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  1. Ghost is becoming my new fav band. Anyone sequencing Rats? Cirice would be cool, too.
  2. I have had one complain when I was testing a mega tree last year a week before black friday. It's funny, I get people that stop and tell me how great it is, but I never hear anyone say "I wish I lived next door".
  3. Dcroc

    FS: 2 each CTB16PC Gen3

    I believe they will always have a place. I added one last year (christmas), and will most likely be needing to add one this year for a total of 9. Adding pixels hasn't really diminished my need for AC. There are things I simply don't need 9 millon color choices for.
  4. Looking for This is Halloween (original) . Don''t need the faces. I need everything else. dcroc@verizon.net
  5. Dcroc

    Anyone have This is Halloween

  6. Dcroc

    Anyone have This is Halloween

    Thank you, Sir.
  7. Looking for Korn, Kidnap the Sandy Claws with RGB. Anyone? dcroc@verizon.net
  8. I was thinking about using a couple airblowns in my Halloween display. However, I only want to use them in a couple songs. They will be deflated during all the other songs. Thus, I would like to figure out a way to have them hidden while deflated. Being up to 8 feet tall (maybe more), I really know of no way to control the prop as it deflates. They have a tendency to spread out in any given direction, so even having the base behind something would require a rather large object to cover the area where it would rest after deflating, given that there is no real way to know which way it will fall. Any ideas?
  9. Anyone sharing Enter Sandman, and/or Hells Bells with RGB (house trim/windows)? dcroc@verizon.net
  10. Looking for a sequence for my HC flag. Anyone sharing? dcroc@verizon.net
  11. Sure did. Thank you!!
  12. I used top rail for my 18' pixel tree, and it bent over in 20 mph wind. Bent right in half. I strongly suggest against it.
  13. Dcroc

    100 percent LOR

    I have 8 AC controllers that are all AOL. However, none of my pixel/RGB is AOL. To expensive. That being said, I have never had a minute of issue with my AOL equipment. Same can't be said for my HC stuff.
  14. Would love a copy. One of my Daughters fav songs. Thank you for all you share. dcroc@verizon.net
  15. Dcroc

    You know you're addicted when...

    When your coworkers keep hearing you singing Christmas songs in July.
  16. Dcroc

    What to do next year…

    Yup.....go with smart. Not really much more expensive. I wouldn't say my dumb strips were a waste, as they will be repurposed, and I will probably stay with dumb nodes for bushes. Smart pixels on bushes sounds like a PITA. Still, I wish I had just started with smart pixels on the house. Doesn't sound like a big deal to change them out, BUT it is a ton harder to go into the sequences you have by then, and have to resequence them to smart pixels that don't just mimic the dumb strings. The one thing 99% of noobs learn the hard way is to always consider the future when making these decisions. Don't ever decide on somethign because "it's easier", or "a little cheaper". It saves you money, and time, in the long run.
  17. I do find their support to be far less than the level of LOR/SS.
  18. Dcroc

    Light Type Where?

    Sorry, I should have included "for me" after "waste of money". I was speaking for myself. It would be a waste of money for me when I will be replacing 99% of them is a couple years, or so. I did not mean to imply that the more expensive ones are a waste of money. You def get what you pay for. I don't need them to last 20 years, so the investment doesn't make sense for me. Each would have to consider their own future plans to consider if it was right for them.
  19. Dcroc

    Light Type Where?

    I don't waste money on high end AC mini lights. I use the ones off the shelf from Walmart. They will all be replaced with pixels/nodes in the next couple years, so I don't need them to last forever, and they are cheap enough that I have plenty of spare boxes of them. Even before I started into pixels, I used off the shelf led lights (incans for singing faces), and they look good. This is not a cheap hobby, but I see no need (for me) to spend $10 or more for each string of single color leds, when I can get lights for less than $1 a box after Christmas.
  20. Dcroc

    c9 pixels forsale

    Payment sent
  21. Dcroc

    Fire at LOR

    Although this is awful, I am a count my blessings kinda guy... 1. Nobody was hurt, or worse 2. No major damage 3. Happened AFTER the Holiday Season It's bad, but I would say they are very fortunate. Here's to a speedy recovery.
  22. Dcroc

    Adding RGB in 2018

    Unless you are using the dumb RGB on bushes, or something like that.....don't bother with them. When you go to Sequence for Christmas, you will wish you had gone with the smart pixels for Halloween, as well. Smart pixels can be used like dumb strips/nodes, and programed pretty much the same way. May think it is a little cheaper, but you may very well find yourself wanting/wishing to upgrade to smart pixels rather quickly, and the money spent on dumb controllers could have been better spent on what you will end up replacing them with anyway. Really isn't much need for dumb nodes, anymore. Redoing my windows and doors in smart pixels, and realizing buying the dumb strips was just a waste of money since I am replacing them after just a couple seasons. Someone gave me this same advice, and I now wish I had taken it. Also, I found the "sample package" to be a waste of money as well. Its ok for a learning tool, but WAY over priced, and was completely useless in a very short time, as I learned fast, and nothing in the package was usable in my show.
  23. Dcroc

    Running a show to live music

    Speaking as a "professional" musian, I would scrape the drummer. If he can't play with a click, it is because his meter is no good. "Internal beat" taking over means going off time. That problem with a drummer is no small deal. He should be very upset, and working his ass off praticing with a click to get his meter on. Timing is a drummers #1 job. There is no "old school" on this.
  24. Dcroc

    Easter lights?

    Does anyone do lights for Easter, or other Holidays that aren't the more popular? I have given it some thought, and not sure how I feel about it. Is it a bit overboard? Would there be anybody that would even want to pull over and watch something like that? I do a very small display for July 4th, but don't sync anything to music. Also afraid the neighbors may lose a bit of patience if I were to ask them to deal with this year round.
  25. Dcroc

    Easter lights?