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  1. overlay of two audio files

    +2 for Audacity... very easy to do so. Did it for my unfilmed "Show Starter" that was voiced over by a family member.
  2. CMB24D RGB with 8 Ribbons For Sale

    Jstein, are you able to post pictures and more information? Are you paying for shipping? What's the controller version? Where did you buy it? Tell us as much as you can about the controller please.
  3. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    One thing you might want to consider is the viewers! How long can you captivate their attention? How often do you think you'll have repeat visitors? Also, if you have so many songs, you can have multiple shows, airing on alternating days or mix it up so each day has a unique set of songs? Something to think about. Hope this helps. We usually go for four to five songs, since we're always changing our display elements year-to-year.
  4. Mega tree

    I think you need to make that decision for yourself. Take a look at both of the two and which one you want. Since Dibblejr is offering his services for the Pixie, maybe you take that route. Don't buy or upgrade anything until you know exactly what you need. I'm also looking into expanding into Smart Pixels. Since it's already September, time may be limited to help you out as we all are preparing our own light shows. That being said, we won't turn you away. We'll try our best to help when possible, but I would recommend waiting to incorporate it into the next season (2018).
  5. I Think I'm Adding this to My Display Next Year

    Holy smokes. That's impressive. Extremely bright too. Is this the next level of the mega tree?
  6. A Basic RGB setup

    Thank you! I will definitely take this into account. I did start a thread in Newbies but there was great debate over different pieces and some of my questions didn't get answered. Now that I have responses I needed, I can do my research and shopping. Phenomenal advice. Greatly appreciate everything you do in this community, too. I see you're always out helping others on here. Thanks everyone!
  7. A Basic RGB setup

    I'm looking specifically to do Pixcon16, will it work with the cg1500?
  8. Advertising In The Show?

    You might want to get it in writing that he's okay with it. While he may say that now, he may change his mind later on. So if you can get it in writing that he's backing you, that'd be a big step. While I do agree with everyone that the potential headaches could become overwhelming, my old boss told me something I use to this day: You don't know what you don't know. So it might be worth a try, if you're willing to possibly deal with anyone. Come up with an action plan for if someone does make a complaint, et cetera. Cover all bases and be prepared just in case anything could go awry.
  9. A Basic RGB setup

    Also -- I'm looking at doing smart pixels and would like some advice: [1] I'm buying the Pixcon 16 from LOR (unless there's this ginormous deal changer that I should be aware of)... a. Where do I find an enclosure for this? And the power supply? b. I'm thinking of using the ribbon from Holiday Coro with this... will that work? c. Any other notes? [2] I might use the S4 Pixel Editor, but I want to know what's most commonly used to program smart pixels...
  10. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    May I too have a copy? Goldinglights@gmail.com
  11. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    Update: With the Summer Sale going, I want to go with the Pixcon 16. What I need to know is: Where do I buy an enclosure specifically for this? What software is being used to program the pixels? Any advice on where to buy lights? Extension cords?
  12. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    I'm hearing a lot of things between the Alphapix and the Falcon, but nothing much on the Pixcon 16... I'm thinking about the Pixcon 16 with some ribbon from HC (here), since it sounds like this is the most likely way to expand. What do people tend to use to sequence with these?
  13. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    I'm looking towards Holiday Coro for my pixels. I'm thinking of buying this controller and four or more of these ribbons to start. @OzAz -A prop I'm thinking of designing is a leaping water-esque thing with pixels. It looks like lots of leaping arches in a circular shape. Like a leaping arch-star!
  14. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    Hi all, thanks again immensely to everyone who's responded - your feedback has been helpful! Let me refocus this real quick, though. I should have pre-framed this post with a notion that: (1) I'm not implementing this into my show for a while so i'm looking to do a single-prop setup currently. (2) I'm looking at buying up to 3-4 Smart RGB ribbons to start with, and expand from there. (3) If LOR sells everything I need for a decent price, I'll buy from them. If not, I'll aim for someone else who can meet my budget. Again, thanks to those of you who have responded kindly with so much information. I greatly appreciate everything you guys do (especially since you do it for free!). Based on the information I was given I'll post later what I've drafted as a reasonable purchase, with expenses as well, so that someone could review and double check me.
  15. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    Thanks! Does the Pixcon 16 require a power supply? Does it come in an enclosure? Or does someone sell it pre-assembled? I know I have more questions coming soon.