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  1. This is what i did to my house around my windows and the front door. You just have I put mine up with screws at both ends of the wood.
  2. You can use staples. When you take down the lights you will have some small holes. Just put a coat of paint over it and its good as new. My 2 cents.
  3. I agree with Tim, leave it white. Lighter colors will reflect the colors better than darker colors. Less work also!
  4. I have a 10 foot tree, 8 channels per color, two colors. Check out my website and look at the videos and picture if you want.
  5. Make sure that your hardware panel is closed before you try and play a sequence. I don't think you can play a sequence when the panel is open.
  6. I just want to post my 2007 display videos. I would have done it sooner..... but I forgot to! www.tyndallfamilycircus.com Go to the site and check out the video display link. Enjoy!
  7. The animation is part of the sequence you build, that is why is it saved with the sequence. You can export the channel configuration and when you import that into another sequence, it will bring the animation with it. I would just drag and drop the music files you want in the audio folder from where they are right now on your computer.
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