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  1. S5 Intensity Data

    Did that. Just wondering why I can't get a "yes" or "no" from Matt?
  2. S5 Intensity Data

    So, can I run my files from last year in S5 if they contain intensity files, without modding, or chaning the files in any way? Can I get a straight "yes", or "no" answer, Matt?
  3. KIss

    Anyone have a sequence to a Kiss song? God of Thunder? RnR All Night? Any Kiss song would be appreciated.
  4. S5 Intensity Data

    On the edge of my seat..... Love playing with new software, but WAY too far behind this year to risk ANY set back of any degree.
  5. S5 Intensity Data

    <cricket cricket>
  6. Singing Christmas trees

    I search ebay all year for 20 count lights in bulk. Usually find them by the time I need them. Hit the jackpot at Walmart last year after Christmas. I have a ton of 20, 50, and 100 clear mini's. Coro elements are the only thing I still use incan bulbs on. Keeps the cost way down. Think I paid $0.29 a box for the 20's, and $0.50 a box for the 50, and 100 ct. I could unload them on Ebay for $4 a box if I wanted, but I have learned that you can't have too many lights laying around.
  7. New look?

    I like a fresh look once in awhile. Keeps things from feeling old.
  8. S5 Intensity Data

    Maybe I misunderstood something. Can I open, and fully run a sequence in S5 that I used last year in S4 that contains intensity files, as well as regular LOR, and DMX channels, without having to change the file? I am gathering that I can not. However, from what you are saying, I am wrong?
  9. S5 Intensity Data

    This is absolutely ridiculous. A file format that was just introduced a year ago, is suddenly not playable in SE? All the work put into creating these intensity files, and you want to abandon the format in the very next release? It shouldn't be this complicated. These programs should all work together seamlessly, and one should not have to jump through hoops to get the files from a year ago to play nice with the new version. Am I over-reacting? Missing something? If I am understanding this correctly.... saving as intensity file is being done away with, and any from S4 do not play well with S5?
  10. Intensity Data Files

    Does this mean that all the sequences I have with intensity files will not play in S5, or, at least, the intensity files will not play in SE?
  11. Intensity Data Files

    Wait.....what? Are you saying that none of my intensity files will play in S5?
  12. Looking for Don't Fear The Reaper

    James.....you're the freakin' best!! Always the quickest to share. There should be a special membership level for members like you.
  13. Anyone have a sequence for this they want to share? Dcroc@verizon.net
  14. Garage Door Covers

    Pretty cool. However, for that price I can get a projector, and change the image, or even have moving images. Guess the banners would be better during daylight hours, though.
  15. 5 Kills 4

    This makes no sense to me. It's suppose to be a software suit. All programs should work together. SS turns the sequence into code (intensity file), thus, it should be able to extract the code back into SS so that it can be edited. I didn't lose the sequence, just the SS file. The sequence plays fine, I simply can not edit the intensity files for my RGB lights. Thus, I am stuck with it as it is. In my view, this is not a small thing, and really should not be a hard fix. For SS to be able to turn a sequence into an intensity file, but not be able to open the intensity file just seems silly. It's like my MP3 editor not being able to open an MP3 file for editing once it has saved it as an MP3 file. This makes me a little leary of S5, and yet another file format (.Play)