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  1. Adding RGB in 2018

    Unless you are using the dumb RGB on bushes, or something like that.....don't bother with them. When you go to Sequence for Christmas, you will wish you had gone with the smart pixels for Halloween, as well. Smart pixels can be used like dumb strips/nodes, and programed pretty much the same way. May think it is a little cheaper, but you may very well find yourself wanting/wishing to upgrade to smart pixels rather quickly, and the money spent on dumb controllers could have been better spent on what you will end up replacing them with anyway. Really isn't much need for dumb nodes, anymore. Redoing my windows and doors in smart pixels, and realizing buying the dumb strips was just a waste of money since I am replacing them after just a couple seasons. Someone gave me this same advice, and I now wish I had taken it. Also, I found the "sample package" to be a waste of money as well. Its ok for a learning tool, but WAY over priced, and was completely useless in a very short time, as I learned fast, and nothing in the package was usable in my show.
  2. Running a show to live music

    Speaking as a "professional" musian, I would scrape the drummer. If he can't play with a click, it is because his meter is no good. "Internal beat" taking over means going off time. That problem with a drummer is no small deal. He should be very upset, and working his ass off praticing with a click to get his meter on. Timing is a drummers #1 job. There is no "old school" on this.
  3. Easter lights?

    Does anyone do lights for Easter, or other Holidays that aren't the more popular? I have given it some thought, and not sure how I feel about it. Is it a bit overboard? Would there be anybody that would even want to pull over and watch something like that? I do a very small display for July 4th, but don't sync anything to music. Also afraid the neighbors may lose a bit of patience if I were to ask them to deal with this year round.
  4. Easter lights?

  5. LOR controller and other brand

    I have looked into other controllers. Not a very wide choice, but there are a couple. Doesn't seem to be worth the trouble, and I found LOR to actually be the cheaper choice. I use other brands of pixel controllers, but have given up on wasting any time on other AC controllers.
  6. Sequences for a CCR Tree

    James, I have a sequence for this I got from you, but there is no pixel tree sequence in it. If you have it for a 16 strip tree, could i get a copy please? AND.....Thank you so much for all you have done for me, and so many others. With my injury this year, you have been invaluable! You are the best!!!! dcroc@verizon.net
  7. cant get ccr tree to work in pe

    You are further than me. I can't get PE to do anything. Nada. I am a tech geek, and work with many complicated software packages, but this........I can not figure out the first step after launching it. i wish there were videos that went over the most basic steps. All seem to be for those that have already figured out how to load what they need in it. I have yet to see one that starts at STEP 1.
  8. Wireless extension cords

    If Tesla had his way, all our electric would be wireless.
  9. Time to start

    Am trying to put a New Years eve show together, but I have some plans for next year, but nothing started yet. This injury has left me without the use of my right hand for a few months, So I will have a late start.
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas to the people on the best forum on the net!!!
  11. Anyone have a 12 strip pixel tree sequence they can share? I hear that SS can convert 12 to 16, and would like to play with feature. Doesn't matter what the sequence is, as I would just like to see how images and maybe text looks after converted. I injuried myself at work, and can not use my right hand at all, so making my own sequnce is kinda out of the picture for the next few months, so any sharing is a huge help right now. Thank you. dcroc@verizon.net
  12. This is for all ACDC Fans

    Is this Thunderstruck?
  13. Yes, but I am always happy to look at more. Interesting to see how different effects are done, also.
  14. yup... I have all that. Just upgraded my SS.
  15. SS upgrade $100?

    I want to update my SS from 4 ribbons to 16, because anything less makes no sense. However, the $100 price tag on this seems a bit much. 16 strip tree is pretty standard equipment for most users, anymore. Why would I not just use PE, and skip the extra cost? Am I alone in my sticker shock? I don't mind paying for an upgrade, but it feels like this is a bit of an extreme price to upgrade just to do what is now considered a standard, every Joe is doing it, task like a 16 strip tree.
  16. SS upgrade $100?

    Well, it certainly sounds worth the money, now.
  17. SS upgrade $100?

    gotta say, that was quick support....on a Sunday, no less. Am II also to understand that the upgrade also renews my LOR license?
  18. SS upgrade $100?

    That did it. Thank you.
  19. SS upgrade $100?

    Well, I upgraded to 16, but when I enter the reg number is SE in only upgraded to 8. Not a great start after debating to spend the money a week before Christmas.
  20. Looking for intro 16 strip pixel sequences. Intros and fillers for between songs? Anyone? Thank you. dcroc@verizon.net
  21. Whole House FM Transmitter

    I have the CZH, and fro some reason can only get about half a block out of it on high. Not to hijack thread, but is there an upgrade antenna for this?
  22. SS upgrade $100?

    It isn't the over all price of SS I have an issue with. It is just the price of the single upgrade from 4 ccr to 16. I could see where above 16 could be considered more a pro level, but 16 is pretty basic these days. The upgrade shouldn't cost as much (I think it is actually more) as the initial price of the software. I am doing pretty basic entry level consumer/hobby stuff, not making a living off it. In some cases, I just want to export .sup files to SE. An additional $100 just to do that seems a bit much. I am going to end up purchasing the upgrade, but it has made me hesitate more than I did when I originally bought the proggie. To be honest. a $100 tag on the basic 2 ccr level, and then $50 to upgrade would make more sense to me than $50 basic and then a $100 upgrade to make it useful.
  23. FM Help!!!

    Guy is being a dick. If you can't out power him, turn him in. You tried being nice, and he won't even discuss it? I don't know of any small scale stock transmitter that would broadcast 2 miles, and out power another from that distance. The man is breaking FCC law, and there is no reason for it. Sounds like he wants to be the only show in town, and he clearly doesn't care if it stops your show, so why be worried about offending him, or upsetting him? After showing that attitude, I would start broadcasting audio from porn over his show. FCC would be there quickly. If you do not want to go that far, I would invest in a more powerful transmitter, and make every waking second about ruining his day, and tell him to pound sand when he complains. No reason for him to be that way.
  24. **Noob Alert ** Need some guidance on pixel tree

    yup. Discovered this a couple months back. Saves so much time. I have been building my own computers, and software, since '81. I am very techy.....yet this did not come easy for me, either. I reached a point where things suddenly clicked, though. Give it a little time, and I am sure it will for you, also.