changes, obviously, that I searched the forums to see if they are talked about but I'm coming up empty. Also, is there a keyboard file that I can edit to change the keyboard shortcuts? I tried the one in the /LOR/keymaps folder but I think that is maybe not used anymore? Thanks! Jeff
  4. This is a suggestion for something I have always wanted implemented, that I don't think is available now. I am a video editor and I would really like to see the ability to add "marks" on the fly without using any of the timing tools. Just play the audio and hit "I" (or similar keyboard shortcut) to add a timing mark on the fly. This would be similar to how I edit video and audio all day long. Play a video, look or listen for the spot I want the next event to happen and hit a key to "Mark In /Out". I realize this can be done using one of the timing tools, but it takes too long to open, set a range of play if you want, let it play through the section, check to see if you like the result, then apply. And it's also a pain to right click, go down to timings, then to the top of that menu to select "add timing at xx". Way easier to have a freeform grid for custom timings...play the audio, hit a key to drop a timing mark, slide the timing mark as needed and move on. It would be fast for adding events for music elements that are not on beat, lyrics, or other unique events. And while I am on that note, how about an on screen indicator that flashes with each timing mark so that you can check timings without adding an event in the grid to verify. Like a visual metronome, so you can watch in real time as the music plays that the timing mark is hitting where you want before adding effects. Probably should have the option to toggle on / off since not everyone would like things flashing. Hope that makes sense. Really liking S5 so far. Keep it up! Jeff
  5. That's what I thought. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I have a 10 strip CCR megatree that I am using Pixel editor for again this year. Wondering if there is any way to control each strand yet. Don't think it was able to in last year's version. Even like a curtain effect from bottom to top but each strand after the other instead of the whole tree at once. I know that you can do this in SuperStar but if I have to do that, how does one program part of rgb in Pixel Editor, part in Superstar without overlapping? Thanks
  7. Never have had a problem during any install or upgrade until now. After installing 4.3.0, none of the .exe would run...at all. Uninstalled 4.3.0, reboot and try again. No luck. Unstalled and installed 4.3.10 which showed up on the forum. Same problem. Tried unstalling, reboot, install again. No luck. Tried running the installer and choose repair, still no luck. Uninstalled 4.3.10, installed 4.2.10 and it runs no problem. All directories for LOR are in the default Documents folder, which in this case are on my D: drive because of SSD boot drive. I realize this is beta software but any ideas? Thanks! Jeff K
  8. Tried installing 4.3.0 and then 4.3.2 tonight. Sequence editor and pixel editor would not start up...at all. -Did a reboot after installing -Uninstalled, reboot and reinstalled, no change -Tried repair, no change -Uninstalled, installed 4.2.10 and all is back to normal
  9. Thanks for the reply Matt. I will give those suggestions a try.
  10. Hello, Trying to get up to speed on PE like most here. A few questions: -I migrated my visualizer file from last year into PE preview. Then changed my pixel tree prop from individual strings to an actual tree prop as suggested, added some new dumb pixel strings for the roof line and recreated some non-pixel props that get sequenced in SE. Now how do I get this new preview file back into the visualizer to use for SE and SS? I don't seem to find a file with the name I gave it in the preview manager. -I think in the help file it says to delete any pixels from SE that will be programmed in PE, but then how are some of you getting effects that you already programmed for your pixel props in SE into PE? Plus as I said, my tree was individual strings before and now it is one prop. -Going through the effects to apply to my pixel tree, it seems like there is not any way to sequence a string at a time, ie light up each vertical one at a time to follow beats of the music with different color for instance. Would it work to create a duplicate prop of my pixel tree using individual strands to give me more control? Or should I create the pixel tree with individual strands only and then make a group of those strands so that I can affect each strand or the whole group? Thanks for any help or suggestions- Jeff v4.2.6 pro pixel tree using CCRs
  11. Ok, I'm stumped. After programming most of a sequence in SS with a 10 ribbon tree, 1 ribbon arch and multiple static lights I can't get the tree to playback anything that resembles the way it looks in visualizer. All 10 ribbons basically look like they are doing whatever the hell they want with multiple colors all mixed up and really no sequencing. I have a non-SS sequence running now that I put a few macro commands in for the 10 ribbons and that is working fine. I have verified that all CCR controllers have the correct ID and match the sequence assignments. I even tried just hooking up 1 controller/ribbon and it still doesn't work. It seems like I have the network setup correctly since everything in the sequence running now (not using SS to create)is working correctly. Looking at the SS export in the sequence editor the CCR channels all look like I would expect. I'm stumped and a little frustrated. Any ideas appreciated.
  12. I guess my questions are not relavent enough to warrant any responses. Bummer.
  13. Playing around with SS over the last few days before programming and now when I click on "Scene" it does not go into monochrome mode. So now I have RGB and White. Not sure where it went. Also in the sample.sup file the grid for the tree is seperate from the star and also is oriented like the tree, vertically. Can we do that to our custom visualization file? It's akward to have it turned 90 degrees from the tree so drawing segments to go up and down are going left and right in the grid.
  14. After 3 years of S2 software and LOR hardware, this is my first year with SS and 11 CCRs. I can't get the export to turn on the same channels in the sequence as expected. I have triple checked the channel settings but still there is something going on. Can you take a look at the attached files (zipped) and give me some insight? Even in the sequence a few of the channel names are changing after import of the SS seq. Not sure where the name is coming from. What is the best workflow for channel assignments for SS? Setup in S3, create visualization then import that into SS? Thanks for any help. Attached files keslertestfiles.zip
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