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  1. James, I would love a copy , thanks dr.konabear@gmail.com Dan
  2. Hi James, I would like a copy of your Jingle Bell Rock thanks dan dr.konabear@gmail.com
  3. would love a copy James, dr.konabear@gmail.com thanks dan
  4. would love a copy dr.konabear@gmail.com thanks dan
  5. I would like a copy please dr.konabear@gmail.com thanks dan
  6. I would like a copy please dr.konabear@gmail.com thanks dan
  7. Hi James, may I get a copy of Frosty The Snowman by Leon Redbone ?> thanks Dan dr.konabear@gmail.com
  8. hi, james good to see you on here, may I get a copy also of Let it Snow dr.konabear@gmail.com thanks Dan
  9. THANK YOU all, one bad rj45 on 3 and one bad rj45 on 4 , I was using both, stuck a folded piece of cardboard between jacks and working , will fix after Christmas hope I can help someone someday like Y'all did
  10. thanks will check when stops snowing/raining
  11. Hi James, may I get a copy o fPeanuts/Charlie Brown seq. thanks dan dr.konabear@gmail.com
  12. yes, have them, will test some more when snow storm passes, not sure if it is output of three or input of four, don't understand why three four work individual and don't when chain together , would a reset of three four help ? thanks dan
  13. not much time to troubleshoot today, here is where I stopped last night. chained 1,2,3,4 controllers together , 123 controllers work fine play seq. number 4 green light blinks, run test , only see 1 2 3. connect number 4 stand alone . works fine play seqs. and green light test shows # 4 all are G3 pc16 controllers with 1.06 firmware. changed cat 5 between 3-4 many diff times. QUESTION: only difference from last year is new laptop with Windows 10 windows 7 last year. not sure what to check next, will check rj45 pins again in morning light. thanks Dan
  14. thank you checked all cable many times, and connector pins, how do I check configuration ? cumberland retired Army also
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