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  1. 2017 Light Maestros - Carol of the Bells

    "What's This?" from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" as performed by Mariah Carey. Two new uploads! Plenty more coming soon.
  2. This year, oddly enough, is one of our busiest years. Not just personally, but in the community we've brought to our house too. This was the first year we wrote to our local newspaper who does a collection of lights across the county. The area covered is an extensive range and we're considered a part of the "outskirts" of the county. To have the number of visitors increase by this much is astonishing and humbling. Then, later tonight I was sent an email inquiring about our show and how we program it and such. It's truly an honor to enrich so many people. Anyways - I'll stop my rambling. Here's one of our songs ... I'm working on editing some of them right now to go live on our website. Thank you to every single person behind the Light o Rama staff who work hard to keep this company going, as well as everyone in this community for their support and sharing of knowledge or experiences, in the hope that they too can help someone have an even better season. Many of you have influenced me greatly or answered my random and newbie like questions - thank you for your consideration and patience. Without further ado, here's one of five songs for this year. 2017 Carol of the Bells
  3. For Sale - controllers and pixel strings

    Any updates? What's left?
  4. Whoville Medley Short Ver TSO Faces & Pixel

    If it isn't too late, might I request the sequence? goldinglights@gmail.com

    Additionally you're going to need an SD card reader and writer.
  6. False Feedback?

    Matt, if this is a YouTube video or on Facebook or the social media service you use, post on the account directly related to light show (i.e. "Light Show on Street Blvd") in the comments and simply explain the situation as you explained to us. "Each light, when on or off, symbolizes a beat of music, has inherent meaning and is a part of the story. We program the lights ourselves to turn on at each beat of the song. I recommend you visit again, tune your car radio to "(your radio station)" and watch the lights dance magically to the songs. I'm sure it will bring a smile to your face. We try so very hard to make this an enjoyable experience for our community." They may not understand the difference of your display or what makes you stand out... but give them a reason to want to come back and try again. The theme for my display is that every year is different. We add something new to the experience that will only benefit the show and make people happy. Bringing families together to celebrate the holiday and create new memories is at the core of what we do. Remind these guests that's why we do what we do.
  7. Changing my show next year to RGB

    I've heard this from I think WowLights or Holiday Coro: You can run two 16ft strands in series on one extension cord, or two or more extension cords in series connecting to just one RGB strand. It's all about power supply over distance.
  8. Need suggestions for roof fill

    On my roof this year, I put 4 LED snowflakes. Built frames myself out of PVC and then used cup hooks and zip ties to mount the snowflake to the PVC. Used a 5 lb sandbag (sandbag from amazon, sand from my local hardware store) to anchor to roof. Easy to run SPT-2 to as well. I have yet to see them light up but I'm excited.
  9. Shortening LED light strands

    Depending on the type of light you're using, you could cut your own light strands down to size. I make a beautiful 7ft tall PVC that has 12 strands of lights. Some of those strands had to be cut down to size. When I bought the lights, I bought one extra strand of each color (red, green, white) for experimentation. Luckily it worked out just fine. It also depends on how much time you have.
  10. Got My First Complaint

    I think that it's following the spirit of Halloween. Shouldn't the mom be telling the kid that [1] it's not real and [2] it's part of what Halloween is about? I think at this point it's not too early to put your decorations out on your yard. However, there is a point of community respect. I've yet to hear a complaint on the bright lights (or noise from our bickering during setup), so I don't know how much this advice really helps. Additionally, your decorations make me roar with laughter. Especially the way you handle this. You took the very diplomatic and professional path. I'm glad to see that your show is making an impact in your neighborhood. Enjoy your Halloween weekend!
  11. Chicken wire to hang lights...

    Love this idea. I have a different route that I'm going to be implementing this holiday season, I'll share with you when it comes time to put it out! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Brand Spanking New

    Welcome to the fun! First, I have to say, "+1 on everything everyone has said." Looking through the material already here is a good place to start. Second, take a picture of your house: what kinds of things do you have now or what do you do now that you'd like to improve on? Are there any things you want to do that you haven't done before? I'm helping a couple of other people on here get their feet wet for 2018, so please feel free to join my inbox party Email me at goldinglights@gmail.com and I'll be glad to help you get started for 2018. Step One, in my opinion would be to budget yourself and look at the options you have from L-O-R and start designing a display. From there I can help you find vendors that are affordable based on your budget and design.
  13. DIY Extension Cords

    I've shared my sentiments on cord management here: Additionally, I have a vendor that I use for SPT-2 and accessories that I can provide in Private Messaging.
  14. Starting to Set Up This Year's Display

    We'll been doing tiny bits of work where we can (due to a very finicky HOA), but we're right on schedule. Right now our emphasis is on wrapping up sequencing, followed by slowly putting chunks of our show out in the yard. A couple of weekends ago we had the bright (pun intended) idea to innovate for ourselves. We took all of our existing extension cords and laid them across the lawn. (We're working on making everything even easier to install each year.) After assessing what we had, we made groupings of the cords. Each grouping was for a group of props we had -- we took about 30 strands of extension cords and zip tied them together. Each props grouping now had all of the extension cords we needed in that area. So now, when we go out to plug the lights in, all we have to do is plug one end in, unravel the roll, and plug the other end into the controller based on the labels we made. Sure it was a little extra effort - in the end, it'll save us setup time for when we hit any snags on new equipment being added. Information and pictures to come when the site is updated for the 2017 season.