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  1. Whole House FM Transmitter

    I have the CZH, and fro some reason can only get about half a block out of it on high. Not to hijack thread, but is there an upgrade antenna for this?
  2. SS upgrade $100?

    It isn't the over all price of SS I have an issue with. It is just the price of the single upgrade from 4 ccr to 16. I could see where above 16 could be considered more a pro level, but 16 is pretty basic these days. The upgrade shouldn't cost as much (I think it is actually more) as the initial price of the software. I am doing pretty basic entry level consumer/hobby stuff, not making a living off it. In some cases, I just want to export .sup files to SE. An additional $100 just to do that seems a bit much. I am going to end up purchasing the upgrade, but it has made me hesitate more than I did when I originally bought the proggie. To be honest. a $100 tag on the basic 2 ccr level, and then $50 to upgrade would make more sense to me than $50 basic and then a $100 upgrade to make it useful.
  3. FM Help!!!

    Guy is being a dick. If you can't out power him, turn him in. You tried being nice, and he won't even discuss it? I don't know of any small scale stock transmitter that would broadcast 2 miles, and out power another from that distance. The man is breaking FCC law, and there is no reason for it. Sounds like he wants to be the only show in town, and he clearly doesn't care if it stops your show, so why be worried about offending him, or upsetting him? After showing that attitude, I would start broadcasting audio from porn over his show. FCC would be there quickly. If you do not want to go that far, I would invest in a more powerful transmitter, and make every waking second about ruining his day, and tell him to pound sand when he complains. No reason for him to be that way.
  4. **Noob Alert ** Need some guidance on pixel tree

    yup. Discovered this a couple months back. Saves so much time. I have been building my own computers, and software, since '81. I am very techy.....yet this did not come easy for me, either. I reached a point where things suddenly clicked, though. Give it a little time, and I am sure it will for you, also.
  5. Splicing RGB pixel node wires

    I love them. Can not say enough good things about them. Have never water proofed them, but have never had an issue. My wife saw the bag and thought I was taking drugs because they look like pills. Good thing she didn't look in my other draw.....
  6. SS upgrade $100?

    Please, I am a sound engineer. I know what the cost is. My opinion is far from uninformed.
  7. "Freezing" and "Skipping"

    Doesn'tmatter what brand of SD card anyone suggests. They can all fail. I have had many simply go bad. Starts with bad sections. That is where I would start. Try a whole new card.
  8. SS upgrade $100?

    Sorry, but I feel I am being charged a professional rate for what is now considered a novice, almost entry level upgrade. Even $50 for this upgrade would be a bit much, but way more acceptable. I could see an upgrade from 16 strips being considered a pro upgrade, but 16 is pretty basic these days, and the proggie is almost useless without it. I am still wrestling with what I am gonna do. Put on top of that, the fact that S5 is so drastic a change from 4, and file formats created just last year are now abandoned, has me considering other options.
  9. HOA said NO to my sign

    yup. I kinda believe that most are designed to keep me out, anyway.
  10. HOA said NO to my sign

    Makes sense that they went after the sign. Sorta keeps their hands clean of Grinch, and/or religious rights PR . The public tends to frown upon Businesses that are offended by Christmas lights.
  11. HOA said NO to my sign

    Why can't we "like" an admins post? That was a great post. You certainly deserve a pat on the back when you go above and beyond. Should change that.
  12. Being original.

    You assume a lot about others. When I help someone, I don't worry about if they are doing the right thing. I simply ask myself if I am. Never would I consider myself in a position to assume someone else's situation. I might appear "lazy" to some, while I am working 10 hour days, 7 days a week, with 1 day off every 30. This leaves me little free time, so I look for sequences to be able to make the display happen this year. Some may judge me as a "begger/parasite", because I have asked if someone had a sequence to share, instead of buying one for $49. The truth is, I injured my right hand, and can not use it at all, thus I am out of work, and $49 is a lot of money right now. I can't worry about a few bad apples taking advantage of me. Not going to taint me. I help others because it is the right thing to do. Can't worry about the other persons reasons.
  13. Looking for intro 16 strip pixel sequences. Intros and fillers for between songs? Anyone? Thank you. dcroc@verizon.net
  14. SS upgrade $100?

    I love the program. However, not sure I am into that $ amount just to upgrade to 16 strips, which at this point, should be just a small step up from basic entry level. Not sure what I am going to do, yet.
  15. SS upgrade $100?

    I want to update my SS from 4 ribbons to 16, because anything less makes no sense. However, the $100 price tag on this seems a bit much. 16 strip tree is pretty standard equipment for most users, anymore. Why would I not just use PE, and skip the extra cost? Am I alone in my sticker shock? I don't mind paying for an upgrade, but it feels like this is a bit of an extreme price to upgrade just to do what is now considered a standard, every Joe is doing it, task like a 16 strip tree.