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  1. Grinch Faces and Pixel

    I could use a copy of this. Thank you. dcroc@verizon.net
  2. RGB Halloween/Grim Grinning Ghosts?

    Would love a copy, too, if you can. Thank you. dcroc@verizon.net
  3. blowmolds

    I started using floresent bulbs in my blowmolds. Really makes them pop.
  4. Grinch Faces and Pixel

    I could use this one, James... dcroc@verizon.net Thanks.
  5. Pink Floyd Time

    Oh Hell Yes, Please!!! Was hoping someone does comfortably numb for News Years Eve, but this is just as good!!
  6. Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus

    Would love a copy of this. Thank you. dcroc@verizon.net
  7. LOR TSO Sequence package questions

    Depends. I find that as I grew into RBG, pre-made sequences are harder to fit to my display, and when I do make them work, it never looks as good as the original layout it was designed for.
  8. S5 Intensity Data

    Did that. Just wondering why I can't get a "yes" or "no" from Matt?
  9. S5 Intensity Data

    So, can I run my files from last year in S5 if they contain intensity files, without modding, or chaning the files in any way? Can I get a straight "yes", or "no" answer, Matt?
  10. KIss

    Anyone have a sequence to a Kiss song? God of Thunder? RnR All Night? Any Kiss song would be appreciated.
  11. S5 Intensity Data

    On the edge of my seat..... Love playing with new software, but WAY too far behind this year to risk ANY set back of any degree.
  12. S5 Intensity Data

    <cricket cricket>
  13. Singing Christmas trees

    I search ebay all year for 20 count lights in bulk. Usually find them by the time I need them. Hit the jackpot at Walmart last year after Christmas. I have a ton of 20, 50, and 100 clear mini's. Coro elements are the only thing I still use incan bulbs on. Keeps the cost way down. Think I paid $0.29 a box for the 20's, and $0.50 a box for the 50, and 100 ct. I could unload them on Ebay for $4 a box if I wanted, but I have learned that you can't have too many lights laying around.
  14. New look?

    I like a fresh look once in awhile. Keeps things from feeling old.