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  1. Turn off Nodes in PE

    I am running a Pixie16 with 4 ports. I want the first 20 nodes on each port to turn off during the show. How do I do this?
  2. Turn off Nodes in PE

    It didn't work because of the carryover.
  3. Turn off Nodes in PE

    I'm not running DMX.
  4. Turn off Nodes in PE

    4 80 count Arches. I didn't buy extensions (couldn't find them when I needed them)
  5. Color Effect only works on 50 string or less?

    Ok. My nodes are are set to 80 so it must be my max circuit/carry over setting because when I click on control lights and press play in PE only 50 lights are working. I will check again tonight when I get home.
  6. Is this right? In PE you can only create props with 50 count strings or less? Is there a work around for this? I have 4 driveway arches with 80 count pixel strings and I was hoping to use the color effects in PE to sequence them. Thanks in advance
  7. Pixie16 question

    I feel like this is something I probably should be able to figure out but I'm stuck. I want my new Pixie 16 to only control the first 4 channels this year. I have been struggling for weeks trying to figure out why when I play a sequence that nothing happens. Today, I thought I would try and see if anything happens when I plug all the lights in to each channel and discovered that channel 9 and 10 are working and probably have been working all this time. I have my controller set to Unit 8 and set each prop after that Unit 9, 10, 11. I've checked everything that I can think of but am stumped on why this would be happening. Any ideas?
  8. Pixie16 question

    Sorry, Ports not channels. It is a brand new controller from LOR but there are no dip switches. I used HU to set the Unit to 8. I spoke to JR today who advised me that the way I added the controller was incorrect. I didn't add it in SE but rather went straight to PE and only added the 4 ports that I wanted to use. He suggested that I add the devise in SE and then migrate it into PE. I just did that but am still not able to get the correct ports to work. I added props and called them Unit 8, 9, 0A, 0B. and pressed play and the only one working is port 10 which should be 0B.
  9. 3 year LOR user, 1st year with Pixels. I have a new Pixie16 controller that I want to run 4 strands of 50 pixie strings off of for my arches. I created a sequence using PE and saved the Intensity file. I opened the sequence in SE and do see the blue line at the bottom. Now I am ready to test the sequence but feel like I missed something in HU. I assigned the controller to Unit 7 Pixie16 ver 1.02 in HU. Now, I know I am suppose to click on Cosmic color/pixel config but after that I feel lost. How do I know my pixel type? It also seems to be converting back to 100 in the pixels per port and sequential each time I reopen it. Does someone have the time to help me? I am sitting at my computer now and would love to get this working today. I have the Pro license. Thanks in advance
  10. Issues getting Migration tool to work

    Part 2 Issue. In PE while I was sequencing my arches I noticed my Flood 2 which was sequenced in SE is in the wrong order. GBR. I checked the channel config in SE, it's right. I checked the Prop definition in PE, it's fine. Am I missing somewhere else to check?
  11. I am trying to use the migration tool to get my sequenced floods from SE to PE. It says to make sure the channels are setup properly. Does the below screen shots look right? ...because it won't find them when I select Import from SE in PE
  12. Issues getting Migration tool to work

    Never mind...got it.
  13. Does anyone have singing faces for: SNOOP DOGG-WINTER WONDERLAND / HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS
  14. This is a great idea!! Can I please be sent a copy? wenayer@yahoo.com
  15. Love this song!! wenayer@yahoo.com Thank you!!
  16. wenayer@yahoo.com. Thanks you!!!!
  17. Setting up Unit Id for Pixie16

    This is what I've selected in PE
  18. Setting up Unit Id for Pixie16

    I feel like the config in SE is not right. Does this look right?
  19. Setting up Unit Id for Pixie16

    USB Serial Port (Com 3)
  20. Setting up Unit Id for Pixie16

    5:53:26 PM: Comm Listener error 3: Comm Winsock Error / 10053: Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure 5:53:27 PM: Connected to Comm Listener Here is the error I get.
  21. Setting up Unit Id for Pixie16

    I need to try this now!!!!
  22. Setting up Unit Id for Pixie16

    Thanks for all the help. I will take notes for sure but based on my experience so far with pixels I may not add anymore to my show. I feel so lost.
  23. Setting up Unit Id for Pixie16

    Without the HS485 my sequence with my Pixie16 won't play?