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  1. Anyone have the dancing skeleton for Jackson's Thriller?
  2. Both. I am aware of P10 panels, but not sure I want to get into the expense, or complexity.
  3. Need more bang, so I am thinking of adding a pixel matrix over my garage door (area...not mounted to the door). Not sure I want a "kit", as I have plenty of time to do the build myself, and the savings in doing so seems to be worth it. Thinking 24 x 50 (12v), since that seems to be a pop format, and will fit without too much fuss. Better to use square nodes, or bullets? Also, do most use clear, or black net for windows/garage door covering, and what spacing would I use? Any reason I couldn't hang it on the frame of the door, and fold it up (as much as possible) for storage? Would love any input. Thanks.
  4. News Years day. From when I was a kid, my Parents always had the tree taken\ down, and all the Christmas decor put away in the attic.....without fail. I never put much though into it. Now that I am older, I understand that it's nice to have it all taken care of before going back to work. It is also a new year, and last year is gone. I also like to cut the neighbors a break.. They put up with it from October thru Dec. 31. That is enough to ask of them.
  5. Anyone have a link for some that won't break the bank, but still have some impact? I don't want to spend $400 a head, but I also don't want to spend money on something that can't be seen.
  6. A lot of the issue I am taking with LOR is the way that they introduce new file formats (intensity, etc.), and one year later.....they are obsolete by the next season. I have intensity files embedded in sequences that I can't extract, or edit. P.E. appears to be gone, after so many struggled to learn in over the last year, or so. Would rather them focus on perfecting these things, rather than moving on after such a short period.. Takes so much time to do new sequences without having to learn a completely new program, let alone having to update, and make changes to the sequences that were fine last season. Seems like too much of each season is spent on the learning curve of "updated" software. Staying with the old version leaves one somewhat left behind on new features, and their display "dated". Importing my current visualizer file should be effortless. Doesn't matter if it only takes an hour to set up a new one. Shouldn't be a hassle at all.....it's the same Software brand created by the same developers....should be seamless. Shouldn't have to make any "conversion" changes to sequences. Frustrating, especially when my time is so limited to begin with. Will be spending the next few weeks checking out S5, and Xlights, but my above concerns are weighing heavy on my decision. Like I said, if I have to pretty much start from scratch.....why not check out the alternative option.
  7. I think you may have nailed it. When I think about making the jump to Xlights, I kinda picture going with all pixels. What makes me hang on to LOR is that I do still use a lot of AC elements. There are time, however, that I do want all the pixel elements to "spin together", an I really haven't figured that out with LOR. I guess I will play with S5, and Xlights, after this season. The idea of setting up a new visualizer, or whatever they are calling it in this version, does not excite me. Feels like I'm starting from scratch either way. What really started this was when the guy on Christmas Light Fight said it was only his 3rd year doing it, and his display made mine look like a 12 year old did it in his 1st year. Could be me, but I can't get the effects some of those guys are doing. Not sure which, but what I'm using is either too limited, or too complicated.
  8. Probably not a welcome subject, but I am checking into Xlights. Too many drastic changes from version to version with LOR. Too many file formats become outdated, and obsolete. Intensity files that are no longer supported, PE is gone, etc. This latest version seems almost like starting at square one on the learning curve. Thinking that if I have to do that anyway, it may be a good time to check out other options that might be more consistent in updated versions. Anybody jump ship, only to jump back? I would be interested to know why some tried Xlights, but ended up going back to LOR?
  9. I have 9 AC controllers. 5 were bought new, and 4 used. I have never had an issue with either. That being said, I do not buy controllers that were built from kits. Only controllers that were assembled by LOR. To date, I have had no need to the "enhanced", or faster network, even with my house outlined with pixels, and a 16 strip pixel tree.....but...they are E1.31 HC controllers. I do get some minor lag once in awhile, but that has more to do with my computer than anything after it. Nothing wrong with used equipment, as long as you know what to look for, and understand that it always comes with some risk. As far as needing new versions of the LOR controllers....it depends on what you are doing. They work perfectly fine for what some do.
  10. Have had a lot of their strips go bad after one season, and I used some dumb nodes this year, that I bought 2 years ago and never used.....full of bad nodes. Had to replace every single strip on my house, and every strip in my pixel tree this year. Not one strip more than 2 seasons old, and a lot were new last year. I have never had problems with the service, and I still like a lot of the products, but I don't know that I will ever be buying pixels/nodes from them again.
