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  1. please add me also thanks randy rbauer007@aol.com
  2. yes, please me too 6 RGB tombstones and doing house outline thanks randy
  3. please add me thanks rbauer007@aol,com
  4. please and thank you rbauer007@aol.com
  5. m ha ha thats what you get !!!!! hmmmmm---- contact cement on a walnut then 3M headliner spray Adhesive just might do the job
  6. anyone having problems with squirrels chewing the plugs off cord ? why they must think their nuts
  7. you said change out blue lights every 10 days -- why?
  8. new target brand incandescents 100ct for $ .90 cents a box
  9. What a addiction i keep telling my self its for the kids and to make people happy ---wow just cant stop buying stuff this is my first year with light o rama 48 channels / 32 for singing faces was up to about 11 to 15000 lights then yesterday i found a guy on CL selling new boxes of lights. you should see all he has in the storage ( think i just got my new light dealer) my fix for the day was 192 100ct blue and 50 boxes of 100ct red.-24200 lights I invited over 50 friends to help sting lights on saturday hope someone comes and its not raining
  10. strange question changed the 50ft cables to 1 15ft and 2 3foot to clean up extra cable but wont run show plug back in 50ft and it works any ideas
  11. 1st year with lor and holidaycoro singing monsters if anyone has anything they want to share i would love to have a copy too: rbauer007@aol.com
  12. hello - would love to have a copy rbauer007@aol.com thanks randy
  13. well maybe somebody might have a answer for this ? I am using 32 channels for my coro singing faces and that leaves me only 16 channels for house and yard does any one have a y cord plugin switch kinda like what they use in houses for generator backup so i could shut off and devert power from the faces to other decorations ? thanks randy
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