  11. Do intensity files work with S5? How many different file formats from verisons past are useless in S5?
  12. Why is it that every time LOR has a new version, the file types from the last versions are totally different? Do any of the previous file types play in S5? (.lms, .sup, )
  13. Tear jerk story, or heavy Disney in the display win every time. Any of these "reality" shows has me turned off, anymore. They are all fake. Nothing real about a single one.
  14. Not sure this is proper to ask here, but.....any chance anyone has an LMS file, and pixel tree file for this? I don't need faces, but I need everything else.
  15. Damn......I feel like need to add some.....I have 7, and a short intro. Just loops. I have changed them out over the 6 years I have been doing this. I actually get some people that say the songs are too long, and they get tired of waiting through a whole song for the next. Haven't really decided if I am going to consider that criticism.
  16. I mount 8 led candy canes to my fence for a spinner. I use the $2 canes from Walmart. Was thinking there has got to be a quicker way than screwing each cane to the fence. Is there a mount on the market? Would be nice to leave them mounted up for storage, and just mount it as a single prop, rather than 8. Would also be nice to just stick them on top of a poll, too. Gotta be someone selling such a thing?
  17. Dcroc


    My first season was actually a breeze. 4 x 16 channel controller starter pack, a handful of purchased sequences, and a few trips to Home Depot, over the 4 months before my first "lights on" night. It all went like clockwork. Not a snag to be had. Now, 6 years later, 20 gazillion RGB channels added 3 days before "lights on", lights that aren't new anymore failing, and a long list of sequences that need updating that haven't been touched all year, and a shortage of cables of every kind........and I am the guy on the bottom. I have regressed as I have progressed. The difference, I guess, is that now I can figure everything out in a shorter time, but the stress seems a lot higher with each passing year.
  18. I actually have a lot of pixels. I still end up using 8 AC controllers. I would love to lose the blowmold, LED mega tree, and whatever other old school props I use, but the wife simply will not let go. What I need to do is make her think I like the old school props, and then she will not want them used anymore.😁
  19. I didn't see any real savings in buying the wire, and plugs, over off the shelf extention cords. Howevr, I am starting to understand how it could clean up some of the mess. "Spaghetti" is the perfect word!
  20. Am I the only one that is God awful at cable management? There is a about 2 miles of spt 2 extention cords, cat 5, and such, ruinning through my yard. If anyone were to randomly walk across my lawn, they would tangle up, rip things out, and end up on their a#$. The only real way to organize it would be to spend hundreds more, on top of the hundreds I have already spent, to get more extention cords, and wire/cables, to make things long enough to route into a somewhat tidy snake, or at least a few snakes. I was a professional musican for years, and always had the tidiest cable management in my racks, and boards, but this......I really admire those that keep things so neat, and buttoned up, but I just don't see me ever getting there.
  21. I still have to put my Pixel strip tree up. Have to replace all 16 strips, because HC strips are garbage. Have actually had to repalce every single strip on my house, also (each is 1 ro 2 years old). Having a hard time getting motivated to do it. Haven't been able to add anything new this year, because I spent the entire budget replacing strips, many of which I just replaced last year. This has all set me behind, and left me feeling a bit less than thrilled about doing it. Am glad there is an extra week this year. Hopefully, that, and a few energy drinks will be enough to get 'er done.
  22. I use a spare 1500 box I had laying around. I have several machine through out the yard running from relays that I keep in one box.. However, before that, when I only had one, I used a small plastic tube. Doesn't really give off any heat worth noting.
  23. I have an old Showtime controller. Metal case, Blue board, factory assembled....not really sure what model, but clearly an older one. I managed to snag my foot on the Cat5 cable TWICE, and broke the connection on both RJ45 jacks. No way I am ever going to repair this myself. Is it worth sending it into LOR to be repaired, or more efficient to just buy a new unit? Does LOR even do repairs like this on older units? Expensive repair? Thinking I probablu wouldn't get it back from the until after the Holidays at this point? Figure I can pick up another used controller for around $150.
  24. If a kid got hurt, or shocked (a lot of electric cables running through the yard), that parent would sue the living hell out of you. If Parents can't be responsible for their kids.....they shouldn't have them. Disney on Ice is "for kids", but you don't see them letting the kids run around on the ice. Fireworks on the 4th is for kids, but you don't see them running around the launch area. Went to see The Lion King at the movies, and didn't see any kids running around the projection room. Common sense should tell one that it is simply not safe, or smart.
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